Pokemon Court Chapter 733

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the chapter 733 lava and steam, floating astronomy
    The yellow figure that flies is naturally the forest bully Beedrill.

    In the forest, the grouped Beedrill is definitely one of the deadly threats.

    As Beedrill passed through the trees, it was only a glance, and the two judged that there were at least 50 Beedrills.

    "Sandslash, raising Sandstorm to interfere with their offense."

    With the cooperation of the two, Sandslash was responsible for obstructing the other party's actions. Gengar was responsible for sweeping Beedrill from the breakout and quickly defeated all of the attacked Beedrill.

    But before they were happy for a long time, a larger number of Beedrill came in, and listened to Growl behind, and a group of Spearows were flying towards here.

    How could

    Jenny Lan and Joy Ling have changed their face, even if they are often deep in the forest, there are not so many Pokémon groups attacking.

    As the newly appointed Interpol, they have two Pokémon configurations. If there are too many elves to attack, they will never be able to support them for too long.

    "Xiaolan, don't act rashly!"

    Just as Jenny Lan wanted Sandslash to stop Beedrill, Joy Ling suddenly realized that it was wrong and spoke quickly.

    "This is an illusion. Don't take care of the Pokémons. Let's break the illusion space."


    Jenny Lan nodded after a slight surprise and chose to believe in Joy Ling, "Sandslash, using Earthquake."

    "Gengar, break the illusion with Dark Pulse's gas field!"

    Realizing that everything around him was just an illusion, Joy Ling immediately made a judgment. As Sandslash shook the earth and began to violently oscillate around, and accompanied Gengar's evil spirits, a powerful force broke out in the illusion space. The phantom space of the mirror Normal.

    Pa! Pa!

    As Jenny Lan and Joy Ling broke free from the illusion space, the two saw Terrance standing right in front of them, smiling and clenching.

    "I originally wanted to see your strength through the illusion. I didn't think you found the problem so quickly."

    "Although it's all the same, it's so weird that every Beedrill's means of resisting Sandstorm is the same. Not only that, but every Beedrill that has been hypnotized has the same trajectory. These are doubts."Joy Lingdao.

    Because of this, she tried to communicate with her Gengar and finally found out that they were in hypnosis.

    "Good observation."Terrance subconsciously glanced at Mimasagis, who was hiding there. The lack of hypnosis was what Terrance meant, but Terrance didn't expect the other to be able to see the details so well.

    "Alright, since you can break through the illusion, then I will test you directly against you."

    "In addition to the ability to observe the details is not enough, its own combat capability is also very important, the next task is very dangerous, although I don't know who sent you to me as a man, but if you are not capable, I will I will send you back."Terrance has no mercy.

    The two looked at each other and Jenny Lan stood up and said: "I didn't find out that it was a fantasy, so I will come first this time."

    "You two together, the next test is not so easy to pass."Terrance took out the floating bubble Poké Ball and threw it out.

    "It's not the strength of both of you. If you care about it, it's your Pokémon."

    Terrance swears that Jenny Lan and Joy Ling will not be sloppy after a glimpse.

    "Floating bubbles can only become an Attribute. In order to deal with your Sandslash, it should turn into water or Ice Type, and wait for my Gengar to hit each other with Thunderbolt or Will-O-Wisp."

    During the secret exchange between Joy Ling and Jenny Lan, the floating bubbles on Terrance are ready.

    “Get Started!"

    With the simple announcement of Terrance, the other side's Sandslash and Gengar slammed into the attack and did not give the bubble a chance to change the weather.

    "Double Team."

    Under the Terrance order, the floating bubble changed out of a dozen avatars. Under the Sandslash Crush Claw, several avatars were smashed. Gengar's shadow ball swept across the room, and many avatars were blasted, but with a round of attack on the field. There are still three floating bubbles in existence.

    "Isn't I got the ontology?"

    The two men suspiciously ordered to continue the attack, but the scene that shocked them appeared.

    A floating bubble body, plus two floating bubbles, a total of three floating bubbles.

    Two of them, the force of the water flow, the force of the flames condensed and entangled, did not depend on the weather, and instantly became the two forms of rain and sun.

    "Don't be surprised, the only thing that affects the shape of the floating bubble is the temperature and humidity, not the weather. As long as you control the energy to change the environment, you can simply change the shape."Terrance smiled slightly.

    After listening to Terrance's explanation, the shock of the two still has not faded. The two avatars have each changed into different forms.

    This means, they have never seen before, or at all they are not the skills that they can reach at this level.

    Since Terrance and Floating Bubbles have entered the top-level field, in addition to showing part of Ash's battle with Charizard, this new practice means Terrance and the floating bubble are still fully demonstrated for the first time.

    "Be careful."

    Terrance reminds me that floating bubbles are flying up, and three different forms of floating bubbles instantly show the power of Sandstorm, water, and flame.

    The next moment, the terrain of the entire site changed, Sandslash was gradually turned into a hot magma, and Gengar wanted to fly away. But the white high-temperature steam scattered around it made it nowhere to escape. For a moment, Sandslash and Gengar were magma. Surrounded by steam fields.

    In addition to the weather, floating bubbles enter the Elite field and practice the technique of changing the temperature and humidity without relying on the weather, as a special environmental emergency means, and the different Attributes of the splicing energy fusion to produce changes.

    The fusion products are more lethal than the single Attribute move, and under the combination, they are all powerful means of killing, which is rarely used by the Terrance Normal in ordinary battles.

    "Can you crack it?"

    Calmly looking at the two Interpol Rookie, who are close to each other, Terrance intends to give them enough time to find a way.

    With the current strength of floating bubbles, maintaining the lava and steam environment for a whole day is no problem.

    The key is whether the other party can continue. This is the most important thing. Although Terrance keeps his hands, the two elves will be hurt more and more as time goes by.

    This is the first test of Terrance. If you pass the first test and pass the second test, Terrance can work with the other party to set up a special action team.

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