Pokemon Court Chapter 737

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 737 chapter Carbink changes, floating astronomy
    This layer of defense is directly blocked from the extremely light to very heavy mode Assist gas compression spray and Gravity using the Iron Head power attack in front of Pupitar! !

    However, Pupitar's attack power is beyond everyone's imagination.

    The layer of Aurora Veil was crushed directly under Iron Head's work, with a forward-looking impulse. At this time, Pupitar was quite devastating, and the ice wall was like a mirror in this momentum and powerful Tackle force. Normal broken.


    As a result of the broken sound, Extrasensory collapsed directly, and the frozen light did not have time to repair the ice wall.

    Pupitar's falling speed is terrifying, just like a silver beam Normal, like running through the earth.

    Exclaimed, if Vulpix hurriedly changed his strategy and jumped away, I am afraid I have already been hit by Pupitar.


    Even with a lot of obstacles, Pupitar showed his powerful attack power, the whole body penetrated into the Ground, and the destructive power made the little Vulpix look over the past.

    "呜~~" Seeing the big pit, the little Vulpix was dissatisfied and screamed. If Terrance didn't allow it to use attack moves, it had already passed a Sheer Cold.

    "It’s amazing explosiveness…Unfortunately, this is just the attack method in the Pupitar stage. It doesn't make much difference, otherwise it will be the next Arcanine. ”Terrance smiled and was very pleased with the power of Pupitar.

    However, he is more looking forward to the power that Pupitar can show after evolution. After the Pupitar stage, Terrance is only going to let Pupitar continue to accumulate the foundation and become the basis for becoming a Sandstorm monarch! At this stage, going through the battle, the value is not great.

    After digging Pupitar from Ground, Terrance called the small Vulpix again and tried to check the defensive power of Pupitar.

    In fact, from the previous attack, it has already reflected the defensive power of Pupitar. Even with so many lines of defense, it has not suffered much damage to the earth. How can Pupitar's defense force be weak?

    But for a more intuitive look, Terrance still let Vulpix use the Iron Tail move.

    The small Vulpix slammed, and the six white tails were instantly smeared with metal luster, turning into a hard weapon. When Vulpix jumped, the six tails had already swept over, the speed was extremely fast, and the six attacks were heavy and heavy. In the face of Vulpix's attack, Pupitar immediately made his body full of metallic luster.

    The two moves are similar. Iron Tail, Iron Defense, and even Iron Head and Steel Wing are similar moves. After Pupitar borrows Iron Defense to defend Iron Tail, Terrance only listens to a few metal collisions, then there is no It is.

    Oulburgh's tail of Vulpix, even Pupitar's defense can not be broken.

    "Use Blizzard."Terrance continued to open his mouth, Vulpix immediately back spit up together swept the snow and ice energy of the wind, the wind whizzed past, Pupitar directly frozen into a big ice bumps, but the next second, assist the body accumulated compressed gas, Pupitar Quickly by breaking the form of force to shatter the body around the ice, Terrance carefully look at the past, bear this powerful blizzard, Pupitar body unexpectedly no half-point frostbite, although the injury is certain, but pupitar for snow and ice resistance, Still made Terrance very surprised.

    “The defense resistance of the Larvitar stage is not so amazing. It seems that the evolution of the previously absorbed nutrients has been stimulated.”

    "Continue to keep going, there will be a new metamorphosis when it evolves into Bangui, and that degeneration will be even more terrifying."

    After learning about Pupitar's current situation, Terrance called Vulpix and Pupitar and they themselves continued to fight.

    Without Terrance's series of requirements, Vulpix was finally able to play to its full potential, because Pupitar was not able to master the new body of heavy weight and was quickly defeated by Vulpix.

    However, this also allowed Pupitar to understand that he had to overcome the inconvenience caused by the new body as soon as possible in order to better invest in new training.

    Pa! Pa!

    Terrance clapped his hands and shouted two Pokémons. "Okay, let's go have lunch first."



    In the afternoon, Terrance worked on the new body while helping Pupitar to study Altiya's Fairy Aura and other special Pokémon training through Fairy Aura.

    Altaria exudes Fairy Aura, Fairy is a wizard, and training efficiency is several times more common.

    Under the help of Fairy Aura, Terrance's Pokémon is able to easily master the Fairy system and the speed of the exercise is amazing.

    For example, Kirlia, from mastering Moonblast and Dazzling Gleam, to being proficient in use, and now in the proficiency of use, took only a very short time.

    Other trainers have accumulated months or even years to train Pokémon's tricks so much. With the help of Fairy Aura, Terrance's Pokémon is very handy and half-hearted. After doing so, Terrance estimates that even they perfectly control Moonblast and Dazzling. Gleam and other moves are just a matter of time.

    Altaria's mastery of Fairy's moves has reached perfection, and even the use of Fairy energy, which makes it a well-deserved mentor of these Fairy genies, Altaria can help them with any questions about Fairy's moves. Perfect solution.

    On this side, Altaria releases Fairy Aura, and while exercising, it also enhances the training efficiency of other elves.

    Carbink uses the newly mastered Gravity trick to train himself; Kirlia sits in the air and quietly Calm Mind; Vulpix continues to construct and perfect its ice moon, and through this process exercise the control of ice and snow energy.

    But in the three Pokémons, Carbink's situation is a bit special.

    "Jie Mi…"

    Watching other partners become stronger one by one, Carbink is anxious, but the strong shortcut Terrance is ready for it, and in addition, it can only be practiced.

    Carbink is currently the most popular reason for Terrance, the weakest Pokémon in the Terrance team, and Terrance guesses that it may be because of talent, its training efficiency under Fairy Aura is much lower than Kirlia and Vulpix.

    “Is still unable to use the power increase brought by Fairy Aura?”

    This time, Carbink was overtrained again, and Terrance watched Carbink rush to give him a supplement to his physical supplements after overtraining, and let Altaria heal it through Fairy Aura.

    This is the case, although Fairy Aura is also useful for Carbink's training, but efficiency has not been able to balance Kirlia with them.

    In order to catch up with the speed of their progress by Kirlia and Vulpix, Carbink is almost over-trained, which makes Terrance both worried and helpless.

    Terrance guessed that it might be the nature of the constant body, so that it has some resistance to Fairy Aura, so Terrance was recently looking for a way to practice the constant body, trying to help Carbink get rid of this dilemma.

    Today, however, Terrance suddenly noticed a special change in Carbink. In the blue gemstones embedded in the body, there is now a hint of pink Fairy gloss….

    It’s hard to take the exam, ask for a monthly ticket to comfort…

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