Pokemon Court Chapter 719

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 719th chapter of the floating lava burst, floating astronomy
    Wearing blue and white short-sleeved Ash into the Professor Oak Laboratory, he ran to Terrance and showed off his eight Badge.

    "Terrance Big Brother, you see, I have beaten the 8 trainers Trainer, and I have been challenged by the Indigo Plateau Conference."

    Looking at Ash's proud expression, Terrance smiled and didn't know how to respond to Ash.

    Fortunately, the two people behind Ash immediately said the words of Terrance: "Not all of them come from sympathy."

    Ash in this period is still immature compared to a few years later.

    Upon hearing this, Ash's face was blue and purple, and he wanted to refute himself. He didn't know where to start to refute. Under the anger, he planned to prove himself to Terrance through the battle.

    "Terrance Big Brother, come back to play again, I have become stronger."

    "No, no, it will be very bad."Misty waved his hand.

    "I guess it will still be spiked."Xiaogang nodded.

    "They both said something."Professor Oak made up the knife and let Ash get the whole face down.

    "Ha ha ha, okay, then check it out again."Terrance smiled and said to Ash: "Let's check out the results of the practice before the Indigo Plateau Conference."

    “Of course!”Terrance accepted the invitation, and Ash jumped excitedly and shouted: "Professor Oak, the backyard borrowed me."

    UhThat is a trivial matter. ”Professor Oak Road.

    Seeing that Ash really wants to challenge Terrance, several people took a shot and didn't have to know the result of the match, but Ash was full of interest at this time. For Ash, what is won and won is not within his consideration, as long as It’s good to fight as hard as you can.

    "I am here, it is."

    In the backyard of Professor Oak Laboratory, Terrance sent a Pokémon. Although this Pokémon is small and looks smaller than Pikachu, Misty and Xiaogang are at the same time, watching Ash.

    "Ash, you have to be careful, that floating bubble is the elf that defeated the huge Tentecruel."Misty Although I have been belittle Ash, but when I was in the game, I quickly told Ash about important information, for fear that he would not know this floating bubble.

    Got itAsh nodded. He took out Pokédex, but he found no information. Under the reminder of Professor Oak, he knew that this was the Pokémon of other Regions.

    If this floating bubble is good, it should be an ice trick. Ash hesitates and goes through the Lanpuer incident. He naturally remembers how terrible the power of freezing most of the waters.

    Recalling these forces, even if Ash is too big, he can't help but get nervous.

    "Charizard, it's up to you!!"With a hat twisted, Ash finally made up his mind to throw Charizard's Poké Ball.

    This choice made Xiao Gang reveal a dignified expression: "I remember Ash, he can't order this Charizard. Although Charizard is very strong, Ash really does it to make Charizard obedient."

    "idiot."Misty airway.


    When I saw Ash's Charizard at first glance, Terrance saw the growth of this Charizard. Although I can see that there is a serious Breeder, it is simply unbearable in terms of growth. It is a typical example of not making a good foundation. .

    After the start of the game, Ash took the lead in launching the attack and let Charizard use Flamethrower.

    But in the face of Ash's order, Charizard directly disdained Spit Up, a black smoke, lying down in place.

    "Charizard, fight, Rival is very strong."Ash shouted.

    "It's really arrogant Pokémon."Terrance gave an indication of the floating bubble, the weather turned clear, and the entire backyard began to be full of warmth.

    Soaring in the sky, the sun is shining, and when I look up at Sky, I will be stabbed to my eyes.

    "It's a Sunny Day move, but why…This is also good for Charizard. ”Xiaogang’s brow wrinkled. At this time, the floating bubble has changed shape according to the weather and turned into a sunny day.

    "Charizard, if you don't follow your Trainer's orders, can you still play a few strengths?"Terrance said, “Floating the bubble and giving it a Flamethrower as a face-to-face ceremony.”

    "bubble ~ ~" raging fire was spit out by floating bubbles, turned into a huge wave like to devour Charizard, face attack, Charizard eyes open instantly, want to fly to avoid, but fiercely, Flamethrower seems to suddenly burst Normal, burst It's faster, and it's swallowed up in the moment Charizard wants to avoid it.

    Terrance calmly looked at Ash, who was worried about shouting, and Charizard, who was swallowed by the flames. The trick was that the floating bubble didn't use much effort, just to give Charizard a chance.

    Sure enough, the next moment, Charizard slammed the tail and blew the flames, and began to look at the floating bubbles seriously.

    "Well, Charizard, then we should fight back."Ash saw Charizard not hurt and said happily: "Get up, Charizard."

    Next, Charizard flew up, and Misty and Xiaogang wondered what was wrong.

    "Charizard, use the Flamethrower to fire from above."Ash opening.

    "Roar!"As soon as Charizard spits, a flame vortex condenses out and swept toward the floating bubble.

    Seeing this scene, Misty, they showed such a look, it seems that they still do not listen to the order.

    "Floating bubbles, rotating big words."Terrance a ringing finger, floating bubble instantly flew out, condensed a large large shape of the flame, this trick it is not launched out, but control its in front of their own constantly spinning up, thick flame condensation incomparable, turning faster and faster, in the moment of the flame whirlpool, has become because the speed is too fast into a circular whirlpool.

    "This…"Ash stunned, it was a bit unclear which side was the flame vortex. Charizard's trick, hit the rotating bubble of the floating bubble, was instantly absorbed, and even a little bit of it did not pick up.

    "Good control."Professor Oak nodded and suddenly found a weird place.

    The rotating large characters began to gradually change in a thick direction, like being mixed with sand and water, and slowly turned into a lava-like substance.


    As the lava explodes, countless magma bursts out like a falling raindrop, and Charizard, who flies in the air, strikes like a backfire, densely packed!

    The lava that combines Sandstorm, flame, and water flow is more lethal than the simple flame of floating bubbles, and the temperature is extremely high!

    Almost in a flash, Charizard was eroded by the bursting lava, and fell to Ground in powerlessness.

    The lava burn left a deep mark on Charizard. After seeing the injury, Professor Oak frowned. The Terrance didn't keep it, and it completely ruined Charizard.

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