Pokemon Court Chapter 715

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 715th chapter without suspense, the astronomy
    After the performance of Terrance, the Contest Contest of the first round of Contest continued.

    But with Terrance's thrilling combo as the first show, the performances behind it made the audience's interest broad.

    "It’s a pity to compete with Mr. Terrance."Nurse Joy took the pen and watched the next show, and the eyebrows were tight, because with the first performance as a comparison, the next scores were a bit bad.

    "Since Wallace is no longer involved in the Contest competition, almost no such amazing performances can be seen. With the skill just now, Terrance can stand at a height with Wallace, and the desperation of other players is also normal."Raoul Contesta laughed.

    In the debut of Vulpix, it brought out a combination of masters of coordination, which is enough to illustrate the progress of Terrance in the past few years.

    The past Terrance is slightly younger than the current Terrance.

    The first round of the Contest contest, after spending some time, ushered in the second round of the Contest.

    Terrance opened his eyes from the rest and he was the first to play.

    Compared to the calm mood of Terrance, the Coordinator that was promoted from the first round was a sweat.

    After seeing the strength of the first round of Vulpix, he did not have confidence in himself.

    "If I let Vulpix create that ice moon, my Eevee can't hold the light."

    Terrance's Rival is deeply worried about the next game, but his fears are purely superfluous, because in the game, Terrance does not have to sacrifice his own big killer.

    Small Vulpix is a variety of enemy means, not yet these Coordinators can withstand.

    On the stage, Lilian stepped back and watched the two petite and lovely Pokémons confront each other, and then the two players began to issue orders.

    "Eevee uses Swift."

    Terrace's Rival has a one-handed wave. Eevee's Swift is fast and distributed. If you don't want to do it, you will all be hit. It almost blocks all the hiding places, but on this stage, with the power of small Vulpix. It is too simple to break this move.

    A simple command, the small Vulpix step forward, the eyes condense the light using Extrasensory to directly stop all Swift movements, the next moment, with the small Vulpix spit out Blizzard, these Swift are frozen for ice crystal.

    At this time Eevee also moved, no eyes to see that his moves were cracked, a shadow ball condensed to continue to attack Vulpix, but with Vulpix using Iron Tail, Assist Iron Tail beat the power of Ground to jump, it easily hid Passed the shadow ball.

    Then, the star of ice, which was stagnant in the air by Extrasensory, became the weapon of Vulpix, and was hit by Iron Tail like a bullet Normal to Eevee.

    In the face of this ice, Eevee continued to escape, but the position was gradually blocked by Vulpix. Under the guidance of the ice, Eevee was forced to flee to the corner.

    At this moment, Vulpix's frozen light completely ended the game, and the corner of the stage was instantly frozen, and Eevee, who had nowhere to escape, became an ice sculpture.

    At this point, the battle does not need to continue, the Contest value of the other party has already been emptied, but the audience is surprised by Vulpix's amazing snow control, as if it is the strength of the ice, as Lilian announced the results, Eevee thawed in an instant, as if it didn't hurt too much.

    Terraval's Rival, seeing Terrance is a sentimental, thank you after the handshake, regretted the next step.

    In the fourth Jinxi, Terrance's Rival was swept by the small Vulpix without exception. The Scizor of the other side was very fast and achieved the degree of red Flash. But with the Vulpix's Sheer Cold moves, the whole stage was instantly frozen, allowing Scizor. The speed is fast, and I can't get close to Vulpix. It turns into a big ice cube and falls to the ground.


    As the ice broke, Scizor felt the weakness of the body, but there was still a battle, not being killed by this horrible trick.

    "On the stage of the Contest contest, spikes are not an elegant move."

    In the Terrance smile, Vulpix jumped out again, facing the extremely fast Scizor, using the "anti-boxing" technique that Terrance saw from Ash, and then using Extrasensory to wrap Blizzard as his shield, resisting The opponent's offense.

    Bullet Punch didn't wear the shield. Instead, Extrasensory guided the ice and snow energy to freeze Scizor's arm. At this point, Terrance looked at the opponent's slowly falling Contest value and started to make a final blow. Vulpix made a final blow. .

    All the way to the battle is very easy, almost all of the small Vulpix's solo show, powerful ice and snow energy control, so that ice and snow energy has become a powerful means of its enemy.

    Whether it is defense, evasion, or attack, it can be controlled by ice and snow energy.

    "The last one."

    As Terrance advanced to the finals, Mr. Raoul Contesta smiled and it was no surprise that Terrance's Rival didn't even force him to the brink.

    Regardless of Rival's strength, regardless of Attribute's pros and cons, this small Vulpix can counterattack through subtle ice and snow control.

    “It’s really superb ice and snow control, but I’m more excited that they can use the combination of the first round to match the enemy.”Nurse Joy is disappointed.

    I saw the beautiful performance of the first round. Now she still has some nostalgia. I thought it would be seen in the official battle, but Terrance seems to have no such plan at all.

    Rival is too weak.

    Let Terrance be a master of coordination close to Wallace to participate in the ordinary Contest contest, even if Vulpix is much lower than Rival, it will not fall into a desperate situation. This is the charm of coordination.

    In the final final, the three judges looked at Vulpix and Raoul Contesta, the first to understand the enemy through the snow and ice.

    "Good boy, it has always been to let Vulpix practice the control of ice and snow energy through actual combat. Repeatedly several moves and combinations, what is his idea? Is it for that ice month? ”

    The same is true of Terrance's Vulpix's intention to participate in the Contest. The rules mechanism of the Contest is very suitable for Vulpix to practice its own snow and ice energy control. This is the basis for shaping the ice moon. After laying the foundation, it will be more stable and powerful in the future. Ice month.

    In the final, Rival was sweating and commanding Persian, but as the Contest value was emptied, she lost completely, and she was very helpless.

    "The first ribbon medal in the Kanto Region Contest…"After shaking hands with Rival, Terrance took part in the award ceremony and received a gray ribbon medal from Raoul Contesta.

    There is really nothing to be excited about the things that have been experienced for a long time.

    I don't want to add more, rest…Cough

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