Pokemon Court Chapter 726

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 726 against Mewtwo, floating astronomy
    Terrance wants to calm Mewtwo by external force, but it also has the potential to inspire greater contradictions. Terrance now relies on the two conditions that Mewtwo promised him and his understanding of Mewtwo.

    The obsession in Mewtwo's heart is the relationship between the deity and the clone, the relationship between humans and Pokémon.

    In the original book, it was Ash's calmness to intervene in an adventurous way and then exchanged for Mewtwo at the cost of his own death.

    But this way is too dangerous. Compared to this, Terrance believes that there will be a better solution. Mewtwo is not unreasonable, but its IQ is very high, but it is made to humans because of the initial deception of the Rockets. Very distrustful.

    Unlocking its obsession is the key to restoring Mewtwo.

    "Mewtwo, Mew, stop fighting, or the whole new island will be sunk!"

    Terrance made a persuasive voice, but the effect was minimal. Mewtwo didn't plan to stop, and Mew, who was welcoming Mewtwo's strong offensive, couldn't stop fighting.

    Seeing that the two Pokémon battles escalated immediately, Terrance threw Altaria's Poké Ball, followed by a sparkling light, like a laser Normal passing between Mew and Mewtwo, with a strong aggressive beam that forced them to Stop and look at the side of Terrance.

    "Mewtwo, this game is meaningless. You are Mewtwo. It is Mew. Although you have a lot of relationships, you are already two individuals."

    "And there is only one Mewtwo in the world, you are unique, not a Mew replica."

    Terrance stood next to Altaria and spoke to the Mewtwo that looked.

    However, in the face of Terrance's persuasion, Mewtwo's reaction was indifferent, or from the beginning it did not use Terrance as a creature at the same level for dialogue.

    Although Terrance said what Mewtwo thought, Mewtwo chose to ignore it.

    A shadow ball was ejected by Mewtwo, sweeping the mental arc, highlighting the power of this devastating move.


    Seeing that Mewtwo treated himself as a ant, Normal, Terrance couldn't help but give birth to a anger.

    These Pokémons are all a rib, just like the huge Tentacruel in the city of Lumpu, if they don't show the power to face them or fear, they won't listen to what an ant is going to say.

    At this moment, Terrance's face was changed gradually. Although Mewtwo was very strong, it was not strong enough to make Terrance mean.

    Feel the feelings of Terrance, Altaria snorted, the whole body exudes dazzling Lucas, and the light of Mewtwo and Mew is covered at once. The huge life energy operation marks the sublimation of Altaria's life level, and the opening of the genetic lock!

    Don't rely on Trainer, just mobilize your life energy, you have completed the Mega Evolution! !

    Not only save a lot of time, but also let Altaria can more perfect grasp of the power brought by Mega Evolution, in the face of the blue Spirit arc winding Shadow Ball, Altaria completed the mega Evolution instantly issued by Fairy Energy doped growl, Into the extinguished sound waves, with an absolutely strong posture to extinguish the structure of the shadow ball, this powerful trick into nothingness!

    "Good and strong…"

    Ash's group of people was stunned and watched the Transforming model seem to have evolved Altaria. They only felt a strong breath, which was not inferior to the oppression that Mewtwo gave them!

    Mega Altaria does not hide its strength, whether it is the power or the display of its own life level, it is distributed in the form of an instant burst.

    In Fairy Aura, the entire castle became the field of Fairy, Altaria became the absolute Totem, and the infinite Fairy energy lingered in Altaria. With the battle of the Trump Card Gardevoir of the highest power of the Kalos Alliance, the strength of Altaria Obviously stronger!

    However, although the strength of Altaria shocked Mewtwo, Mewtwo would not be caught.

    "Human, you stop me, I will kill you."

    The telepathic sensation of chilling, Mewtwo's mental power burst, and the huge Confusion turned into Psycho Cut. It was like a rainstorm Normal. In the face of this attack, Terrance didn't wrinkle and directly let Mega Altaria fight back.

    "Mewtwo, your strength is really strong, but there is heaven outside."

    "I may not be your Rival, but it is not as weak as you think."

    Terrance's words, Mega Altaria broke out a strength that is not inferior to Mewtwo. With the mobilization of Fairy energy in Fairy Aura, Altaria's whole body shines infinitely, and Dazzling Gleam turns into a defensive technique. The resulting Psycho Cut breaks up like Vermilion Normal.

    At this moment, the castle broke out more strongly than the Mew and Mewtwo. The whole castle began to falter, the powerful aftermath blew to the square, and the surrounding Trainer and Pokémon were even blown by the wind that the aftershocks rolled up. Stabilize your body! !

    Beautifly, floating bubbles, Arcanine They came out of the Terrance Poké Ball, including Mismagius, Gallade, Ralts, Altaria, and the seven elves stood on the side of Terrance, giving Terrance the fear of not being afraid of Mewtwo.

    "come kill me!"

    Terrance was indifferent, but in fact it was very calm. The combination of Beautifly and floating bubbles made the airflow around Terrance unsettled and could not affect Terrance's command and body. At the same time, Mega Altaria flew!

    The powerful Fairy energy condenses, converges Altaria, and completes the Giga Impact's Stockpile.

    And under the control of Beautifly and floating bubbles, the infinite airflow is madly condensed, the weather suddenly changes, and it turns into a gusty weather. Cleverly, the wind condenses around Altaria, but it seems that there is no bad interference to it, but instead Altaria is like a "Tailwind" trick Normal, and the speed has been unimaginably improved.

    Although the effect is not complete, but in the case of Beautifly and floating bubbles working together to change the airflow, it has been able to force Altaria to gain the airflow blessing of the 70% increase in the windy field, and with the powerful flesh of Altaria, it can fully control this violent The airflow is the power of oneself.

    Driven by Tailwind, Altaria Assist has a powerful thrust, combined with Fairy skin and Fairy Aura double blessing, making the damage of the Giga Impact of this Fairy system terrible, completely surpassing the collision between Mewtwo and Mew. power.


    At the same time, Altaria turned into a dazzling light to Mewtwo. At the same time, Mismagius performed hymn hypnosis and directed the Altaria with great physical load to make a spiritual suggestion, alleviating and eliminating the body brought by the series of powerful cards. The burden will increase the completion of the move.

    Huh! !

    Between the gust of wind and the collection of Fairy, Altaria turned into a violent offensive with a meteor, and it seemed necessary to impress Mewtwo.

    "Get out of here!!"

    With the explosion of Terrance and Altaria, Xiaogang was shocked and picked up Nurse Joy and shouted at the neighboring Ash and others.

    Mewtwo, it faced altaria this condensed a lot of forces of the horror of the blow, revealing a rather solemn expression, but a moment later, it will be through a light hum to express their own bullying, strong and no spirit of spiritual cohesion between it, it is infinitely substantive, into a seemingly transparent shield, shield was Mewtwo Lift it with one hand, and it wants to resist altaria directly and positively.

    "Still arrogant."

    Terrance's words, with a Maynard crack, Mewtwo's mental shield was instantly crushed, and Altaria continued to bombard Mewtwo with irresistible momentum! !

    This combines the wind's field, Fairy's skin, and Fairy Aura's super-strike, as if the light of the world is running through Mewtwo's spiritual shield, showing the strength of Terrance to this legendary Mewtwo.

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