Pokemon Court Chapter 727

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 727th Rocket strikes, floating astronomy
    At that moment, Altaria's Fairy impact broke through the mental shield and bombarded the Mewtwo's body, making the Mewtwo fly like a rocket launcher, smashing the walls until the entire castle was broken down. It fell into the ocean.

    The power of one blow makes it difficult for Mewtwo to resist!

    As this scene happened, Mew's curious eyes widened and flew around Terrance, and for the first time it was discovered that Trainer was so domineering.

    "Like that, you still think about how to enlighten Mewtwo. You don't want it to wrap you around."Terrance opens to Mew.

    "In this case, don't be greedy."

    At the moment of Terrance's words, a sea of water broke out in the ocean. The whole sea was cut by the spirit of Mewtwo in two halves, sweeping the powerful Confusion fluctuations. Mewtwo recovered itself with self-recovery and then drove Psychic to slam. Come, like facing this terrorist attack without any damage Normal!

    "I know that it won't be solved so easily."

    Terrance looks calm and Mewtwo's Contest Condition is within his expectation. If Mewtwo is so easily solved by his Trainer who has just stepped into the top threshold, then Miki is not so concerned about Mewtwo.

    "Mewtwo, can you listen to me?"Terrance opens again.

    "Isn't my strength still getting your face?"

    "so what!!"

    Mewtwo screamed, and the huge Psycho Cut cut again. This time, the power of Psycho Cut made Terrance's pupils shrink and looked at Mewtwo incredibly.

    Not only is it powerful, but in the control of the details, with a round of battle with Altaria, Mewtwo has been a leap forward.

    "The speed of progress of metamorphosis…"

    In the heart of the darkness, Terrance looked at the innocent Mew and finally knew why Mew didn't want to fight more intensely with Mewtwo.

    Mew must have seen the special features of Mewtwo earlier than him.

    I don't want to fight, not because I am afraid of the current strength of Mewtwo. Although Mew is not good at fighting, but it is also a long-lived Legendary Pokémon, I can't cope with the newly born Mewtwo. What it is worried about is the learning speed of Mewtwo. Progressive speed!

    Mewtwo, which has been a powerful destructive force to reorganize the Mew gene, has just been born, but its superb learning speed and speed of progress have given Mewtwo unlimited possibilities.

    The strength of Mewtwo, which has not yet been played against the strong, is not the top of the world, but it has the characteristics that other legends Pokémon cannot replicate, that is, there is still unknown potential.

    Even Mew, who has lived for a few years, is afraid that Mewtwo will grow uncontrollable through fierce battles. It is conceivable that the potential of Mewtwo is terrible.

    InterestingWith such a strong force, but also has unlimited room for improvement…What kind of existence did the Rockets have in the end? ”

    As Altaria controlled Moonblast to sweep Psycho Cut, Terrance spoke again: "Mewtwo, listen to me, I am looking for your purpose, just hope that you can help Ralts solve the disease, it is the same source as you, you should be able to feel ."

    "It will take me away and will not let it continue to live with humans."

    Mewtwo's body once again wrapped up in blue spirits, holding Psycho Cut attacking Altaria, while Altaria quickly mobilized Fairy Aura to use Fairy's energy perfectly, and the attack mode like Dragon Claw was intense with Mewtwo. Confrontation.

    Under the increase of Fairy Aura, Mega Altaria's control of Fairy's energy may have reached the top of the world.

    In addition to the legendary elves of the Fairy family that have lived for thousands of years, it is estimated that no Pokémon is better at using the Fairy energy than Terrance's Altaria.

    "Although my time with Ralts is still short, I really treat it. If it doesn't, I won't abandon it for any reason."Terrance resolutely replied, and at the same time, Gallade reached out and touched Ralts's head and stood next to Terrance.

    "You want to fight?"

    Looking at the Gallade pointing to his own evolutionary stone, Terrance showed a strange expression, but nodded.

    "Mewtwo, stop the meaningless battle, whether it is a clone or a deity, it is a living life, and each has its own thoughts, not a negligible existence."

    “And, most of the human relationship with Pokémon is not as bad as you think, and more people and Pokémon are very good partners.”

    "Mewtwo, what do you want to change? The power of Trainer and Pokémon is mutual trust, and they like each other's unsatisfactory mood. The experience you encounter is only one of the few dark sides in the world. It should not be your reason for hating all human beings. If you don't believe it, then I will tell you here-"

    Terrance pulled down his key Stone, looked into the air and Altaria in the fierce battle of the Mewtwo, loudly opened: "With the fetters of me and Gallade, only trainer and Pokémon have enough friendship to mobilize the strongest force, This force is very difficult to navigate with Pokémon alone, but if there is enough fetters between trainer and Pokémon, it can completely inspire the possibility of Pokémon Infinite!! ”

    At the same time, Key Stone and Mega Stone shine, making Mew's gimmicks around Terrance and Gallade faint, seemingly more curious.

    Mewtwo, who is fighting against Altaria, is also involuntarily attracted by this once-life level. Altaria is like this, and now Gallade is like this. There are already two very ordinary Pokémons getting more powerful power in front of it. According to Terrance, half of this is the work of Trainer.

    "The power of 羁绊?"

    “This power is difficult to control with Pokémon itself?”Mewtwo muttered in his heart.

    "No, I can control this power and do it better!!"

    Mewtwo eyes full of confidence, but it looks at the Terrance of the eyes have changed, so far, Terrance give it the feeling and any human is not the same, unlike the Rockets who use it, Terrance do not have the breath that makes it disgusting, Instead, it is full of breath close to nature, but also different from the group of short-sighted and weak human beings over there, the power between Terrance and Pokémon is very shocking even mewtwo.

    It can be said that the emergence of Terrance, let Mewtwo change its impression of the Trainer, feel that the Trainer is no longer so weak and incompetent will only use the existence of Pokémon.


    Mew fluttered and felt the change of Mewtwo's state of mind. It didn't want to fight with Mewtwo any more, and he took a soft seat.

    "You mean, there are a lot of Mews, but Mewtwo only has one, I am the deity, I am unique."

    When I heard Mew, Mewtwo was obviously stunned, stopped his attack and fell into deep thought.

    “The legendary Mew is the ancestor of all Pokémon. In the mythological era, there were a large number of Mews present and distributed around the world, but hundreds of millions of years ago to tens of thousands of years ago, with the earliest prehistoric Pokémon, the number of Mews during this period There has been a decrease, and other Pokémons have gradually increased."Terrance spoke about the scholars' speculation about Mew.

    "Most of the Pokémons in the world may have a relationship with Mew. They all have the same genes, and it is very likely that even human beings are a kind of Pokémon. Why do you have to have a race, the deity and the copy? Are the creatures living on this planet, and peace is not good."

    "Mewtwo, the world is very big, there are many different humans and Pokémon. Humanity, interests, dreams are all very complicated things. Just judge the whole with the existing ideas, why not take a look at it yourself? Use your own eyes to see everything in the world and make better decisions. ”

    "The dark side is only very rare, and that is what should be changed."

    Terrance a deep breath, at present Mewtwo gradually calm down, has been from the fight to determine their own idea of the way of thinking out, this change is Terrance most want to see the results, Mewtwo experience can be said to be very bumpy, if Mewtwo can see the world, No longer so limited quality only take a small part of their own life to make decisions everything, then if mewtwo think clearly no matter mewtwo and then what kind of decision, Terrance will not be like this for mewtwo regret.

    The Rocket's use of the heart is the root of Mewtwo's blackening during this time.

    "I …As the Mewtwo tempered, the roar of more than a dozen helicopters instantly caused Terrance's pupils to shrink.

    The large R-shaped icon on the helicopter marks the origin of the other party. Under the intervention of Terrance, the story changes.

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