Pokemon Court Chapter 732

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 732th special action squad, floating astronomy
    Two days after the New Island incident.

    At the headquarters of the International Criminal Police Organization Kanto Region, the Black Dragon instructor responsible for the new blood of the International Criminal Police received a special letter.

    After the Interpol assessment, these Interpol Rookie will be assigned to each Region according to the assessment results, the task may be logistics, may be a crime, or may be a spy.

    Usually, the more complicated task Normal is executed by the best of Interpol.

    "I want two Rookie toppings?"

    The Black Dragon instructor at the headquarters of the International Criminal Police Organization Kanto Region was immersed in a special letter. The letter was sent from a higher level. He did not know which one was passed down in his identity, but the letter was The task requirements are clearly written.

    The selection of two Interpols with outstanding performance in investigations, together with a special person to form a special operations team, is responsible for combating the Kanto Region's largest organized criminal group rocket team.

    "The Rockets, even the Indigo Alliance's Elite Four, can't handle the Rockets. They want to deal with them with two Rookies. The heads of the people are so incomprehensible."The black dragon instructor snorted and then shook his head and looked at the information of the international criminal police Rookie. Although he was puzzled by the above requirements, he still had to do so.

    In the end, I thought about it and he circled the two names.

    Jenny Lan, Joy Ling.


    Changyi City.

    Due to the death of James, Jessie, and Meowth, the collapse of the Changyi Daoguan Museum caused a local sensation, resulting in a large number of Rocket agencies being investigated. Because the impact was too bad, the Indigo Alliance had initially ordered the cancellation of the board of directors of the Boardwalk. We are preparing the owner of the temporary pavilion.

    During this period, two women dressed in casual wear and dressing up their hair secretly came to Changyi City.

    "Xiao Ling, what kind of person do you say our captain will be?"

    "I don't know, but it is said that this mission is for the Rockets. Should the captain be a very good person?"

    The news that the two got was that the captain of the Special Operations Squad had the right to a prospective search officer. This is a very good title in terms of position.

    At the meeting place, the two saw Terrance, the future sergeant who was waiting for them.


    Seeing these two women who are not older than themselves or even the same age, Terrance is helpless.

    Because of Totem's gas field, he had an interest in dealing with Interpol, and he was a bit of a relationship with some of the international criminal police executives. This time, in order to investigate the Rockets, he asked the handsome guy to ask two people, but did not expect the other party to give only two. Pink and tender Rookie.

    "The Rockets…Why? Did they get you? The water in this organization is very deep. It is nothing to annihilate their two or three ordinary bases, but it is best not to involve them too deeply. ”

    Mr. handsome worried that Terrance was young and frivolous and could not handle the relationship with the Rockets, so he reminded him again and again.

    Because the Rockets are too big, even if Terrance is a dignitary, Interpol can't fully cooperate with it. It can only give two good Rookies in a perfunctory way. This is the source of Terrance's helplessness.

    "Forget it, test them first. If the ability is not enough, then it is better to do it alone."

    While Terrance was watching each other, Jenny Lan and Joy Ling, two interpol Rookie, were also watching Terrance.

    While Terrance looked at them, the other side naturally doubted the ability of the new chief.

    Show each other proof, the two Interpol Rookie look at each other and then stand up and say hello to Terrance.

    "You don't have to say much about the courtesy of the courtesy. Come with me."

    After bidding farewell to the Oaks and Ash people from Pallet Town, Terrance was not in a hurry to participate in the Contest, but wanted to investigate the Rockets' intelligence first.

    Because of the Ralts, the relationship between Wicktor and the Rockets has been hammered, but what kind of Contest Condition Terrance Wicktor is in now is not known, but for safety, Terrance must be investigated as a disciple.

    But in the face of such a large criminal group, Terrance's strength is high, but the ability to investigate this piece is blank. If no one helps, he can't do anything.

    Therefore, it was only after the two Interpols came to report and he formed a special action squad.


    Chang Hao Forest.

    Two Interpol Rookie followed with a doubt behind Terrance.

    Since meeting, Terrance has kept them tight, and then walked to the depths of the evergreen forest without looking back.

    For the weird approach of the new chief, Jenny Lan and Joy Ling didn't want to understand what they wanted. Anyway, it was nothing more than something like Ma Wei. They have experienced it too many times.

    In the forest, because the leafy trees are difficult to transmit light, the interior of the forest appears to be dim.

    The two had been walking behind Terrance for a long time. Looking at this natural forest maze, Jenny Lan and Joy Ling suddenly began to be confused. After a few laps, they had missed the perception of direction.

    They had special training in this closed-area operation, but at that time they all had Pokémon or some instrumental aids. Now they are walking with their naked eyes and memory. Without any precautions, they have forgotten which direction to go out.

    But now, at this time, just follow Terrance. Both of them are following this idea and the road in the forest is not good. The physical energy consumed is several times on a flat road. Jenny Lanhe Joy Ling has undergone physical training, which is acceptable, but they are more surprised that Terrance does not seem to be tired, but walks faster and faster.

    It seems that this new chief is not simple…

    After the thoughts emerged from the hearts of the two men, they then slammed into the footsteps. Just a moment ago, Terrance’s figure suddenly disappeared into their eyes.

    "Captain other people…"Joy Ling looked around and unconsciously put it on the Poké Ball. As Terrance disappeared, she felt the surrounding environment suddenly became more gloomy.

    "Xiao Ling, you don't feel it. We are so smooth, even a Pokémon has not been touched. This is no problem. The most weird thing is that except for the sound of Leafage, we have other sounds. did not hear……"

    Jenny Lan also felt that it was wrong, took out his Poké Ball, and released his own Sandslash.

    "You also come out, Gengar."Joy Ling looked at the square with dignity.

    With the voice of Shashasha, the two calmed down. At this time, they have been able to judge that this is the test of the new chief.

    It’s just this way of testing that makes them a little surprised.



    The Leafage rubbed louder and louder, and the two men and two elves watched the four sides cautiously. As a yellow figure flew, Joy Ling immediately ordered.

    "Gengar, Hypnosis!"

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