Pokemon Court Chapter 713

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the first show of the body of Chapter 743 Vulpix, floating astronomy
    Looking at the back of Troie's departure, Terrance felt a little touched.

    The other side's experience is very similar to him, but compared to him, Troie lacks too much preparation.

    Even at that time, Terrance had already had a great Beautifly from Breeder, and he had more than 20 years of experience and learning experience in his previous life. He learned four years of Breeder knowledge, and he did not have the confidence to go directly to the Trainer field, but through the Breeder family. Coordinator these two professions as a springboard, step by step transformation.

    The other party wants to become a Trainer directly. The problem of resources alone is difficult to solve. The accumulation of other large and small problems will make people desperate.

    Therefore, Terrance will recommend that the other party to improve their own value and heritage. Instead of wasting time, it is better to lay the foundation first. After all, compared to five years ago, the conditions are much better than when Terrance just started.

    Troie left, and Terrance was still training with Vulpix here to meet the Contest contest outside Nibey three days later.

    Three days were fleeting, and the Nibbi Conference was just around the corner. Terrance sorted out the items and began to walk in the direction of the Conference.

    As the coordinated Trainer of today's limelight Wallace, Terrance's whereabouts have naturally received a lot of attention.

    Outside the Nibbi Conference, there has been a news from the media, a female Reporter holding a microphone and interviewing a participating Coordinator.

    "Hello, sir, are you also a participant in the Contest contest?"


    “What do you think about Mr. Terrance's participation in this Contest competition?”

    The young people interviewed smiled and said: "There is such a competition Rival, it is estimated which competitors will have a headache."

    In addition to the people who don't know Terrance, the Coordinator interviewed by the media, which Coordinator is frustrated, of course, there is also a very excited Coordinator.

    These people have the hope that they can win the championship because of Terrance's participation in the Contest, and they also feel that they can compete with Terrance for the Coordinator. Because of the different purposes, many Coordinators have different views on Terrance.

    As a public figure, Terrance did not wait in the lounge, but first met Mr. Raoul Contesta.

    Although there are several issues in the Region Contest competition, the Contest Contest will also pay attention to the Contest competition with Terrance participation.

    "You don't have much to say about the guest. You should have a lot of confidence in winning the game."Raoul Contesta laughed.

    "If you win, of course, you have to try your best."Terrance replied.

    After obtaining the Top Coordinator status, after more than two years of fermentation, Terrance has a new understanding of the Contest.

    Compared with two years ago, it is not only the strength of Terrance's battle, but also the coordination, that is, the use of moves and techniques. Terrance is also very skilled nowadays.

    At the opening of the Contest competition, Terrance became the first player to perform after watching behind the scenes.

    Countless viewers are looking forward to the moment when many Coordinator players clench their fists and Terrance slowly walks out of the ramp.

    His appearance on the stage is like a big BOSSNormal, so that all the players are nervous and waiting for his performance.

    "Mr. Terrance, I remember it was the hero who solved the Lanpuer incident. Right? I did not expect him to be a Top Coordinator. ”Nine City's Nurse Joy is full of curiosity.

    "Nurse Joy must keep your eyes open and silence for two years. I believe that Terrance's progress will be very surprising."

    Raoul Contesta smiled and looked at Terrance on the stage.

    As the first popular player to win the championship, many people are curious about what kind of Pokémon Terrance will send next.

    Will it be Beautifly who helped him become a Top Coordinator?

    During the announcement of the beginning of the Contest contest Host Lilian in the Kanto Region, Terrance sent a Pulémon, Alola-like Vulpix that had never been seen before.

    In the Kanto impression, Vulpix is the Pokémon of the fire system, and the body is also biased towards the color of the fire system, orange.

    But as the Terrance Poké Ball spurted out a ray of light, the white ice of the Icirrus pattern danced with a white Vulpix with a white, snowy, amber-like eye on the stage.

    Alola's Vulpix was on the stage of the Contest, and its appearance completely broke the impressions inherent in the audience, leaving a deep memory for them.

    "The Terrance players sent Vulpix from Alola Region. Because of the difference in living environment, the Vulpix over there is the ice Pokémon, which is different from the well-known Vulpix."Lilian explained it quickly.

    In the audience, people began to speculate at the beginning, and they were puzzled, but with Lilian's explanation, they gradually came to understand.

    The first time I saw Vulpix like this, many people were very curious.

    Terrance quickly responded to the audience's expectations. As a senior participant in the Contest competition, the seven Contest competitions he participated in were all based on winning, and naturally there would be no big problems.

    Vulpix's ability to perfectly interpret Terrance's Top Coordinator is a perfect move.

    The first trick Vulpix used was Blizzard, which quickly lowered the temperature of the stage with Blizzard and then summoned the Hail weather.

    Blizzard on the field roared, venting its crazy power to everything that could be touched, gradually transforming from the torrent of wind to the appearance of Twister, while Icirrus was swept by the wind like a ice hockey, and soon it was Covering the entire stage, the audience lost Vulpix and Terrance.

    As the Contest stage to show the charm of the elves, it is a big taboo for the elves to leave the audience. However, the judges and the players do not think that Terrance will make such a low-level mistake. Sure enough, Blizzard will be dispersed in an instant, and Vulpix is the first to use Blizzard's intention. Also known by three judges.

    Under the cover of Blizzard, Hail weather is perfectly integrated with Blizzard. Vulpix perfectly uses the Hail skills and airflow skills that he has learned. Unconsciously, it condenses the full power of Blizzard and Hail weather throughout the stage. Shaped a round of ice that looks like a mirror Normal.

    The moon like an ice mirror gave the audience a strong shock.

    However, the Contest's shaping did not shock the three judges. If Terrance is a fledgling Rookie, this hand control skill is enough to call the rare wizard of the last decade.

    But as a Coordinator comparable to Wallace's master, Raoul Contesta believes there will be a change later.

    "Vulpix, show yourself."Terrance continues to give orders when everyone is watching.

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