Pokemon Court Chapter 738

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 738 Diancie, floating astronomy
    After discovering this change, Terrance took a long time, then suddenly the heart jerked.

    It wasn't that he didn't think about this possibility, but the chances were too low, so low that Terrance didn't dare to think about it.

    Carbink mutation, mutant, Diancie.

    There may be only three Diancies in the world, and the number of such elves is so small that they can rival the legendary Pokémon.

    In addition, Diancie's ability is also very powerful, because of this, Diancie and Mew, Celebi and other elves are known as the magic spirit.

    Diancie's abilities may not be as strong as Mew, Celebi, etc., but definitely exceed the magical genie of Darkrai.

    In addition, Terrance also knows that Diancie is a Mega Evolution. According to Ash in the future, a previously uncompetitive Princess Diancie, with its own Mega Evolution, can create an attack against Pokémon Yveltal that is equivalent to the Kalos Region and Xerneas. It can be seen that Mega Diancie is strong.

    Although just a round of Solaceon can not explain the strength of Mega Diancie is comparable to Yveltal, but from the perspective of potential, Diancie is absolutely unmatched by ordinary Pokémon.

    “Can Carbink be able to mutate Diancie?”

    Terrance's heart beats again, though I didn't dare to think about it, but when my Carbink changed, the idea had been lingering in Terrance's mind.

    In the narrative of Ash in the future, Princess Diancie was strengthened by Xerneas' Fairy Aura, and she was able to complete the autonomous Mega Evolution and master the ability to make holy diamonds.

    When recalling Ash's narrative in the future, Terrance became more and more aware of the two situations.

    Isn't Carbink now being strengthened by Altaria's Fairy Aura?

    "If the change really goes in the direction of a sudden change in the body, then Fairy Aura is not as good at Carbink as it is in Kirlia. They are obviously excusable…"

    "Fairy Aura's enhanced effect may be subtly changing Carbink's body, and when it absorbs enough Fairy energy, Carbink can be mutated."

    “No mathematicians have not studied how Carbink mutated into Diancie. This secret may be related to Fairy Aura and it is worth studying.”

    After thinking about the possibility that Carbink might mutate into Diancie, Terrance changed his itinerary and immediately rented a Laboratory in Nibi City from the Indigo Alliance.

    Once you have a formal researcher status, you can rent a public laboratory.

    As an international researcher, Terrance has a higher status and is easier to rent. However, it seems that the Laboratory of Nibi and even the nearby cities has been rented out, and there is no vacancy for the time being, which makes Terrance very helpless.

    Compared to the Kalos Region, Kanto has a lot of research facilities, but there are many researchers, so this has led to the embarrassing situation that Terrance wants to rent a laboratory without vacancies.

    Fortunately, after some communication, the staff of the research organization of the Indigo Alliance gave Terrance an answer he could accept.

    "Hello Mr. Terrance, after we have adjusted, the Schwarz researcher who is currently studying the electric system Pokémon is willing to temporarily give him the right to use the Laboratory."

    "Do you share one?"

    "Yes, but the other person leaves a message, and if you mind, he can leave for a while."

    "Researching the researcher of the electric system elf? Forget it, it doesn't matter, I just borrowed a few instruments. ”Terrance replied.

    It’s not good to take up someone else’s place and drive away.

    After the two parties communicated, Terrance got the right to use a Laboratory.

    He plans to use some instruments to observe the changes in Carbink. At the same time, Terrance also contacted the Fallabor Gym and asked Kathrine to find someone to get Rotom Pokédex to assist in research.



    “Terrance researcher, long-awaited.”

    In the northern part of the city of Nibi, a white-haired young man with glasses greeted him with excitement, holding Terrance's hand and shaking it.

    “Schwarz researcher, you are welcome.”

    After seeing Terrance, the Schwarz researcher seemed to be very happy, quite a bit of fanatics, which made Terrance uncomfortable.

    When was it so famous? Still this person is like this…

    After a little bit of confusion, Terrance entered the Laboratory at the reception of the other party.

    The other party is a user of the Laboratory and is very familiar with it. Under the introduction of the Schwarz researcher, Terrance quickly got a general understanding of the Laboratory.

    The basic instrument is not much different from the one he rented at Kalos, but he lags behind his own independent Laboratory at Fallabor Gym.

    However, these facilities are sufficient for simple testing.

    “I really don't know how to thank your Help, Schwarz Researcher.”

    After the other party led Terrance to understand the Laboratory, Terrance thanked.

    “It doesn’t have to be said, haha, I am currently in a research fatigue period, the use rights of the Laboratory have not expired, and the empty is also a waste.”

    The Schwarz researcher is very happy.

    In addition to the first impression, the Schwarz researcher was quite comfortable, and Terrance thanked him again, leaving the time to Terrance himself and leaving a room for rest for Terrance.



    Afterwards, Terrance checked the instrument again.

    After seeing one of the instruments, the energy detector, Terrance stopped and began planning for a near-term goal.

    Studying Carbink's mutation process and the possibility of mutating to Diancie will not waste too much time and will be used at other times.

    For example, Altaria's fire of life.

    Gallade's 11th, 12th, 13th Attribute, and even more Attribute sniper moves.

    The combination of lava and steam floating bubbles has continued to improve.

    And Terrance will also assign Arcanine to the awakening of Morning Sun's genetic agents based on the notes left by Wicktor Master.

    At the same time, we must continue to find ways to solve the lack of emotional expression of Kirlia.

    In addition to daily training, these are the extra things that Terrance has to do, so Terrance is not at all idle, and these tasks are piled on the head, which is almost ten times more busy than the test week that Terrance experienced in the past.

    "In the past few days, while observing the changes in Carbink, let's do something that is easier to achieve."Terrance considered it.

    Because there are too many things on hand to participate in the Contest contest, then Vulpix has to re-customize a higher-intensity training program.

    As for the other things, Terrance intends to wait for Rotom Pokédex to come back and refine it.

    Thinking of Rotom Pokédex, Terrance frowned and suddenly remembered something, and again informed the Kathrine of Fallabor Gym, and called the other party to leave the Light Ball in the pavilion, Light Ball, he is in the Kalos Region Lumiose City. The only item photographed at the auction.

    "Mr. Schwarz seems to study the electric elves, it is better to ask him about it, then it is decided that this half-month is targeted by the Gallade Attribute practice, Carbink's mutation research and the Light Ball."

    With the idea in mind, Terrance immediately started planning, although the three were mainly devoted to doing things, but other things had to be allocated a little time, at the same time, to maximize efficiency.

    Also, you have to leave yourself time for rest, self-learning, and exercise. Otherwise, Terrance is very good physically and sooner or later will be drained by such a busy day.

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