Pokemon Court Chapter 721

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 721th chapter of the fire of life, floating astronomy
    "how do you want to do it?"Professor Oak is very interested in the topic of Terrance.

    "I am still exploring this, if you are successful, then talk to you."Terrance laughed.

    Indeed, it is still Terrance's vision for the formation of special flames. Performance cannot be mastered by Altaria, and Terrance is not yet certain.

    "Well, I will wait for your good news."Professor Oak nodded.

    In the next few days, Terrance watched Ash's movements and exchanged academics with Professor Oak.

    Professor Oak is very interested in genetics and several of the Breeder methods that Terrance has mastered. Terrance is also interested in the research direction and research results of Professor Oak. When Terrance and Oak communicated, time passed quickly. .

    In the backyard of the Professor Oak Laboratory, the expansive area also allowed the seven Pokémons of Terrance to relax, but then faced with a special Rival, Terrance did not dare to let them stay too long, but also kept the basics Train to prevent rusting.

    The information collected by Professor Oak Laboratory is more interesting than what Terrance imagined. Even those famous libraries may have more information than the Professor Oak Laboratory here, but some of the information on the door is not collected by Professor Oak. .

    After all, the Professor Oak Laboratory is one of the major research centers throughout the Kanto Region.

    "Entei, the unknown Pokémon burned to death in the Burned Tower, became the form that was changed after being revived by Ho-Oh. And because people feared that Ho-Oh, who manipulated the power of life, attempted to suppress Entei with violence, Entei left Ecruteak City. ”

    "I didn't expect the Professor Oak Laboratory to have a record about Entei."

    Terrance put back the book, smiled, Ho-oh, recorded in the mythical Pokémon, said to have the magic power to resurrect the deceased, from this point of view, Ho-oh may not use the energy of life less than Xerneas, and even from it to resurrect Pokémon And give them a powerful force, leading it to become the legendary Pokémon in People's mouth, than the xerneas is a bit more powerful.

    But Xerneas is also the origin of the Mega Evolution stone. The control of life energy between the two is weak and strong. It is impossible for Terrance to judge with such little information.

    However, when Terrance studied the special flame, he once read a case of Entei in a book.

    When Entei inhabited Ecruteak City, it used the flame of life to help the local residents recover from health and expel the disease before it was violently treated by humans. This story is the main guideline for determining the flame that Terrance intends to study.

    The fire of life.

    Undoubtedly, the fire of life that Entei has mastered is the product of Ho-Oh's Sacred Fire stripping. It has mastered the fire of life and made Entei have a powerful power. Its terrible trick is enough to illustrate the power of life.

    Although certainly not as good as Ho-Oh's Sacred Fire, Reshiram's Blue Flare, but not the ordinary elf's flame can be compared, it is a very high level of flame.

    Terrance wondered, is the fire of life a product of the fusion of life energy and flame?

    His own Altaria got the control of life energy in Xerneas, and can complete the autonomous Mega Evolution. In a sense, it is no worse than the Entei level revived by Ho-Oh. It also has the same energy and flame, even Altaria is on the flame. The degree of mastery is weak, but why not try to sublimate the ordinary flame into a fire of life like Entei?

    If Altaria can have a special flame like Entei, let go of the effect that the fire of life can heal. The light is the horrible lethality, and it has a very high combat value.

    Mastering the fire of life, even if it is the fire system Pokémon, there will be very little left for the use of flames over Altaria…

    "Even in the face of Steven's steel system, Altaria will not be passive anymore."

    Terrance thought of it, smiled in the heart, with the increase of Fairy's elves, although I have Arcanine, Gallade, but the short board is still too obvious, but if Altaria can master a special flame, then everything can be completely ignored.

    Terrance feels that when Altaria masters Fairy Aura, the fire of life, and the ability of the autonomous Mega Evolution, he is fully qualified to compete against the Elite Four champion.



    On this day, when Ash, Xiaogang, and Misty, who were training outside of Pallet Town, enjoyed desserts and teas, a Trainer with a pirate-like headscarf passed by and challenged Ash.

    Ash, who had no special spirits for special training, heard that he could immediately recover his strength after the war and meet the challenges of the other side.

    However, the opposite may be too weak, even Golem was hit by Pikachu.

    “Whoa! oh my godThe headscarf Trainer is unbelievable.

    "Win it!!"Ash jumped excitedly.

    Misty in the distance looked boring and slammed the bread lane: "That's because Rival is too weak."

    Even Xiaogang raised his head and said helplessly: "If you are not good at learning, you will dare to challenge…"

    After running the challenger, the three began to enjoy the dessert with peace of mind. What they didn’t know was that not only the big fairy of the Rocky Rocks in the distance were staring at them on an empty stomach, a shadow on the island of a certain sea area. Also stared at them.

    It didn't take long for a Dragonite to fly in the air, flying fast from the top of the hill, flying several of the Rockets' big celestial flies, and also overturning Ash's table and food.

    Oh…Dragonite slammed down and found himself flying like it, twisted his head and flew back to Ash to them.

    The Dragonite carried a brown bag and saw that Ash stood up and took up a disc from the bag without paying attention to Ash's inquiry.

    "Is this for me?"Ash puzzled to take the disc, the next moment, the disc out of the magic Light, a virtual image emerged, that is a woman in a brown coat, she slightly saluted, began to tell the intention: "very bold to send this letter to you, please forgive me, because you are the most promising trainer, So invite you to the strongest Pokémon Trainer Banquet hosted by our host. ”

    "The location is the castle of New Island. Please fill in the postcard and decide whether to come or not. This is the invitation of the strongest Elf Trainer, please be sure to accept it. ”

    When the words fall, the disc silhouette disappears.

    "going or not?"

    "Of course I have to go, the other person can say that I am the most promising Trainer in the future!!"Ash is confident, has to go, has to go.

    After the discussion, Ash intends to go to the banquet, and at the same time, has been paying attention to Ash, Mismagius hidden in the void began to return to Pallet Town, intends to inform Terrance about the news here.

    "Holographic projection……Is Kalos' new technology? ”

    "Another banquet of the strongest Pokémon Trainer…The name is really dare to rise, it seems that Mewtwo's knowledge at this time is limited…"

    Pallet Town, Professor Oak Laboratory, received Terrance from Mismajuus who had Ash's picture, and turned his finger to Poké Ball with a smile.

    After waiting for so many days in Pallet Town, I finally got started. Is the original location the island?

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