Pokemon Court Chapter 718

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 718th chapter looking for Ash, floating astronomy
    Before making a decision, Terrance went all the way south and came to Pallet Town from the city of Nibi.

    Now, Ash should have gotten eight Badges, and is training for the Indigo Plateau Conference near Pallet Town.

    Pallet Town.

    Also known as the "place of the beginning."

    The southeast corner of the town is the Laboratory of Professor Oak. At this time, outside the Professor Oak Laboratory, Terrance came here alone.

    By looking for Ash, he also visited Professor Oak.

    I have to say that if the Professional Oak Laboratory is thrown out, the entire Pallet Town does not add up to the Professional Oak's Laboratory. With such a large Laboratory, Terrance really admire the experience that Professor Oak can do every day.

    Currently, Professor Oak mainly studies the relationship between humans and elves. The Trainer registered in Pallet Town has a benefit. The more than the number of Pokémons can be transferred to the Professional Oak Laboratory and handed over to Professor Oak. Of course, they Pokémon will also be the subject of Professor Oak.

    "Oh, Terrance, you are finally here."

    Not long after the doorbell was pressed, Professor Oak came out to meet Terrance in person.

    Before the visit, Terrance had sent a message to Professor Oak himself to go to the door.

    "Professor Oak, three years have passed, is such a large laboratory just for you?"Terrance laughed and said, "Why don't you find an assistant."

    After leading Terrance, Professor Oak smiled and replied: "Laboratory work is barely busy, wait for the right person to talk about it, how, Terrance are you interested? The treatment is very generous. ”

    "Cough, my words…It is estimated that it can not afford such a boring research life. ”Terrance took the tea from Professor Oak and asked, "Your grandson Gary, two months before the opening of the Indigo Plateau Conference, he should have collected the Badge."

    After preparing the tea, Professor Oak sat down and mentioned Gary. He smiled: "The kid is not bad, and Ash is the hope star of Pallet Town. In Rookie, he was qualified to participate in the Region Conference. There is no future."

    “Gary got 10 Badges and Ash got 8 Badges.”

    Rookie was qualified to challenge the Region Conference. If Terrance didn't enter the Tianguan Academy, it would be very difficult to reach Samson. Of course, if he had the same resources as Gary and Ash, then he would say it.

    Ash and Gary's scores were good for Rookie Trainer, and even the Elf Professor, such as Professor Oak, was very happy. Terrance followed a few words and then continued to ask Ash about their information.

    "Gary should be in the back mountain training, Ash's words, it is estimated that they are together with Misty and Xiaogang."Professor Oak touched his chin and thought.

    "This way."Terrance, it seems that I have to hurry to find them, but now it should be no hurry, Mewtwo just abducted Nurse Joy, should not start sending invitations.

    Temporarily take a break at the Professor Oak Laboratory for a while, and Terrance borrowed the lower conveyor.

    I sent Vulpix, Carbink, and Larvitar back, and then transferred Arcanine, Gallade, Mismagius, and Ralts.

    The elves that Terrance carries today are: Altaria, Gallade, Arcanine, Floating Bubbles, Mismagius, Beautifly, Ralts.

    "Is the transfer finished?"Professor Oak came over and revealed the expression you know, saying, "Give me your Pokémon."

    Terrance's Pokémon, Professor Oak has been remembered for a long time. He knows that Terrance's Pokémon is very special, but he has never had the chance to study it. This time he was caught by Professor Oak. Terrance estimates that if he does not satisfy Professor Oak, the other party will not let him leave. It is.

    "Beyond that, Professor Oak, you might as well look at the situation of this Ralts first."

    Calling Ralts out of Poké Ball, Terrance simply explained the symptoms of Ralts.

    “Lost emotional expression?”Professor Oak frowned.

    "Yeah."Terrance softly touched Ralts's head and sighed slightly.

    “Ewww.”Frown between the brows, Professor Oak also showed a strange expression.

    If he remembers correctly, Terrance comes to visit him for the first time, because one body is defective and only uses the Teleport's Ralts.

    On the second visit, there was another Ralts that could not be expressed by emotional ability?

    Can't help, Professor Oak began to look at Terrance with a rather weird look.

    "Come on, let me see."Professor Oak reached out with an affection and wanted to call Ralts.

    In the face of Professor Oak, Ralts looked up and looked at Terrance.

    "No problem, go."Terrance nodded.

    After checking the status of the Ralts, the Professional Oak is a character in the Taishan Beidou class, but after all, the research direction is not the strange side. Like the first time, this time, Professor Oak still has no way.

    "It should be a matter of spiritual level, which is very difficult to solve."Professor Oak has no choice but to look at it.

    Professor Oak couldn't help, and within Terrance's surprise, Terrance didn't have much hope.

    Before observing Terrance's other Pokémons, Professor Oak sent a message to Ash saying that Terrance was on the Laboratory side.

    "Wow, this Arcanine is awesome."

    Professor Oak The whole person gathered around Arcanine, looking at the mighty giant Arcanine, almost directly attached to it, the eyes of the light room, Professor Oak picked up the camera and just slammed it by Arcanine.

    "Cough, Arcanine."Terrance stopped quickly.

    "Professor Oak, my Arcanine is more sticky, you are careful."

    "Just now, I still believe in life, I don't have to work hard, don't get acquainted with it."

    After meeting up, Professor Oak licked his ass and licked his teeth: "Let me see what happened to the Ralts that used only Teleport."

    During the exchange between Terrance and Professor Oak, time passed. During the observation of Terrance's Pokémon individual situation, Professor Oak also raised many unexpected views of Terrance.

    Many of these ideas can help Terrance Breeder Altaria, which makes Terrance a bit happy, and it really is Professor Oak.

    Three hours later.

    Professor Oak's observation of Terrance's Pokémon was finally over, and a raging sound came over.

    "Is Brother Terrance here?"

    After the sound of Professor Oak and Terrance, Professor Oak said: "It seems that Ash has already arrived."

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