Pokemon Court Chapter 729

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 729th chapter clears the memory, floating astronomy
    Repelled Gallade, Archer Rival ordered it.

    "Don't worry about me, first block the action of Mewtwo."

    As the body Haze re-aggregated, Archer's face gradually became colder.

    Scanning to Terrance with a smug look, Archer was in a heavy mood.

    Mewtwo, this time the main goal is Mewtwo, not the Trainer who is in the way. If it can't restrict the action of Mewtwo, they will become more passive.

    Under the Z wave, countless heavy energy suppresses the power of Mewtwo like a chain of chains. Facing the Rockets' technology, Mewtwo naturally dismissed it.

    "Only this is the ability."

    After observing the essence of the electric wave for a period of time, Mewtwo snorted and quickly calculated the most suitable confrontation method. Under the control of the spirit, the spirit began to form a transparent shield.

    “Magic Coat !!”

    The impact of the Z wave seems to have allowed Mewtwo's Magic Coat to absorb countless remedies, allowing the transparent shield to condense the power of the cockroach.

    "Take yourself a taste."

    As the Magic Coat shield absorbs enough power, Mewtwo's cold telepathy reaches the hearts of every Rocket player.

    In the next moment, the Magic Coat shield reflects an endless stream of spiritual power, turning into a Dolly thorn like a slashing arrow and shooting Normal towards a helicopter on Soaring in the sky! !

    "Unfortunately, you still underestimated the progress of Mewtwo."

    Terrance saw Mewtwo find a way to crack the waves, mocking Archer, the small leader of the Rockets, and snapping a finger.

    He has to break through the other side of the Haze field.

    Mega Altaria, the moment is coming!

    The Fairy energy shines with countless beams, and the dense and powerful glare of the spurs that Mewtwo reflects is starting to sweep toward the Haze field of Archer's elves!

    Almost at a moment, the strange Haze moves that Crobat and Weezing used in various ways were instantly penetrated by Dazzling Gleam, and the elves in which the two elves existed were defeated by Mega Altaria without any resistance.

    In the next second, Mega Gallade broke away and completed the knives for the two elves, achieving the effect of lore!


    Archer was shocked, even the top Trainer came to think about cracking the Haze field made by his two elves in a short time.

    However, this Elaria-like elf easily defeated the Haze field and made an irresistible suppression of Crobat and Weezing!

    “The opposite is a top Trainer, the plan is wrong!!”

    Archer's pupils shrank, some were unbelievable, and my heart was cold. Terrance had such a strong fighting power at the age of fifteen or six, which made him feel a little ridiculous.

    I want to crack his Haze field with pure power. Even the main force of Elite Four is hard to do. Is it true that this Electian-like elf has touched the field of champions?

    "Who is he–" At this point, Archer had only one thought left in his heart, and then he was swallowed up by infinite spiritual power.

    On Terrance's side, the four elves of Altaria, Floating Bubble, Gallade, and Mismagius began to show their strength. As Mewtwo controlled all the helicopters with mental power, they launched a final cofferdam against the Rockets personnel to prevent The fish that slipped through the net.

    The strength of this group of Rockets is unexpectedly weak. The only one that can see the strength is Archer, but the opponent's strength in the face of Terrance is still a little powerless.

    If you let a few ordinary search officers come over, I am afraid to smile. The opposite Archer is difficult to subdite unless Alliance has Elite Four. The remaining Rockets' mixed soldiers are also elite trainers who have experienced battles. The means are endless. If you don't encounter the abnormality of Mewtwo, any policeman will have a headache.

    These Rockets, who are known as the Miscellaneous by Terrance, can only rely on the special radio waves against Mewtwo, and when special waves are cracked by Mewtwo, they no longer have the ability to confront Mewtwo.

    Mewtwo's powerful mental power, even concentrated, can directly crush a helicopter. When it is impossible to suppress Mewtwo, the opposite is almost dead. In the final stage, if Terrance is busy, I am afraid that Mewtwo is really full. Killed each other.

    Headed by Archer, the 36 Rockets were all tied up by the shackles made by Mewtwo's mental power and unable to resist.

    Indifference to these Rockets personnel, Mewtwo telepathic came out: "You should be glad that I made a decision before, not killing people for the time being."

    "And you, let's talk, why do you let me leave them?"

    Although the joint enlightenment of Terrance and Mew calmed Mewtwo and decided to temporarily find the meaning of his existence, Mewtwo still had no good attitude towards Terrance.

    But compared to the original, Mewtwo's attitude towards Terrance has improved a lot.

    Among them, there may be reasons for Terrance to help it against the Rockets.

    "Remember the photos that I originally showed you. The people in the photos have been restricted by the Rockets if I have not guessed. I want to try to find some valuable clues from these people. ”

    Although Terrance knew it was unlikely, he still didn't want to give up any chance.

    However, after a simple hypnosis by Mismagius, Terrance regretted that these people did not know the news of Wicktor Master.

    At the same time, Terrance can only accept reality.

    "For Mewtwo, the thing here is not to let too many people know that it is better. This incident involves too much…"Terrance suddenly spoke.

    "Without your reminders, I will clear all of these people's memories of this time, back to the time before receiving the invitation."

    The telepathy of Mewtwo came out, giving Terrance a glimpse.

    Mewtwo's movements are very fast. The next moment, because the Alt and the Mewtwo wars have been hiding far away, Ash is suddenly wrapped in a magical power. Under the magical power of hypnosis, they seem to be forgetting something, the whole The brain is drowsy.

    "wait for me."

    Telepathy reverberated in Terrance's mind, letting Terrance look at the Mewtwo with all the humans and Pokémon flying in the direction of Linye, except for his Pokémon and Mew on the new island.

    It seems that Mewtwo has already planned to reduce the impact of this incident by mass-removing memory. Although there will be some clues, but the relevant people are almost cleared of memory, the existence of Mewtwo only includes the Rockets. It is known to a small number of people.

    "Meow…… Meow! ”

    As Altaria and Gallade exited the Mega Evolution Contest Condition, Mew, who watched a good show, flew again and surrounded the two elves.

    "It should be easy to use Mimic Mega Evolution with your strength."

    Terrance smiled and looked at Mew, who was known as the illusionary elf. He had just seen the power of Mew, and he could definitely be called a horror. To say that such existence could not use his life energy, killing Terrance. Do not believe it.

    "喵~~~喵."Mew nodded, revealing a very interesting expression, and then Terrance felt a toothache.

    In front of him, Mew turned directly into Altaria and learned how Altaria had just completed the autonomous Mega Evolution.

    More than that, Mew turned into a Gallade. Under the premise of not relying on the power of the stone, the Mallade that Mew Transform became was also the self-developed Mega Evolution. From the breath to the appearance, even Terrance almost did not distinguish.

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