Pokemon Court Chapter 717

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 717 chapter of the Mewtwo's counterattack, floating astronomy
    After leaving some information to Troie, Terrance left directly.

    If the opportunity can be won by the other party, it depends on the talent of the other party.

    At the Nebbi City Elf Center, Terrance would like to order a ticket here first. Because of the Contest contest, he and Nurse Joy are also very familiar with it.

    But compared to a day ago, Nurse Joy was obviously absent-minded at this time.

    "Nurse Joy, I have already booked it."

    “Um?Nurse Joy nodded.

    "That, Nurse Joy, do you have any thoughts?"Terrance looked at the other side and obviously didn't sleep well, looked at his face and hesitated to open the way.

    In the face of Terrance's inquiry, Nero City's Nurse Joy gave a slight glimpse, and some painful words: "My cousin has an accident."

    "She is the Nursery City Elf Center Nurse on the Old Coast Pier. Last night, the Linyi City Elf Center was attacked. The entire Elf Center was destroyed. My cousin was also missing."

    The words fell, Terrance was puzzled, and did not expect anyone to dare to shoot at the Elf Center.

    "Nurse Joy, don't worry about it. Nurse Joy in Linyi City. Since she is just missing, it means that the black hand behind the destruction of the Elf Center is not necessarily trying to hurt her. Everything has room for recovery, and this is a big move. I will definitely act."

    "Nurse Joy, you have helped so many Pokémon, you will be blessed."Terrance comforted.

    The Linyi City Elf Center was destroyed?

    Although Linyi City is only a second-tier city in the Kanto Region, it is also a place with perfect defense facilities. Who has the courage to dare to make trouble in the Kanto Region where the Elf Alliance headquarters is located, and dare to take Nurse Joy?

    After a long time, Nurse Joy's impression has penetrated into the heart of the Trainer group, and is loved by most of the Trainer. In a sense, hurting Nurse Joy represents the entire Trainer group of Taunt.

    Terrance thought about it, and suddenly his head was cold.

    “Thank you.”Neri City's Nurse Joy smiled a little, although it hasn't recovered from the Contest Condition, but it can't show its weakness in front of Terrance, only a strong response.

    "Nurse Joy, I will also pay attention to the news of Nurse Joy in Linyi City, please take care of your body."

    Terrance, who thumped in the heart, quickly bid farewell to Nurse Joy and hurried away from the Nebi City Center.

    The Linye City Elf Center was destroyed. Terrance didn't think of anything, but Nurse Joy disappeared, but the memory of Terrance's head was a little loose.

    It’s almost 10 years, and I’m not familiar with the original story. There are only a few classic bridges left to remember.

    Among them, the most memorable story of Terrance is undoubtedly the first theatrical version of the original, Mewtwo's counterattack.

    Terrance remembers that there was a Nurse Joy who was taken away by Mewtwo and became its spokesperson.

    "It’s hard to be…"Terrance's brow is locked.

    Mewtwo is the strongest artificial elf that the Rockets used to use Mew's genetics and then reorganize the genes for research purposes.

    Reminiscent of this original story, and the origins of Mewtwo, Terrance did not worry about Nurse Joy, but worried about his master, Master Wicktor.

    Wicktor masters are mysterious in the past few months. Is it difficult to participate in the Mewtwo project? The gene of Mew, known as the ancestor of the elf, is almost fatal Captivate for the genetic master of Wicktor.

    “Is Ralts one of the failures of the Mewtwo program?”

    With the introduction, Terrance soon thought of more.

    Master Wicktor did not elaborate on the origins of Ralts, but such a very talented but flawed elf, if not artificial, the chances of being born in nature are too small to be negligible.

    Terrance closed his eyes. If Mewtwo had left the Rockets at this time, the plan to study Mewtwo had already been completed. Why did the Wicktor master say that he had to leave for a few years, and he was so eager to pass on the secrets of genetics to Terrance… …

    Sure enough, the Rockets!

    Regardless of whether Mewtwo left or left, as a researcher involved in the Mewtwo project, the Rockets certainly did not want them to reveal the wind, and it is very likely to limit their personal freedom. Perhaps, the Wicktor master was taken by the Rockets and was restricted. Freedom.

    In this way, the reason why Wicktor Master does not let himself find the other party is clear. It should be considered that he is not able to compete against the Rockets.

    And in order to prevent accidents, Master Wicktor handed over his genetics to Terrance in advance to prevent loss. In this way, Terrance found out that everything was justified.

    This is already the closest guess to the truth. Master Wicktor believes that Terrance will not know where he is going, but Master Wicktor does not know that his disciple is a passer, familiar with Mewtwo and familiar with the Rockets.

    This inference made Terrance so angry that he wanted to bite his teeth.

    Master Wicktor's participation in the Mewtwo project, working with the Rockets, is undoubtedly a battle with the Tigers. The risk of Terrance is a headache, but perhaps Mew's genes are too attractive.

    "If my guess is true, then the Wicktor master should be restricted by the Rockets to personal freedom. He wants to pick him up and grab a top Breeder master from the Rockets. Even the Alliance champion has no hundred. Divided into hundreds."

    After licking his temples, Terrance's brow stretched out. This matter can't be anxious, he has to confirm further.

    The confirmation method is through Mewtwo. However, Terrance slammed his head and couldn't remember where the Mewtwo's base camp was. He only remembered that it was an island, but the specific name was forgotten.

    The plan to go to Mewtwo Base Camp alone was shattered, but it also calmed Terrance.

    It is only through the original work that Terrance can't determine the strength of Mewtwo, but with the power of Terrance, it is certainly impossible to suppress Mewtwo. If Mewtwo riots, the disaster created is definitely more negative than the Darkrai, which is controlled by the nightmare team. The impact is much bigger.

    "If my team system is formed, there will not be so much worry now!"Terrance is helpless.

    “Don't it be necessary to wait for Ash to go with you?”


    Wherever this goes, there is a Trainer with a disaster, but it is really helpless, but Ash, always able to calm down these disasters with personal charm, this is the power of Ash.

    At this point, Terrance is not as good as it is.

    Because of this, Terrance was not in a hurry to leave the city of Nibi, thinking about what to do next and he took a little time to retired the ticket.

    If you can remember where the Mewtwo's base camp is, then you may seek foreign aid to take the lead to Mewtwo's base camp. Otherwise, you have to wait for Ash and his party to go together, but if you choose the latter, you should have Mew to help, at least not Too passive for Mewtwo.

    Now the situation is, even if Wicktor master not let Terrance find him, but guess Wicktor master is restricted by the Rockets Terrance also can not sit idly by, in addition, the loss of emotional ability Ralts is also Terrance heart disease, has put ralts As a partner of the Terrance, has been to find a solution to it, he has made a lot of efforts but has been very little, if Ralts really and mewtwo out of the same source, then maybe Mewtwo will have a way.

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