Pokemon Court Chapter 714

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 714th chapter of the Trinity combination, floating astronomy
    The next moment, the ice moon is filled with endless light, like Vulpix gave life to Normal, with Vulpix's six tails throwing out countless light, the ice moon quickly swallows the light, and then reflects them out again!

    This giant ice moon absorbs the power of light and then reflects it more quickly and ingeniously. In an instant, the endless multi-colored rays indiscriminately attack the stage indiscriminately.

    The colors of the rainbow, blue, and pink melody are almost in the blink of an eye, and the whole stage is shrouded in light, but the land where Terrance and Vulpix are located is protected from the light.

    Under this force, the rainbow and blue light first freezes the entire stage, and then the pink light quickly completes the understanding of the frozen, completely rupturing the icing of the ice-covered stage and turning it into ice Icirrus.

    At this moment, Terrance and Vulpix became the focus of the entire stage under the light of the sky.

    The multi-colored radiance makes Vulpix dazzling and becomes the protagonist of the stage, and as the light shines on the stage, there are countless ice-made ice Icirrus lines rising from the field, multi-colored light and ice. The combination of Icirrus marks the perfect success of Vulpix's performance.

    The audience, some of the Coordinators, saw only the dazzling ice moon, the endless colored light, and the ice Icirrus pattern that the light affected the stage, but nevertheless, it was deeply shocked to their hearts.

    Few people saw the real hidden power behind the show.

    Raoul Contesta's hands were slightly trembled, and he felt shocked when he realized the true power of this combination.

    Nurse Joy, the same shock.

    With this hand, it is not inferior to Beautifly's field skills in the celebration.

    Outsiders only saw the glare of the ice moon, the Contest of light, and the beauty of the last ice Icirrus pattern, but few people saw the power and skill contained in it.

    “The ice moon was shaped by the weather of Hail, and it became a medium for absorbing and reflecting light due to its mysterious power.”Raoul Contesta stared at the giant ice moon.

    It was this giant icemoon that allowed Vulpix to successfully control the three tricks of Aurora Beam, Frozen Light, and Moonblast.

    The light of three kinds of moves gathers the ice moon, is absorbed by the ice Moon and then reflects, becomes the most powerful weapon of the Vulpix, can cause no difference attack to the whole field, and Aurora Beam, Moonblast reduces the effect of rival move power, the frozen light slows down the enemy speed, Can lead to the freezing effect is also perfectly fused together, in the face of this kind of attack with a lot of gravity, anyone will have a headache.

    Due to the performance of the show, Raoul Contesta can see that Vulpix does not show all the power. The final ice Icirrus pattern proves that every move power is decomposed by Vulpix in the ice moon. If you don't control the power, I am afraid. The entire stage has been screened.

    At that time, Vulpix, which can perfectly manipulate the reflection position of the ice moon, is equivalent to mastering a huge killer, which will intensify the power and speed of the light-like moves.

    This is a combination of attack and debuff, which is a terrible killing even if it is put into actual combat.

    Compared to the Contest skills that Terrance showed in the Contest contest three years ago, but the combat value is not high, Terrance's progress speed makes Raoul Contesta very happy.

    A performance with both actual combat value and Contest effect, no doubt this is a very successful performance, looking at the first round of any Contest competition, this is a show of any Rival.

    Under the light and ice Icirrus pattern, Vulpix's own charm is displayed, so that the players and the audience can't pick up the shortcomings, but if they don't understand the real power hidden behind the show, they can only be regarded as a lively event.

    As the saying goes: dilettante watch the scene of bustle, expert looks at the way.

    This combination of hands is actually prepared by Terrance for his team system.

    Raoul Contesta guessed it, but the value of this icemoon is much more than that.

    The strongest snowy weather, centered on snowfall, Hail, and Blizzard, combined with the giant ice moon made by Psychic, is the special card that Vulpix will play as a core in the future.

    Nowadays, this combination technology is still in its infancy. Raoul Contesta's summary of the effects of attack and depletion is correct, but when Vulpix evolved, it learned Aurora Veil moves, and it can also add defensive capabilities for the stability and future of the giant icemoon. The team's defense lays the foundation for perfection.

    So to be precise, it should be a combination of attack, defense, and debuff.

    Nowadays, the giant icemoon can only absorb Vulpix's own light-like moves and increase its power and speed up the reflection. However, Terrance's original idea is that the giant ice moon is not a Vulpix weapon.

    It is the killer of the entire team.

    When Mega Altaria is on the field, Fairy Aura adjusts, and any Fairy system's light tricks are stable and even absorbed by the ice.

    Imagine that when Terrance is a team, six elves simultaneously display Dazzling Gleam, which absorbs light from the ice moon, fuses power, and finally releases it into indiscriminate rays. Then it passes through the ice moon and Fairy Aura double blessing. How big is it? If it merges into an attack?

    When Vulpix evolved, the ice moon will be more stable. Even when Vulpix has the strength of floating bubbles, Assist has a whole team of Dazzling Gleam, plus the icemoon reflection, the gas field blessing, and even directly destroy a town. With the lethality to suppress the legendary elves.

    The Moonblast is the same trick, and it can also assist the ice moon to increase its power.

    So even if Altaria and the future Ninetales two elves are combined alone, they can show the power of one plus one and more than two. This is the realm that two elves can never reach the battle.

    Altaria and Ninetales can make the best of the charm. If Altaria and Ninetales are the core, any Fairy Elf can be perfectly integrated into the team. It can be said that this is a core competence in Terrance's future team system.

    Although Vulpix is still immature, Terrance expects it to perfectly control the Ice Moon and become the core of the team.

    With the silence in the field and the huge support that erupted, Terrance and Vulpix's performances became the first full performance without any surprise.

    No one can question.

    Even if Wallace is in person, it is not so easy to show such a performance with tactical value, actual combat value and Contest degree. If you change to other Top Coordinator, they will face such amazing combination skills. Can only look up.

    Drawing on the skills of Kalos champion Diantha, Kalos's alternate Elite Green, and then combining his top snowy tricks, Terrance believes its potential is extraordinary.

    There are updates but it’s late

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