Pokemon Court Chapter 722

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 722 by Confusion caused by Hurricane Rain, Astronomy
    Ash They are the Trainer who received the invitation late.

    Linye City, the old coast pier.

    There have been dozens of Trainers gathered here, but these Trainers are now trapped in the Wizard Center.

    The huge Hurricane rain outside Linyi City stopped the ferry boats in Linyi City, which prevented them from going to the new island.

    These Trainers were invited by Mewtwo to attend the so-called "Best Pokémon Trainer's Banquet".

    Ash, a group of people, also ran into the Elf Center with heavy rain.

    "The weather is good, how can it…"Misty is upset.

    “The climate at the seaside is the most fickle.”Xiao Gang looked desperate.

    "This is not a change in nature."Just as Ash three people twitched and wringed their clothes, a familiar voice came and let them look back in surprise.

    This is a smiling young man, not Terrance, who is it?

    "Terrance, why are you here, have you been invited?"Xiao Gang was shocked and asked, and then he reacted. Even Ash was invited, and Terrance had no reason not to be invited.

    Terrance didn't answer. He didn't really get an invitation. Mewtwo invited Trainer's method to pick it out through the images taken by Fearow's camera. He was never photographed and was naturally not invited.

    At this time, because of the birth of Mewtwo, there is still very little knowledge. I don’t know the “Elite Four Master” and “Champion Leader”. These Trainer titles, even the Race Conference and Masters, are still inviting roadsides with their own standards. Trainer.

    This has led to the banquets it held, the level of the level is too low, and even less than the content of the Region Conference.

    "What you said in the words just…"Misty, as a trainer specializing in the water system, was puzzled by what Terrance had just said.

    This Hurricane rain is not a change of nature itself?

    "It's Confusion."The Terrance Calm Mind method works with a faint glow on the eyes and looks out of the window. At this time, the clouds are manipulated by a powerful mental force. This Hurricane rain is much more terrifying than the Hurricane rain made by floating bubbles. It was created solely by virtue of mental strength.

    It’s a power of terror…

    Ash, Misty, and Xiaogang listened to Terrance's explanation. At this time, Terrance pointed to the opposite: "Officer Jenny and the people who manage the terminal are coming. Are you not going to New Island?" Go and listen to the situation. ”

    Office Jenny of Linyi City, Miss Pojia who manages the terminal, is explaining the situation with the Trainer.

    "Even if I grew up at the pier, I have never seen such a strong hurricane. I can't watch everyone take risks."The blue-haired woman Po Jia opened.

    Her next advice, and the advice of Office Jenny, did not let the Trainers change their minds.

    "No problem, I have Pokémon, my Pokémon is very watery, there must be a way to get through the sea."A little fat Trainer stood up.

    "No, people who know the sea so much can't say it."Bo Jia backed his hand and looked serious.

    "No, if Pokémon is injured, you can't treat it at the Elf Center during this time."Officer Jenny advised.

    At this time, Ash drilled out of the crowd: "Why?"

    Officer Jenny looked low and looked at the tracing notice on the wall. "Because, Nurse Joy in the center of the elf is missing, the new Nurse has not yet been transferred."

    "It's okay, I must go to the party."At this point, Trainer was impatient, and it was time to see the banquet's time. Someone couldn't wait, and rushed out of the Elf Center.

    "Me too, I have Flying Pokémon."

    "It’s already here, it’s a shame not to go."

    "Then let's go together, there is still a photo."

    As one person ran out of the Elf Center and the crowd swarmed, neither Office Jenny nor Miss Pojia could stop them.

    On the edge of the dock, a Fearow was released, and a Trainer rode Fearow to the new island in the rainstorm. In the sea, a Gyarados was released and its Trainer sat up.

    "Beginning the Eight Immortals across the sea, each showing its power…"Terrance shook his head. These people were really arrogant. If they were killed in the rain of Hurricane, they were injured and Pokémon.

    "Forget it, I am not qualified to say anything to others."Terrance's eyes flashed. He also knew that the new island would be dangerous. He also planned to take the initiative. It was essentially no different from these Trainers.

    At the dockside, Officer Jenny chased the Trainer who came out to the beach, pressed the hat that was almost wiped, and anxiously said: "Don't go! Otherwise I will arrest people! ! ”

    Unfortunately, the Trainer who came out of the Elf Center has made up his mind, and Office Jenny dissuaded and no one listened.

    "There is no way to stop them."Poga calmly opened.

    "After all, they are Trainer."Bo Jia and a male voice said this in unison.

    Trainer…They are all adventurers, but it is not the wind and rain that can stop them.

    "you are……"Looking at Terrance when I didn't know when I was going, Miss Jenny and Miss Pojia were puzzled.

    "I am also a Trainer, Office Jenny. Please do the security and rescue work in Linye City."Terrance looked at the tyrannical storm and slowly opened his mouth.

    Mismagius found the Rockets who were hidden in Linyi City. Maybe the other party has noticed the location of Mewtwo, and then wants to do Mewtwo recycling.

    Now, if the Rockets don't take into account the heavy rain and the large number of Trainers here, they don't dare to be noticed by Alliance at such a sensitive moment. I am afraid they have already started.

    "The end of the Mewtwo event is the time for the Rockets to start capturing Mewtwo. I hope there is no confusion."Terrance shook his head slightly.

    Please wait

    Just as Terrance and Officer Jenny twitched, Terrance twitched and found that the pedestrian on the dock next to him also ran out and had a crumbling small wooden boat.

    God special small wooden boat, how can there be a small wooden boat at this time, it will definitely be overturned!

    With a shot on the forehead, Terrance didn't have to think that 80% was the Rockets' three great fairies. Only they could figure out how to use the paddle boat to cross the Hurricane rain.

    This is not the most critical. The key is that they are actually on board, and Ash is no problem. Misty and Xiaogang are so sloppy.

    "Look back."Terrance took a deep breath and said nothing to Office Jenny, directly calling Altaria and floating bubbles.

    Altaria Ability, irrelevant to the weather, although it is incapable of erasing the Hurricane rain picked up by Mewtwo Confusion, but with the help of floating bubbles, it is very easy to ensure that it is easy to escape in this horrible Hurricane rain.

    In the shocked eyes of President Jenny and Miss Pojia, Terrance took the Altaria directly and, like these Trainers, flew in the direction of the new island.

    "Floating bubbles, take care of Ash."Terrance still didn't trust Ash, they sent out a floating bubble.

    At the same time, he also issued an order to help other pedestrians as much as possible while ensuring the safety of Ash's pedestrians.

    And Terrance himself, there is no hurry to fly to the castle of New Island.

    He didn't have an invitation, not a guest that Mewtwo was going to receive, so Terrance planned to sneak through the Gallade.

    "A strong wind."

    "If this continues, these dozens of Trainers are expected to be wiped out, and the Trainer who can successfully cross the sea will not exceed a single digit."A glimpse of Terrance.

    At this time, the Trainer has been overturned by the waves and has been blown away by the wind.

    Terrance didn't pay attention to how he got through the Hurricane rain, and with this level of weather he wanted to stop him from being qualified.

    But the Trainer to the level of Ash is more than enough. The Trainer, which is blocked by Hurricane Rain, is mostly a group of people who are not as good as Ash.

    In the face of Hurricane rain, they have almost no resistance.

    The floating bubbles that Terrance sent out, plus Terrance himself wanted to help these people, but there were too many people, so Terrance didn't know how to start, but it was because of this hesitation that suddenly caused Terrance to find something wrong. .

    He estimated that floating bubbles are now also found.

    The Trainer and Pokémon, who were overturned by the waves and slammed by the wind, were not injured and were protected by a Psychic, so that they would not be swallowed by the Hurricane rain and have spared no effort to escape.

    "Is it Mewtwo?"Terrance’s heart was born with an inexplicable emotion.

    He did not expect that Mewtwo was also concerned about the safety of these Trainers.

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