Pokemon Court Chapter 730

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 730 evolution, floating astronomy
    The devil….

    Terrance brows and looks at Mew with some surprise.

    Mew's ability to apply Transform moves to this level is beyond the guess of Terrance.

    Looking at the constant Transform, Mew, who was having a good time, might have been affected by it. Terrance smiled and got better.

    After a while, Mewtwo is back.

    It was only a short time before Mewtwo left, and Mewtwo's work efficiency was surprisingly amazing.

    After Mewtwo returned to the new island, the first thing was not Terrance, nor Mew, but focused on Ralts.

    Seeing that Mewtwo began to pay attention to Ralts, Terrance explained it immediately.

    "This child does not know why he lost his emotional ability to express."

    Coming to Ralts, Terrance slowly opened.

    “I hope it will be able to experience the joys and sorrows like other Pokémons….”

    Terrance's idea is simple, and there is no high demand. I hope that Ralts will become like a normal Pokémon, and can express his emotions and joys as a clone. It has obviously lost more than ordinary Pokémon. Emotions are deprived, and even if you have a strong talent, it is not what Terrance would like to see.


    Mew also flew over, surrounded by Ralts, watching it curiously.

    Mewtwo is silent, but it seems to be thinking about Ralts.

    I try a while.

    In the end, Mewtwo conveyed telepathy, extended his arm and pointed his hand to the Ralts, closing his eyes.

    The next moment, a blue Confusion wave floated into its palm and turned into a gentle wave that wraps around the Ralts.

    Mewtwo was willing to help, and Terrance was very happy, but what Terrance didn't think was that Mew seemed to want to insert a hand too, and Mew's move could scare Terrance.

    Terrance worried that Mew, a confused ghost, interfered with Mewtwo and quickly tried to stop it, but it was a slow Mew step.

    Mew's intervention was abrupt, but fortunately Mewtwo didn't get any interference, and Mewtwo didn't say anything, which made Terrance a big sigh of relief.

    Like Mewtwo, Mew condensed the purple Confusion wave, learning that Mewtwo wraps around the Ralts, and the blue and purple Confusion fluctuates, and Ralts slowly raises his head and looks at Terrance, his face showing a painful expression.

    Seeing this scene, Terrance was shocked and just wanted to stop Mewtwo and Mew, but in the end he suddenly stopped moving.

    Since he accepted the Ralts, Ralts has been a faceless expression, even if he is injured or undergoes painstaking and tired training. Terrance is the first time he sees it.

    This led to the fact that although Ralts looked painful, Terrance was worried but did not immediately obstruct Mewtwo and Mew.


    With the volatility of Mewtwo and Mew Confusion, the Ralts seems to be undergoing a metamorphosis, which is likely to be an important opportunity for Ralts to regain its emotional expression.

    "Ralts, come on!!"

    In the heart of Ralts silent prayer, Terrance's eyes kept watching the changes of Ralts, and did not leave the line of sight from Ralts in a second, so that time passed.

    While Ralts's expression gradually calmed down from the painful appearance, Terrance didn't know what the situation was, but the next picture made Terrance look surprised.

    Under the entanglement of two special Confusions, the body of the Ralts should have been greatly stimulated, and the body began to evolve into a precursor! !

    With the convergence of purple Confusion, blue Confusion, and evolutionary light, Ralts began to evolve.

    As the white light of the body of the Ralts was more vigorous, the purple and blue Confusion fluctuations that lingered on the Ralts began to collapse. After that, Mewtwo slammed open his eyes and looked at the Ralts calmly.

    At the same time Mew also stopped to look at the growing Ralts.

    Both of them have made Terrance difficult to ponder.

    how was it?

    Ralts' talent is the strongest of Terrance's Pokémon. Calm Mind alone can grow faster than Terrance's other Pokémon. Ralts has been advancing at a high speed during the time of the Ralts, which has led to the development of Ralts. When should the Ralts evolve, even the Terrance, the Breeder family, can't figure out what's going on.

    Because he couldn't see the limits of Ralts, it made Terrance unable to set a clear goal when laying the groundwork for Ralts, but now Mew and Mewtwo created the evolutionary opportunity, which made Terrance less tangled.

    Now, Ralts has evolved.

    In the light of evolution, the white body of Kirlia, which Ralts evolved, gradually appeared in front of Terrance.

    Like a tutu, Kirlia has slender legs, and its hair doesn't completely block the eyes like the Ralts, but rather like the bangs with shoulders. At the same time, its two red corners have also changed position, located on both sides of the head, and now it looks like two hairpins, just like the girl Normal.


    Seeing the evolution of Ralts, Gallade nodded slightly, and in addition to Terrance, it was the first witness to the growth of Ralts.

    However, before Terrance was happy with the evolution of Ralts for too long, Methtwo's telepathy responded to Terrance's heart and made Terrance look bitter.

    "Is there really no way?"

    "There is no way, it looks no different from the normal Pokémon, even if I and Mew get more power for it, so that it can better control its body, and it can't make it regain what you said. Emotional expression ability."

    The words of Mewtwo made Terrance sink.

    Is it true that Ralts really can only do this?

    Terrance's brow wrinkled, but after seeing Kirlia gradually relaxed, forget it, step by step, as long as you and Pokémon really treat Kirlia, even if it can not express the emotion, but it is also learned.

    "Kirlia, how do you feel after evolution?"

    Terrance smiled and walked over to Kirlia, reaching out and touching his head as before.

    As Kirlia conveyed the telepathy, the constant tone echoed in the heart of Terrance, causing Terrance to nod.

    Although Kirlia doesn't have much change now, just when Mewtwo and Mew Help gained power, the painful expression was not fake.

    Terrance believes that, like the Help Gallade, one day, one day, Kiria will get everything better.

    "Mewtwo, you don't want to take Kirlia now."

    Terrance suddenly opened his mouth and looked at the Mewtwo looking at the sea.

    "Even if I want to take it away, it should not choose me."Having said that, Mewtwo shook his head and called the four clones in the castle.

    Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Meowth.

    The four cloned elves, the first three were only made by Mewtwo, and the last Meowth was born unexpectedly. When the four cloned elves came to Mewtwo, Mewtwo said: "I want to take them away, wait for me. Become the strongest, it will appear again in front of humans."

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