Pokemon Court Chapter 728

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the main body of Chapter 728 is left, floating astronomy
    When the Rockets descended to the new island of Sky, the battle on the new island was nearing completion.

    Although the new island has obvious signs of destruction, but under the intervention of Terrance, there is not much fighting fluctuation.

    “Lock On is successful, the target is 'Mewtwo', please ask Archer to order.”

    A voice came from the intercom in the helicopter, causing the blue-haired middle-aged sitting in one of the helicopters to fall into meditation.

    "Archer is an up-to-date situation. On the new island, we have also captured the traces of Mew. Please immediately issue the combat instructions!!"

    As the information of the probes was updated, Archer's expression of one of the Rocket's Executives was dignified.

    The boss of Banmu could not leave himself because of the monitoring of the Alliance. He gave the whole task to him. He knew that the task should be very tricky, but he did not expect that the task would be so high.

    It's just a matter of recycling Mewtwo. At the moment, Mew appears. If he easily let go of Mew, he will drop the handle. Even if he ignores Mew, the existence of Mew may have a great interference with his process of recycling Mewtwo.

    "New Island has a total of 8 humans, Pokémon, which should be invited by Mewtwo. We have also cracked a number of invitations to Mewtwo. The invitation criteria are not fixed, but the majority of the invitations are third-rate Trainers."

    An auditor with glasses behind Archer said.

    "Use z wave first."Archer considered the order.

    According to Synchronoise's move principle, the high-tech control method made by the Rockets' huge manpower and resources can invalidate most of the Psychic moves in the radio range and suppress the strength of the Psychic Pokémon.

    This is also the means by which the Rockets developed the main control of Mewtwo.

    A total of thirteen helicopters continued to fly in the direction of New Island. With the advent of these helicopters, Mewtwo's expression gradually appeared a trace of Rage.

    The logo on the helicopter is familiar, and the other party is trying to use its power to conquer the people of the world.

    "Mewtwo, be careful, they should be prepared, I will help you."

    Terrance's words came out slowly, and Mewtwo confirmed that most of the Wicktor masters were related to the Rockets, and Terrance wanted to take the opportunity to ask something.

    With 13 helicopters, Terrance did not intend to release one.

    These people, he intends to sanction all.

    "But how did they break through the defense of Linyi City? At this time, Linyi City should be under the supervision of the key…"

    Just as in the doubts of Terrance, Mewtwo suddenly flew past, and the shadow ball slammed into the helicopter while the Confusion wave swayed like a tumbling wave of normal around the body, and Calm Mind was bringing in tremendous power.

    "Altaria, go help Mewtwo!!"

    See Mewtwo Direct strike, Terrance frown quick order, but too late, in the face of Mewtwo attack, of which 10 helicopter form changed instantly, a powerful wave of radio in the vein like Electro Web Normal Fire, in this moment, Mewtwo was affected by the radio waves or even nearly can not control psychic let himself carry out flying, the body lost most of the power, this feeling, let Mewtwo think back to the board to wear the limited power of the armor, but now contest condition It is more serious than the repression that was received at that time.

    "What is this?"Mewtwo was shocked, feeling the power of the body and the erosion of the overwhelming waves. The Struggle was replaced by a stronger press.

    "Mewtwo, get out from the left!"

    Terrance's words were instantly introduced into Mewtwo's ears. Mega Altaria was like a fort, and a dazzling light shot into one of the helicopters, destroying a part of the radio wave network of 10 helicopters.

    On this helicopter, the Rockets personnel slammed the helicopter's controls, and as the alarm sounded, the helicopter had lost its ability to continue flying under the attack of Altaria.

    “Mewtwo has a helping hand!”

    After receiving this news, the Rocket combatants headed by Executive Archer wore intelligent suspension equipment, stepping out of the helicopter step by step, flying in the air to see the incredible expression of the Altaria that interfered with their recycling of Mewtwo.

    "Not Altaria of Hoenn, the appearance has changed significantly."

    A Rocket officer observed the next decision, in which the team's Executive Archer swept down and saw Terrance like Altaria Trainer.

    "Is it that is hindering us?"

    “Is it the Trainer invited by Mewtwo? But why would he help Mewtwo? ”

    Archer frowned and watched Mewtwo break free from the radio waves, knowing that the recycling plan would be even more troublesome. Compared to the birth, the Mewtwo has become stronger.


    With a scream of screams, Terrance looked at Soaring in the sky with a look of emotion. Under the weather, Mega Gallade had already stepped out of Ground and used Teleport to get one of the helicopters to make a surprise! !

    A sturdy helicopter, like a tofu Normal, was cut into a huge gap!

    Because of the special aim of the helicopter propeller, the Gallade is stranded and the helicopter almost has to fall.

    The screams and exclamations of the Rockets were echoed in Soaring in the sky, making Archer look colder.

    "The following Trainer, you are so bold, you dare to hinder the Rockets to do things, are you planning to be an enemy of the Rockets?!!"Archer snapped.

    He quickly threw out Poké Ball, and both Weezing and Crobat appeared at the same time, and haze around Archer's body, as if Archer had become a creature who had just emerged from the dark abyss.

    "If you want to deal with Mewtwo, first defeat me."

    Terrance slowly moved forward. At this time, Terrance exuded a strong hostility and finally opened Mewtwo. He could not tolerate the Rockets adding chaos.

    "Did your leader not come?"Terrance has a faint opening.

    Even if it is a board, I would like to take away Mewtwo.

    In the face of the three powerful forces of Mewtwo, Mew, and Terrance, where is the other side's enthusiasm Power Trip?

    "You are all left today!"

    Terrance's voice came out, letting Mewtwo and Mew squint, just as the Archer's swells attacked, and a huge wave erupted from Terrance, under the protection of Beautifly and floating bubbles, Terrance was smashed. The invisible wind guards, and the attack from the other party is not connected to the Terrance.

    In Soaring in the sky, Archer smashed and felt a strong killing while he quickly retreated. It was Mega Gallade through Teleport and wanted to complete the dagger directly!

    However, as the Rocket Executive, the Archer is more sensitive than Terrance's imagination. He is in the Haze of the two elves. He and the elves seem to be integrated with Haze. As Haze rolls, Crobat fits into it. Crobat, who was aware of Gallade's intentions, quickly slammed Haze and used the "Quick Guard moves" to block the Mega Gallade sneak attack.

    Mega Gallade's sneak attack, even the Elite Four-level Trainer, was not so easy to detect, but under Archer's Haze field, Archer managed to escape.

    "Weezing, kill me for it."

    Feeling that his life was under threat, Archer's eyes rubbed a hint of ferocity, under his command, a group of haze instantly changed for the weezing of the parting, this parting and confusion Double Team has the same good, in weezing parting to make Gyro Ball When the tackle came over, Gallade directly condensed psycho cut want to kill each other, but the next moment, has not waited for Gallade to do, weezing parting through the rotation of the force to disperse haze interference at the same time burst out a strong fluctuation!

    Explosion !

    With the explosion of the body, a mixture of Haze's poisonous gas and venom swallowed up, and it seemed necessary to destroy the Gallade.

    "Gallade, come back soon."Terrance quick command.

    The combat literacy of this Crobat and Weezing is top-notch, and the Mega Gallade has some difficulty in the air.

    The poisonous mist that erupted in the back almost corroded the air in a moment, and the venom fell to the ground. The strong corrosiveness even penetrated the earth directly.

    Fortunately, Gallade moves fast, otherwise it has been ridden by this Toxic, and the lightest is also a layer of skin.

    A round of play, Terrance has some taboos but also has a certain degree of assessment of the other side.

    "Haze field? Just break it with force -"

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