Pokemon Court Chapter 723

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 723 clone machine, floating astronomy

    "Not Mewtwo."

    Terrance used his mental power to carefully detect the spirit of Soaring in the sky and the spirit of the rescue Trainer, and suddenly found some subtle differences.

    Although the two mental strengths are very similar…

    "But compared to the spirit of Mewtwo, this spirit is mild, but who can have the spirit of Mewtwo…It’s hard to be…"

    Terrance looked around and wanted to find the elf figure. If nothing happened, Mew had already arrived.

    Flying In the waters of Sky, Terrance rushed in the direction of New Island, looking for Mew's trail.

    At this point, three Trainers had already traveled through the sea and successfully reached the castle in New Island.

    The Ash group also reached the new island without any big twists and turns under the help of the floating bubble.

    Retracting the floating bubbles and watching Ash enter the castle by Nurse Joy, Terrance remained silent at high altitude.

    "Sure enough, James is here."

    At the same time, Terrance also noticed that he was hugged on the stakes and avoided the Rockets who made themselves undetected.

    The Rockets are three, and at the moment they are also playing the same idea as Terrance, intending to sneak into it.

    So until Ash was brought in by the watched Nurse Joy, the three players slowly climbed up and began to pick up how to get in.

    "How can we get into this castle now…"James crouched at a fence in the castle and meditated.

    "We can only go in from the exit…"Jessie is determined to speak.

    "Where is the export?"Meowth Road.

    "Over there!"Jessie pointed to the sewer drain on the other side.

    Discovering that Jessie was going to get in from the sewer, James and Meowth changed their face, and Meowth instantly said, "Don't be jealous."

    "Don't complain."Shouted Jessie.

    When the three men argued, a pink figure fluttered around them with a puzzled expression, looking at them curiously.

    This pink figure is the Pokémon Mew, which is said to have the genetics of all Pokémon.

    "Got you!"A sound fell, Terrance and Gallade quickly appeared in the place where Mew just appeared, but the next moment, Mew disappeared directly, leaving Terrance empty.


    Terrance's brow wrinkled, this should not be Teleport, but when his Calm Mind method mobilized mental observation, he did not find Mew's trace.

    I was still here just now…I can't detect it now, run fast.

    When Terrance sighed, a shocking voice came: "You are not…Are you not the one who saved the Meowths in the city of Lanpulch…"

    Meowth covered his mouth and the other hand pointed at Terrance.

    "Terrance…"James was surprised.

    Six years ago, James, a young master, met with the then Terrance Pokémon kitchen in the Hearthome City of Sinnoh Region and made a friendship.

    Six years later, Terrance has become the Trainer, Top Coordinator, but the scenery has changed. But James has become a member of the underground organization Rockets. The identity change has caused the last time to meet in the city of Lanpulch, so that James has not Dare to communicate with Terrance and escape.

    "This is the second time Kanto has met, James."Terrance smiled slightly.

    "But Terrance, why are you here…"James was surprised.

    "For it."Terrance looked into the castle and opened his mouth. "James, it's dangerous. You still leave early."

    "I am grateful to you for saving us, but…"Jessie was dissatisfied at the moment: "How can I catch Pokémon when I leave here?"

    JessieJames quickly grabbed Jessie's mouth.


    After breaking away from James, Jessie was even more dissatisfied. "Hurry up, let's go."

    "Going down the waterway?"Terrance looked at them and said helplessly: "Forget it, since you have to go in, then go in with me."

    Terrance told the Gallade that it can't delay time now, and it doesn't know what happened to it.

    "Hurry up and grab me."Terrance opened the door and then ignored James and put his hand on the Gallade.

    The Rockets hesitated three times and then quickly posted them.

    The next moment, the three and Meowth appeared in the castle, in a dark corridor.

    "Let's go."Terrance greeted him and made a trip to the Rockets.

    Terrance's behavior, more and more makes James unable to understand, not only is he changing a lot, Terrance changes beyond his imagination.

    His attention to Terrance only stayed before leaving home, and as for the many honors of Terrance, he was only known after the Lanpulch incident.

    "Where is it here?"Meowth walked cautiously in the ramp and looked at the high-tech equipment around him, a guilty conscience.

    "Laboratory."Terrance glanced at Meowth and said: "This whole new island is one of the research bases of your Rockets."

    "Our research base?!!"James, Jessie, and Meowth were all shocked when they heard the news. They never thought about this possibility.

    They didn't know the news, and they remembered that if the new island is one of the Rockets' research bases, what happened to the party? !

    "But now it is not, it has become the residence castle of the owner of the invitation."Terrance continued, but before he finished, an automatic door next to him slammed open.

    ‘Here is…?’Terrance frowned and took the lead.

    "Hey, wait a minute!!"James, Jessie, and Meowth are close behind.

    Compared to the outside and other rooms, the equipment in this room is much more advanced. Terrance looks changed. Looking at the many training chambers and several Pokémons inside, I know where it is.

    Here is where the Rockets study cloning technology. These machines are all cloned devices.

    The Rockets, who were wandering around in the room, looked around and looked around. At this time, Jessie accidentally pressed something. A computer-like machine immediately showed a faint Lucas, and there was a lot of data.

    At the same time, there was a vague electronic sound.

    When I heard the sound, several people gathered around.

    "Everyone, this is a machine that copies Pokémon."

    When the words fell, there was a huge machine in the room.

    “The current Pokémon machine needs samples.”

    The next moment, the accident appeared, a manipulator attacked, grabbed Meowth and threw it on a Rollout belt. After Meowth and a few people reacted, James quickly jumped over and immediately picked up Meowth, but still The three hairs of Meowth were taken by the machine.

    "Only part of the body can do it."The electronic sound came, the screen showed three hairs, and then gradually changed to Meowth's body shape.

    Then in a few seconds, a Meowth larvae instantly fell in a culture chamber, but it was said to be a larvae, but it was already very close to Meowth's figure. Except that it didn't wake up, it could not be seen that it was too big with Meowth. The difference.

    It's a technology we will needTerrance's brows are tight, even in the precious genetics that Wicktor gave him, there is no such incredible technique, and the speed of this clone is too fast.

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