Pokemon Court Chapter 735

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the final test of the body of Chapter 735, floating astronomy
    When the two men rushed over, Terrance's eyes filled with a faint luster that was almost invisible to the naked eye. At this moment, the Terrance Calm Mind method worked with the special breathing method. He only felt the brain clear, the eyes were clear, and the reaction consciousness increased. At the limit, in the face of the two who galloped, Terrance felt that the other side's movements had slowed down a lot.

    This is the benefit of the Calm Mind Contest Condition, which not only assists Terrance in observing the situation of the Elf, but now also applies to its own Fighting.

    Just as Terrance concentrated on waiting for the other person to come to the door, I saw Jenny Lan instantly speeding up the front and rushing over. The whole person jumped into the air and kicked his legs to Terrance's head. If this hits, the other party will have a Gust sound. At the strength, Terrance had at least a slight concussion.

    “The action is very fast and very skilled, but because the wearing problem is not standard enough, and because of the fear of hurting me, I also left the strength and the fluency is not enough.”

    However, even if it is changed to Normal, it will definitely not be able to react to this move. Even if it reacts, the body may not be able to catch up with the opponent's movements. Even if the body is faster than the other party, the strength and skill are not enough to resolve the opponent's attack. It can be said that this calculation is very embarrassing.

    Even Terrance was shocked and the other party was really playing.

    However, Terrance is open to the public. In the face of the wind, Terrance quickly calms down and has the advantage of the Calm Mind method. It is not difficult for Terrance to capture each other's movements.

    In fact, the other party did not even think that Terrance could keep up with her movements. After all, this attack was very sudden.

    End longTerrance's heart, he has the same level of Fighting.

    Not to mention that Terrance also received Interpol's Performance and Fighting training at the college. For some time, he was also affected by the special Mega Ring donated by Bai Cheng. He also had a strong increase in Performance.

    Since the Altaria Mega Evolution required physical and mental effort at the time, Terrance had a very strict requirement for his physical strength.

    Although there is no devil training, but physical exercise can not fall, and while maintaining the Mega Evolution, which is the Contest Condition of physical strength and mental exhaustion, Terrance seems to be experiencing high-intensity training every second. It is very expensive, but it is also very efficient to consume and temper the body. After several Mega Evolution, Terrance's physique is also subtly improved. Coupled with the fact that men's strength is generally stronger than that of women, Terrance's power is actually not worse than the other.

    And most importantly, the increase brought by the Calm Mind method is not only as simple as mental improvement, but also enhances mental strength. It also marks the improvement of memory, vision and reaction consciousness. For example, Terrance's dynamic vision is not small. The increase in the capture of each other's actions is very easy.

    This observation is the key to Terrance's confidence to face each other.

    Meet this kick, Terrance slightly back, grasp the timing of the eye in the eyes of a flash, suddenly hugged the other side of the leg, unloading force at the same time, Terrance is also capturing Joy Ling's action, the other side although slow step, but looks to want to take the opportunity from the side with Jenny to Terrance To carry out a sneak attack, in this case, Terrance don't think, feet steady, immediately condensed the whole body of strength focused on the arm, twisting the body between the hard to throw Jenny out, hit joy.

    After being caught in the leg, Jenny was already shocked. She was very confident about her kicking skills, but she did not expect to be easily grasped by the new captain. The whole person was still flying out. For a moment, Jenny knew that this game was lost.


    Joy Ling exclaimed, in order not to let Jenny Lan hurt, she could only catch her and serve as the other mat. Terrance's strength is bigger than Joy imagined. After catching Jenny Lan, both of them are due to this stock. The force was smashed out and fell on the Ground. If they didn't bite their teeth, they both screamed out.

    "Yes, it seems that neither of them has suffered much."Terrance narrowed his eyes, and Joy was able to catch such a big living person, and he was still safe with two forces. It also shows that the strength of the other party is still acceptable.

    CaptainYou can really start it…"Jenny Lan snorted and licked her thighs innocently. The soreness in her legs seemed to make her feel that her muscles had been torn. I can imagine how much Terrance had done so much.

    "Mm."Joy Ling looked at her red hands, and some regretted to fight. Why did she want to be lucky? The other party’s request was obviously full of confidence. Now, the pain is the second, and the bottom is sitting on the ground. It can be awkward for a while.

    "If you don't make any effort, you can deal with both of you at the same time."Terrance said: "Get up immediately, remember not to look down on anyone, and then proceed to the final test. This is also the most difficult test. You two of them may be in danger during the test."

    Because the confrontation with the Rockets is not a joke, Terrance has strict requirements for the two, and there is no such thing as a pity. If the other party can't adjust the mentality, Terrance is not willing to let two unrelated people be at risk for their own reasons.

    ‘Yes!’The two quickly stood and waited for Terrance's next step.

    Fortunately, Terrance is separated from Ash and his teammates. Otherwise, if Xiaogang is here, seeing the beautiful beauty of Nurse Joy and Office Jenny, it is sure to come over and Terrance.

    "The next test is to find a stronghold of the Rockets and investigate all the deployments, including the distribution of personnel and the situation of combat."Terrance Road.

    "You can get it from Mt. Moon started the investigation. ”

    After the final test, Joy Ling and Jenny Lan were excited. This test is what they are most looking forward to. Although they may not be particularly good at confrontation, they have great confidence in investigations, disguise and the like.

    "I don't follow this test, so you act on your own, but if you are discovered by the enemy, you should be able to think of the consequences, so it is best not to let yourself be in danger."Terrance opening.

    After the two men commanded all the points, in order to better understand the situation of the two, Terrance exchanged communication with them, and Terrance also set a time.

    "I want to get results within 14 days, and the data is not considered to be unqualified. I will send you back to Interpol headquarters at that time, so please take it seriously. The Rockets are not a simple organization for the cancer of Kanto Region."

    The time given by Terrance is very short, so the pressure on the two is very large, although it is only a stronghold of any Rockets, but it is not so easy to investigate all the information.

    However, in the face of this severe test, the two did not retreat. They felt that the new captain was not Normal and very special. This made them feel that it would be very interesting to follow Terrance for the next period of criminal police career.

    Finally, another sigh, Terrance drove the other party directly on the grounds of time constraints, let them immediately prepare for the test.

    Looking at the back of the two people, Terrance didn't know if the other party could succeed.

    However, Terrance still hopes that the other party can show better professional quality to see for himself, to shock yourself, or bring two oil bottles to investigate the Rockets is not a fun game.

    "Mismagius, all the actions of the two people about this test are recorded, and when I report to you, I can protect both of them when necessary, and you can grasp it yourself."

    Terrance's words, Mismagius came to his side, in order to better witness and complete this final test, Terrance apparently left a hand.

    “Whee~~” Mismagius nodded and quickly hid into nothingness, followed by leaving Joy Ling and Jenny Lan.



    After Mismagius was dispatched, Terrance sent Vulpix, Carbink, and Larvitar back. After the three Pokémons returned, Terrance suddenly discovered that Larvitar had reached the critical point of evolution, that is, as long as Terrance had a command, Larvitar no longer By suppressing evolution, it can evolve into Pupitar right away.

    Although Normal, Larvitar has to eat a lot of minerals to accumulate enough energy to evolve, but for the wild Larvitar, they eat, and even more than 90% of them are ordinary stones, there is no nutrition at all.

    Terrance's Larvitar is different. Since being captured by Terrance, Larvitar has enjoyed high-grade, top-grade minerals. As for the special Breeder method, the resources consumed are not normal, so the elves accumulated by Trainer have accumulated evolution. The speed is unmatched by the wild Pokémon.

    Prepared for a while, Terrance has already planned to let Larvitar evolve and carry out the mid-stage Breeder.

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