Pokemon Court Chapter 720

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 720th chapter on the flame research, floating astronomy
    "Charizard !!"

    Ash looked white and Charizard, who was scalding down to the ground, ran quickly.

    "I said to you, why do you want to make such awkward hand!!"Misty was mad, but she came up and Terrance theory, but Xiaogang stopped her soon.

    "Misty, don't be impulsive."

    Xiaogang believes that Terrance will not be so unconstrained, but Charizard's injury looks really serious, and even he does not understand Terrance's intentions.

    "Ordinary hot Potion will not work, the materials for special effects are…"At this moment, Terrance slowly opened, these herbs are very common, not to mention the Professor Oak Laboratory, even ordinary stores will have, name a few herbs and the required utensils, Professor Oak looks strange, but still fast Go into the house and take it.

    "Ash, it would be nice to grind Charizard after grinding the herbs into a paste."

    After Professor Oak took out the medicine, he handed the instrument to Ash.

    "I know, I am going to grind."Ash rushed to take the medicine, put it into the appliance, and started to smash it with both hands and stir it.

    "Charizard, stick to it, it will be fine soon."As the nose was sour, Ash looked at Charizard's painful appearance and worked harder, but the medicine was too difficult to handle, and Ash made all the stops and did not reach what Terrance said.

    "Damn, give me a cream!!"While smashing and stirring hard, Ash shouted anxiously, hoping that he would have two more hands.

    Xiao Gang and Misty want to go to Help Ash, but they are pulled by Terrance.

    "Don't Terrance you…"Xiao Gang’s heart is a glimpse.

    Hard work pays off. In Charizard's painful Growl, Ash finally completed the preparation of the special medicine, and quickly smeared it to Charizard's burns according to Terrance's instructions.

    "It's hot–" When Charizard smeared the special medicine, Ash bit his teeth and felt the temperature on Charizard, worrying more about Charizard.

    Forcing the pain of Rival's palm, Ash's hands never wiped away, and while still crying, he apologized: "I'm sorry Charizard." I know that my Trainer rating may still be very low, I think, because of this, you will ignore my right. ”

    "But ah, I tell you, I will definitely get your approval in the future, and have the strength to fight with you." This time I dragged you down, but next time, we will definitely win. ”

    Charizard endured a scald, and as the special medicine covered the whole body, it suddenly felt that the body was not so painful. During this time, Ash's comfort continued to echo in his ear, and as Ash's tears drip on his body, Charizard's eyes calmed down. Come down.

    It remembered that during the Charmander period, Ash took the Hurricane rain and sent himself into the center of the elf, remembering his time with Ash.

    Pickup truckPokémon was the one who felt the most change in Pokémon's mood. Pikachu then ran to Charizard and screamed twice.

    ASHyour hands……"Misty saw Ash's red palm when he was sweating, worried.

    "It's okay, it's not hot at all, Charizard, is it better now?"

    After dealing with Charizard's burns, Ash breathed a sigh of relief and Charizard no longer groaned Growl, which gave him a lot of peace of mind.

    "Terrance Big Brother, thank you for your special medicine, otherwise I really don't know what to do…Sure enough, my strength is still too weak. ”Ash is in a low mood.

    "Roar!!"At this moment, the shoulder was photographed, and Ash looked awkwardly, looking at Charizard, who stood up behind him incredulously.

    If Ash is not mistaken, Charizard is shaking his head. This kind of positive communication, he and Charizard have never had.

    "Charizard you…"Ash was very surprised. "Do you recognize me?!"

    Charizard nodded, pointing to Terrance's floating bubble and yelling again.

    "Okay, the goal is to go beyond the floating bubbles of Terrance Brother, let us work together!!"Recognized by Charizard, Ash is hard to express. And seeing the changes between Charizard and Ash, Misty and Xiao Gang are happy for them.

    "Great, Ash can finally command Charizard."Misty opening.

    "So the special medicine is not a medicine, but Ash himself. What they lack is such an opportunity for spiritual communication."

    Terrance smiled and shook his head.

    What is burned, of course, is deliberate, for the Charizard of the fire department, it does not cause any harm, it feels pain, purely because of the Sunny Day, the oil on the fire, Sunny Day dissipated, pain Nature will disappear.

    "I know, Terrance, he really wants to help Ash."Xiaogang’s heart stunned and suddenly admired Terrance. He also served as the Breeder’s family. As a travel companion to Ash, Terrance could do this, but he could not do it. This made Xiaogang feel his deficiencies. .

    If you want to be a good Breeder, you still have a long way to go.



    Through a match, Ash was recognized by Charizard, and both sides immediately went to special training to defeat Terrance.

    Terrance, who was also pulled by Professor Oak, curiously asked about the lava combination.

    "Fusion moves."Terrance said, "I have been studying flames recently, but although the lava is powerful, it is not what I want."

    "Oh, what kind of effect do you want to study?"

    Professor Oak is curious.

    Terrance thought, did not conceal the opening way: "You know, the use of flame tricks, some elves rely on the body's special organs, or special abilities, such as Salazzle, because the body has special organs so that flame and toxins have both the nature of both, and Chandelure, Its flame can burn the soul because of its special abilities … "

    "It is true that this is true…"Oak nodded.

    “I just wanted to study how to get a special flame for ordinary Pokémon.”

    Terrance laughed, he has let Altaria learn flame style, but the power has not been satisfactory, compared to fairy style is not as good, than the Dragon style is not as good, is more than the ice system, in order to better fight the steel system, complement Altaria and even the shortcomings of the next regiment war system, Terrance intends to do a variety of considerations, of which special flame research is a key link.

    "Telling this reminds me of the legendary Pokémon Entei, whose special flame is said to have been given by Ho-Oh."Professor Oak suddenly thought.

    "Well, not only that! Ho-Oh's Sacred Fire, Unova Region The legendary elf Reshiram's Blue Flare and the flame that perfectly blends with the power of lightning are extremely powerful special flames. ”Terrance's eyes are full of interest.

    Because of the proximity to the exam, there have been too many recent events and the two have been temporarily restored.

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