Pokemon Court Chapter 716

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 716th chapter of the heart, floating astronomy
    Avoiding the media and the Coordinator who wants to get in touch with himself, Terrance and Raoul Contesta went to the hotel to pick up their belongings after they said goodbye.

    The Contest contest in Nibi successfully won the competition. The Vulpix's ice-moon combination technology was initially completed. The next step was to hone its ice and snow energy control through a battle to accumulate evolutionary evidence.

    At the invitation of Mr. Raoul Contesta, Terrance intends to participate in the Contest Contest at Cinnabar Island.

    However, one month before the Conference time, Terrance intends to fly directly, and then there is Breeder Vulpix.


    On the streets of Nebi City, Terrance had already planned to leave Nibi after coming out of the hotel, but then a cry called Terrance.

    The teenager, who was about 10 years old, wore an ordinary staff uniform, and was standing in a chair and rubbing the glass of the store.

    After inadvertently seeing Terrance, Troie whispered, opening: "You were three days ago…"

    Terrance saw Troie and recalled that this person was the one he had met three days ago with Weedle's no Trainer credentials.

    "After listening to your guidance, I plan to travel for a while and now I am working in this store."Quickly jumped off the chair and Troie came to Terrance.

    For Troie to listen to his advice, Terrance was very surprised. After all, he was just an outsider. Even himself, he didn't think Troie could listen to what he said.

    "How do you know that what I said must be correct?"Terrance laughed.

    "…"Troie scratched his head in a bad accident and said, "I didn't really listen at the beginning. I wanted to go to the Nibi Pavilion to try my luck, but I had some setbacks."

    "It is not too late to encounter setbacks in time to wake up."Terrance nodded. "In this case, have you already had a clear plan?"

    "Please wait."When he heard Terrance ask, Troie blinked and put down the tools on his hands and ran to the store.

    Terrance touched his chin, did you ask too much?

    Troie quickly walked out of the store with a dilapidated notebook and a drink in his hand.

    "This is my treat, thank you for your guidance."After giving the drink, Troie grinned and then opened the notebook: "I thought about your advice for a day and then came to a conclusion."

    "If I want to be a good Trainer, I don't have a single advantage in my current situation, so I can only work hard from what most common Trainers lack."

    "What?"Terrance held the drink in his hand and began to look forward to it.

    "I am one of the few people in our village who has been exposed to basic education, and Normal means that the common sense taught by basic education is enough for me to face some of the elves in my life, but it is not enough to be a good trainer, and you suggest that I enhance my value and heritage before I become a trainer, I thought about it, the knowledge of the breeder family is very suitable for me to study at the moment. ”Having said that, Troie is full of fighting spirit. "Breeder knowledge and Trainer complement each other. If I can apply the knowledge of Breeder I have learned, it will definitely help me become a Trainer."


    The other person’s thoughts coincided with his own intentions. Terrance smiled and said: “You can even spend years studying Breeder knowledge.”

    Troie shook his head and said, "I don't plan to learn so comprehensively. I am going to start with Bry Type's Breeder knowledge. So I can quickly apply what I have learned. You see, this is me. Thinking about things."

    After taking the notebook handed over by the other party, Terrance suddenly saw the scar on the other hand and said: "Your hand…"

    "Small injury, it doesn't matter."Troie smiled and waved his hand, which he had collected for Weedle's fresh Leafage near the Changchun Forest. He didn't really care.

    "Although I have not yet begun to learn breeder knowledge, but I think of the knowledge in the basic education I have received, Weedle evolved into kakuna after the inability to eat, can only starve and wait for evolution, so I was thinking, if Kakuna can't replenish the energy, It would be better not to let Kakuna go through the battle, the battle will certainly waste a lot of its physical strength, affecting its evolutionary potential, which is one of the reasons why I settled down for the time being. ”

    "And in order for Kakuna to have enough nutrients to support evolution, the food in Weedle must be good, and not too eager to evolve. I am here to work here and earn a little extra money just to make up for Weedle."

    Troie himself also found it very unexpected, these early learning of the basic common sense, he did not care much, even just set out on the trip, he did not have a specific breeder idea of Weedle, but was Terrance pointed to that sentence, and then in the Donny Road Hall frustrated, he seems to have the same brain, Become love to think, and very much like to hold some of the common sense summed up by the predecessors to think, extend.

    Through the fact that Kakuna on the basic textbook could not eat this feature, Troie developed his own plan.

    "It's really good."After reading the words of Terrance, closing the notebook, I was surprised by the change of the other party. From a smashing unplanned insect catching juvenile to learning to think for myself, and developing a Breeder plan, is this just a three-day change?

    "The predecessor, that is to say, there is nothing wrong with my direction in Breeder, is it?!"Troie surprised.

    When the notebook was handed over to the other party, Terrance nodded and just wanted to answer. At this time, a grandmother came out of the store and suddenly took a donkey and smashed it toward Troie: "Bastard kid, just go to work, Slack Off, give me Go to work!!"

    "Rong, my mother, I will go."Troie looked bitter and apologized towards Terrance. "The predecessor, I went to work first."

    "Want to be stronger?"Looking at the helpless Troie, Terrance spoke.

    "Ahhhh…"Troie stunned, "What do you mean?"

    "Don't you want to be a famous Trainer?"Terrance's mouth rose and said: "Give you a challenge, dare you accept?"

    I accept the andTroie quickly promised that although he couldn't fully understand the meaning of Terrance, he always had a feeling that he would regret it if he missed this opportunity.

    "If you can get the approval of the Nibi Road Hall within two months and get the Boulder Badge, you can come to me and I will give you a chance to become stronger."Terrance looks at Troie seriously.

    "But I don't have the Trainer status yet, there is no way to challenge the Nibi Road Hall."A glimpse of Troie.

    "You don't have to worry about this."Terrance Road, now the Nibi Road Hall should be Xiaogang’s father as the owner. Terrance should be no problem if he greets Xiaogang. In two months, the Beedrill elf is recognized by the Rock Museum. This challenge Very difficult, but it was because of the difficulty, so Terrance gave such a test.

    Hoenn Region Bug Type The main opportunity promised by the main hall of the pavilion, if there is no point, I will take it away.

    Although the Troie was still very young at this time, Terrance unexpectedly saw a Flash point from the other party. Maybe Troie could really create a miracle for Terrance. At that time, Terrance didn't mind personally recruiting the first apprentice to Fallabor Gym. And guide the other party to become stronger.

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