Pokemon Court Chapter 736

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 736th silver bullet, Pupitar, floating astronomy
    Nibi City.

    Outside this rugged mountain and the quiet town of Rock, Terrance is training with Larvitar in the final round before evolution.

    Training is now at the end.

    Larvitar dragged the heavy body and slammed the Ground, and the next moment a powerful force spread out around the Larvitar.

    In the meantime, the surrounding round blasted open, with a tyrannical impact, swallowed in all directions at an extremely fast speed.

    At the same time, Larvitar condenses the power, allowing Earthquake to cause the cracked Ground to insert countless sharp stones. In a flash, the earth becomes riddled with holes and sharp stones. Each of them is full of powerful power. Come, enough to reveal the power of terror.


    Under the firm Growl, Larvitar stabilized his body, accumulating countless energy in his mouth, and a pale yellow beam swept over and began sweeping around countless sharp stones around it.

    "This is the last chance."

    Terrance was supervising, and the ruined light in the mouth of Larvitar swallowed away from the previously-made Stone Edge. The whole movement was flowing, and under the enormous energy impact, countless sharp stones split from Ground were directly destroyed by this powerful destruction. Broken, then broke out with an astonishing wave.




    Can be seen, Larvitar cast a few times earthquake, stone Edge, destruction of the dead, the physical consumption is very large, but this last time is finally successful, in one breath will earthquake, Stone Edge, destruction of the dead light continuous unfold, One go's action marks Larvitar on these three big tricks from just mastered has entered the proficiency level, has reached the Terrance required by the enemy standard.

    "Good performance."

    Looking at Larvitar, Terrance praised the sentence, and after obtaining the permission of Terrance, Larvitar showed the color of joy, and then the white light appeared.

    The light of evolution fills the whole body!

    After completing all the basic training and accumulating enough energy, Larvitar is evolving towards Pupitar.

    At this moment, Larvitar has been waiting for a long time.

    Pupitar is a gray-blue Pokémon, the color is close to silver, without the relationship between hands and feet makes it look more like insects, with the pre-evolution Larvitar, and the evolved Banquila gray-green body and with hands and feet are obvious Different appearance features.

    "Pupitar, bullet Pokémon."

    After Larvitar's evolution, its new body appeared in front of Terrance. After careful observation, Terrance nodded. "Although Rotom Pokédex is not here, I still have to understand your evolution."

    "If you record the data, let's go first and foremost."


    Pupitar nodded and just wanted to leave, and then showed an unexpected expression.


    Looking at Pupitar's hard work and a bit of a tough action, Terrance squinted and quickly picked up Pupitar, but was suddenly scared by the heavy weight.

    After a series of tests, Terrance knew the current Pupitar weight.

    Normal, after the evolution of Larvitar, the weight will increase by about 70kg, probably doubled on the original basis.

    Terrance didn't think that his special Larvitar weight actually increased by a factor of two.

    The original weight is about three times the normal weight of the Larvitar, after evolution, the weight is about three times the normal weight of the same kind, and even more up.

    However, due to the different contrast base, the current triple weight is even more terrifying than the previous three times weight.

    "It turned out that even if it used the Float Stone Breeder method to adapt to the weight of the Larvitar period, but because of the weight gain after evolution, it is still unable to adapt to the new body…In other words, it seems that this Float Stone Breeder method has to continue. ”

    Terrance is secretly distressed. The Float Stone he collects is running low. Other rare ores have similar substitutes. They don't have to worry about quantity and purchase channels, but like the Float Stone, the whole world may be this breed. Not so easy to get.

    “Sand~~~” Pupitar immediately enters the extremely light mode, which allows for exercise.

    “Just let Vulpix be your Rival, let’s check the attack first.”Terrance was facing Pupitar and then called Vulpix.

    Recently, Vulpix has learned the snowy days with floating bubbles. The snow god secrets summarized by Terrance have been introduced. Nowadays, the application of snow days has surpassed most ice systems Pokémon.

    After mastering the snowy weather, Terrance also allowed Ice Vulpix to further master the new skills, and because of the strong snow, this new ability is also very good.

    Aurora Veil : Assist The power of ice and snow creates light curtains to reduce the damage of enemy tricks.

    This move is closely related to the intensity of the snow, the stronger the snow, the better the effect of Aurora Veil, of course, the mastery of the trick itself.

    With Vulpix's current Contest Condition, the effect of this trick is not enough to meet the expectations of Terrance. Terrance initially estimated that after Vulpix evolved into Ninetales, the degree of snow control will be completely changed. At that time, Aurora Veil Can truly be called defensive magic.

    But now to test the power of Pupitar's evolution, Terrance asked Vulpix to sacrifice this unfinished trick in advance.

    Although Vulpix's control of Aurora Veil is still unsatisfactory in Terrance's standard, this does not mean that Vulpix's Aurora Veil is poor. After all, Terrance has always been Vulpix with top-level standards.

    Compared with the main force of the usual Trainer, Vulpix is already very strong.

    The last link of the combination of attack, debuff and defense, Aurora Veil, although it is still limited by the strength of Vulpix, there is no way to completely integrate into the combination technology, but in fact, the effect can be exerted very powerful, even if It is the champion of the Region Conference, and it will be a headache.

    Terrance is confident that Vulpix's ice defenses made from ice and snow energy do not know what Pupitar can do.

    With Terrance's order, Ice Vulpix began to make Hail. At the same time, Pupitar felt the lightness brought by the extremely light mode, and began to try new capabilities after evolution, by compressing the gas produced in the body and then slamming it. Go out and fly. With this new ability, Pupitar burst into a powerful force, from Ground Flying to the air, turning into a black spot.

    "It's a good explosive force, not wasting so much resources. If you learn the airflow control skills with Beautifly, this method will be able to use it better. This foundation will definitely have a great help for mastering Sandstorm after evolution."Terrance judged.

    Pupitar took off and brewed a powerful blow.

    After breaking out of his own strength, Pupitar returned to the extreme mode again, gaining several times the weight, Assist Gravity, really like a bullet Normal, turned into a silver light and rushed into the air from Vulpix.

    Silver bullets, Iron Head.

    Has made a good defense intention of the Vulpix, Aurora Veil Condensed, covered in the sky layer, at the same time it also control the ice and snow energy, creating a road ice wall resistance, and this time in the face of Pupitar, Vulpix not sloppy, last time in Larvitar Under the experience of eating flat it does not want to experience again, so before the Pupitar came, it also used the frozen light, constantly reinforce the ice wall, even extrasensory is not idle, has become the second mechanism to protect the ice wall.

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