Pokemon Court Chapter 724

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 724th strongest Trainer, floating astronomy
    "Is this my avatar…"Meowth saw himself being cloned, showing a frightened expression.

    "This is indeed a avatar."

    The electronic sound came out again, "but the avatar we are going to make is unusual. We found a legendary Pokémon in the southwest hemisphere, which is called Mew."

    “We found the fossil of Mew's eyelashes and brought it back to make a Pokémon, Mewtwo.”

    "To make Pokémon of World's Mightiest, that's our dream."

    "But the character of Mewtwo is fierce and unpredictable. It is already finished. The Laboratory will be destroyed. We have only one way to go. It is to give up and flee."

    Having said that, the electronic sound has disappeared, and several people face each other.

    "But it's still good here."James wondered.

    When the words fell, a few people jerked back and felt a sudden breath, but after returning, the breath had disappeared.

    "Come up?"In the heart of Terrance, it seems that if Mew is not willing to show up, it is estimated that they can't find it.

    Terrance's mind is changing. I don't know what Ash is doing on the other side. Compared to staying here, I still have doubts to ask Mewtwo. I can't waste time.


    Just as Terrance was about to leave, the three chambers shattered, and Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise, with patterns on them, opened their eyes, screamed out of the room, and then watched with a cautious look by Terrance. I left this room.

    "That was just…"Jessie's body is so excited and stuttering.

    "It seems that Mewtwo is going to play against the Trainers."Terrance snorted and couldn't wait.

    "Gallade."After Terrance issued the order, his and Gallade's figure disappeared instantly, leaving only the Rockets three faces here, and they were at a loss.



    On the other side, as the conflict between the two sides escalates…

    An image resembles a bipedal, full-body silver ash, purple in the tail and abdomen, and the extracorporeal nerve bundle extending from the center of the back extends to the back neck. The elf with a height and human body is slowly opening. It is Mewtwo. .

    "Who wants to be a Pokémon Trainer, the people who want to get it at the beginning are Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur, and I have created their evolutionary avatars."

    When Charizard, Blastoise, and Venusaur moved to the banquet hall through special installations, Mewtwo began to look at the Trainers indifferently.

    Then, it swung the arm, a wall was opened in the distance, and a giant battlefield appeared in front of the six Trainer and Nurse Joy arriving at the New Island.

    "Stradium?"Xiao Gang squinted.

    "Do you want us to fight Pokémon?"

    "Who is afraid of who, I have Venusaur!!"The Trainer in an orange coat said.

    "Yes, I have Blastoise."A short hair girl Trainer stood up.

    "I have Charizard here too!"Ash also took the Poké Ball from his waist.

    For the Mewtwo opposite the self-proclaimed "the strongest Elf Trainer", they have accumulated considerable grievances.

    At this point, it is the best solution to fight.

    "Charizard, I will give it to you!!"Ash threw Poké Ball and Charizard appeared on Ground. Now Charizard has been able to follow Ash's orders, so Ash has great confidence in the battle.

    The three Trainers with Venusaur, Blastoise, and Charizard looked badly at Mewtwo, the Pokémon, who claimed to be the strongest Trainer.

    Fight, at the touch of a hair.

    However, the result of the battle was beyond the expectations of the Trainers!

    The young Venusaur, directly cloned by Venusaur, a Vine Whip!

    The girl's Blastoise was hit by a Rapid Spin cloned by Blastoise.

    Even Ash's Charizard has not been spared the ability to lose combat under a Seismic Toss.

    Trainer here, all defeated, there is no resistance.

    Just as the three Trainers holding three Earl Dervish Pokémons were disheartened and felt that the other side's strength was incredible, a faint voice suddenly passed.

    “Is this the strongest Trainer?”

    The figure that suddenly entered, was watching Terrance against the battle.

    Terrance's appearance made the Trainer who had crossed the ocean to the new island suddenly shocked. Who is this person? When did it appear here?

    "The few mice in the castle…"Mewtwo snorted, and it noticed a few sneaky Terrances in the castle, and Terrance's watch was within its grasp.

    "Terrance, he actually came…"Xiaogang was surprised.

    "Why, do you have to fight?"Mewtwo is cold and open.

    After a faint smile, Terrance didn't care about Mewtwo's words, but spoke directly: "It's not a fight, Mewtwo, I just have something to ask you."

    ThingMewtwo wonders to look at this intruder.

    "You don't know this person."Terrance took out a photo.

    As Terrance took the photo, Mewtwo swung his arm and took the photo in Confusion.

    This photo is naturally a photo of Master Wicktor. If Wicktor is also one of the makers of Mewtwo, then Mewtwo might have some impressions.

    This person!Mewtwo frowned, very strange, didn't know.

    "I don't know, is this just a problem?"

    I do not know…

    Terrance fell into meditation and then spoke: "And it."

    When the words fell, Terrance released Ralts, a three-nothing Pokémon that Terrance suspected to be a failure of the Mewtwo experiment.

    After seeing the Ralts, Mewtwo's eyes floated blue, and the Ralts lived with a powerful Confusion Lock On, but before it used Confusion to control the Ralts, Terrance's Poké Ball ejected a light, Mismagius appeared, resisted with Psychic Mewtwo's Confusion.

    Confusion was blocked, and Mewtwo was not angry, but asked: "It's the origin."

    From Ralts, Mewtwo felt a familiar feeling, although it was weak, but let it conclude that this Ralts is definitely a replica.

    Pokémon cloned!

    As expected…Terrance's face sank and the guess was correct. Ralts was really related to the Rockets.

    Mewtwo This reaction shows everything.

    "It's the origin, it is estimated to be the same as you judged."Terrance touches the head of Ralts, the mood is complicated, Ralts is very smart, and it should also guess his identity.

    No!Terrance hasn't thought about it in this way. In case Ralts knew from the beginning that he was cloned Pokémon?

    "Give it to me."Mewtwo reached out and pointed to Ralts.

    Terrance naturally can't hand over Ralts, but instead says: "Mewtwo, you said that you are the strongest Trainer, right? I admit that your individual does have a very strong strength, but still can't afford the strongest Trainer. ”

    "There is nothing to say between you and these Pokémons."

    “What?”Mewtwo is angry.

    "It's better for us to make a bet, 3vs3 vs. you and me as Trainer. If I win, I promise two conditions."

    "Of course, if I lose, let you dispose of it."Terrance is confident.

    Although he may not beat Mewtwo, if Mewtwo does not play on his own, then the other party will be no threat. In Terrance's impression, Mewtwo is a Pokémon who was born and did not form much of his own concept. Perhaps this method is used. You can try it, presumably with the pride of Mewtwo, you should not renege.

    "Okay, then I will let you see the strength of the strongest Trainer."Mewtwo nodded.

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