Pokemon Court Chapter 731

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 731th Mewtwo's human feelings, floating astronomy
    “Is the strongest?”

    Terrance looks at Soaring in the sky and then opens to Mewtwo:

    "Then you might as well take a look at the Mega Evolution, which is the power I showed before. This is Pokémon's use of life energy and a skill to stimulate your potential. If it is you, I will definitely do more. Ok."

    "When you master the Mega Evolution, you should be the top powerhouse in the world."

    "Top powerhouse? I still can't do it now? ”

    "Of course I do."Terrance smiled and said: "The Trainer, who is stronger than me, still has a lot in this world, not to mention the legendary elves that have existed since ancient times, in addition to Trainer."

    "You and Mew have played against each other. You should know more about the power of these elves who have lived for tens of thousands of years. Doing everything requires a process of learning and accumulation. Although your strength is strong, it is only a little high. To be the strongest, you can do it without saying it."

    After listening to Terrance, Mewtwo reached out and stared at the power of the self, then said: "What are the more powerful Pokémon besides Mew?"

    "Legend has it that in a mixture of chaos and volatility, an egg has emerged, and the egg hatched into the Arceus created the universe, and then Arceus created Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina, and made them control time, space, and antimatter, respectively, from Sinnoh Region's Genesis legend, can master the time and space such as power, I think they should not be weak bar. ”

    Mewtwo nodded after a glimpse, even if it was, it could not be controlled by time and space.

    Terrance continued: "In the Hoenn creation legend, Kyogre and Groudon also expanded the ocean and the earth respectively. It can be said that the history of these ancient elves is even longer than Mew."

    Telling Mewtwo about these myths and ancient legends is also a reminder of Terrance for Mewtwo.

    In Terrance's view, these elves are far stronger than Mewtwo. If Mewtwo still maintains its arrogant character, it will definitely hit the wall.

    Because her own Kirlia is also a clone, Terrance has a feeling of recognition and expectation for Mewtwo.

    He wants to know that Mewtwo, the most powerful artificial elf with extraordinary potential, will eventually be able to reach the top of the world.

    Got it

    After Mewtwo nodded, he used Confusion to control the four cloned elves, and the body slowly flew up, as if it had already planned to leave the new island.

    But before leaving, Mewtwo hesitated, again to Terrance:

    "I have not fulfilled your request. I owe you a favor. You can find me through this."

    Then, Mewtwo condensed a blue mental symbol printed on Kiria's forehead. After a deep look at Kirlia, Mewtwo didn't return. This time, I really left the island with the cloned elves.

    Terrance didn't come and say thank you. He could only hope that Mewtwo would slowly bless the back of the cloned elves: "Tailwind all the way."

    This is what the extraordinary potential Pokémon, which was made by the Rockets by the Rockets, will eventually look like. Terrance is not known, but it should be a good ending now…


    What about Mew?

    What Terrance thinks of, suddenly looking around, wondering and scratching his head, but at the reminder of Kirlia next to it, Terrance discovered that the pink Mew also flew in the direction of Mewtwo's departure, towards the unknown.



    Linyi City, Elf Center.

    Under the extensive hypnosis of Mewtwo, all people associated with the New Island incident lost some of their memory.

    Ash's group of people sat in the center of the elf with a sigh of relief, and some wondered why they appeared here.

    The previously missing Nurse Joy returned to the Elf Center and is now responsible for treating the Pokémon to the Trainer who crossed the sea.

    "Nurse Joy, have you really forgotten about your missing thing?"

    A police officer from outside the area who was responsible for the disappearance of Joy was puzzled. The location of Nurse Joy in Linyi City was missing. It was a sensation in the event of nearly half of Kanto. It was such an important thing, but after a few days of effort, Nurse Joy came back. And have forgotten everything? This is too Solaceon, which makes him very painful and unacceptable.

    "This police officer, I really don't remember, please don't bother me to treat the Pokémons."

    Nurse Joy's eyebrows wrinkled and dissatisfied.

    The collective amnesia incident around Linyi City was finally set as a first-class secret by the Indigo Alliance. In addition, the Linyi City Police had a bigger gain, arresting 36 of them including the Rocket Executive Archer. Rockets members.

    This credit made Miss Junsha of Linyi City feel a little bit mad. She felt that she was dreaming. 36 members of the Rockets who had no resistance were descended from the sky. From birth to now, Miss Junsha dared to say that this was what she had encountered. The most bizarre thing.

    "I always feel that I forgot something."

    The sky was getting darker, and Ash, Misty, and Xiaogang came to the dock and looked at the sea and sighed.

    Inexplicably appearing in Linyi City, they can only attribute the reason that Ash is training around.

    "Forget it, let's go back, we must use the rest of the time to do the practice and strive to win the Indigo Alliance!!"

    Ash clenched his fists, a confident expression, but Misty yelled at him and said, "Ash, look at that person…Is it Mr. Terrance? ”

    Looking in the direction of Misty, Ash and Xiaogang also found Terrance sitting alone on the wooden board next to the pier, looking at the sea without knowing what to think.

    "It’s really awkward, but shouldn’t Terrance Big Brother be at Professor Oak at this time…”Ash scratched his head and couldn't help.

    "Let's go check it out."Xiao Gangdao.

    After confirming that it was Terrance, Ash immediately walked towards Terrance. From the distance, Ash shouted and said hello.

    "It's Ash…"

    Terrance saw the people, smiled, then answered their questions and explained that they were passing by.

    "This way, Brother Terrance, we are now preparing to return to Pallet Town, do you want to go back together?"Ash Road.

    Terrance thought about it and said:

    "Well, I have to go and talk to Professor Oak."

    farewell Isn’t Terrance Big Brother going away? ”

    "Well, there are still a lot of things to do, yes, Indigo Plateau Conference, if you have the chance, I will watch your game. If you can enter the top eight of the Indigo Plateau Conference, then I can give you a Present."

    Watching Ash, the energetic and passionate Trainer Terrance smiled, and Rookie hit the Region Conference in the quarter-finals. It will undoubtedly be a new star in the future Trainer field. It may be difficult to see the strength of Ash, but Who is good at luck?

    It was very exciting to get Terrance's promise of Ash, and immediately showed that he would definitely work hard.

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