Pokemon Court Chapter 739

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 739th chapter of the electric beads, floating astronomy
    "The different Attribute attacks that Gallade currently has are Slash, Brick Break, Leaf Blade, Aerial Ace, Fury Cutter, Night Slash, Psycho Cut, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, and Fire Punch, which correspond to Normal, Fighting, and Grass. Flying, Bug Type, evil, Psychic, electric, ice, fire…"

    In the Laboratory, when Terrance considered Gallade's next Attribute practice direction, he began to worry.

    Through these 10 moves, Gallade successfully managed the attack of 10 different Attributes, and raised the skill of Gallade to a peak.

    However, this is not the limit.

    Wide Guard This trick is a Rock defensive move, not an attack move. If you let Gallade practice, you can train towards the 'Swordsmanship Skills'. Since ancient times, no matter the sword, you can't do without the 'blocking skills' against the enemy. ', practicing sword shield, this may make up for some of the deficiencies in Gallade defense.

    For Gallade, learning Wide Guard is not difficult. Although Terrance's Gallade is special, since it mastered Mega Evolution, Gallade has made a good excavation of its potential, talking about learning moves because of its own life level. Breakthrough, it will not be weaker than the same kind…This is not to worry about Terrance.

    Terrance pondered, from the only Teleport, to the ability to master so many sniper moves, and Gallade's life level once and for all sublimation is absolutely irrelevant.

    Evolution twice, Mega Evolution once, this level of life improvement is not something that any Pokémon can enjoy.

    The hidden potential in the body was all motivated.

    "Stone Edge can also learn this trick, just in conjunction with the Wide Guard practice. Unlike the Wide Guard, it may be possible for Gallade to try to change the attack mode and display the Stone Edge in a sniper form. Then, after the Rock system is determined, the practice of Gallade's eleventh Attribute has a general direction. ”Terrance nodded, first taking notes on the general idea, and then refining the changes based on post-training and reaction issues.

    “The 12th Attribute is also very clear, and it’s a continuation. The dragon’s move, Gallade can also be mastered. Whether it’s Stone Edge or a second game, Rotom Pokédex can guide Gallade to practice under the existing conditions. ,but……"

    Terrance's pen suddenly stopped, his 13th Attribute conception, poison, Poison Jab.

    This move, the Gallade learning process may be a bit of a hassle.

    Poison Jab's mastery must require a large amount of foreign aid to give Gallade the ability to control toxins.

    "Let's take a look at the material, but do it as early as possible. At the same time, you can buy some materials that help you master the Stone Edge and the two-way tricks. When you practice, you will be more efficient."Terrance intends to do this first.

    Coupled with the Rock, Dragon, and Toxic systems, Terrance has planned 13 Attribute sniper moves for Gallade. With its more sophisticated mobile skills and tricks, its heritage will be more abundant and more powerful. Strong.

    As for the unfamiliar water system, Fairy system, Ghost system, and Ground system mode, Terrance did not pay attention to it. The water system and the Fairy system Terrance couldn't think of how to let Gallade master the attack of these two Attributes.

    As for shadow energy and earth power, it is more complicated to master. Therefore, Terrance intends to let Gallade complete the three relatively easy-to-master Attributes, and the other two will be discussed later.



    Two days later.

    Rotom Pokédex returned to Terrance and brought the electric bead.

    “The weight has changed a bit before, but the increase is not large enough to determine what is the cause of Rotto.”

    Upon returning to Terrance, Rotom Pokédex checked Carbink's situation.

    "Jie Mi."

    Carbink replied immediately after listening to Rotom.

    After looking at Terrance, Rotom Pokédex “had awkward” and explained: “Carbink said that it should not be the influence of Fairy Aura, but that the food has changed after leaving the Geosenge Town mountain range. It should be for this reason.”

    Terrance scratched his cheek and said, "Well, this change is not the key, you can't be sure…"

    “However, with the energy detector, I recorded the change in the total amount of Fairy energy in Carbink over the past two days and found an interesting thing.”

    "What Rotto?"Asked by Rotom Pokédex.

    “Although Carbink's Fairy energy converted by Fairy Aura can enhance its strength, there is very little, that is, the conversion efficiency is not as high as Kirlia. But with the instrument and Altaria's deliberate perception, I finally determined an important thing.”

    “Carbink absorbs the overall amount of Fairy energy, and quite a lot, still on top of Kirlia.”Terrance Road.

    The meaning is that Carbink does not benefit from Fairy Aura, but instead gets more than Kirlia. This advantage is not translated into strength, so it is not obvious.

    Through the test, Terrance also understood, his guess is correct, Fairy energy is subtly changing Carbink's body, not inefficient, nor disappeared, but Carbink can not use this energy.

    But sooner or later, the quantitative change will cause qualitative changes, causing Carbink's body mutation.

    "Diancie?"Rotom Pokédex, which has a huge database, knows what Terrance is all about. The next moment, it releases Diancie's picture in front of Carbink.

    The luxurious posture, at once, attracted Carbink deeply.

    “Diancie, the pink Lucas body is praised as the most beautiful in the world, with the ability to compress the carbon in the air between the two hands and create many diamonds in a flash.”

    "Carbink, is your heart?"Terrance looked at Carbink and looked at Carbink's hopes and smiled.

    “Maybe one day, you can evolve into Diancie, completing the miracle of only a few Performances in the Carbink race for countless years.”

    "Jie Mi."

    Carbink nodded hard. If he had followed Terrance, he just wanted to become stronger, but now his heart was captured by Terrance. The beauty of Diancie is deeply attracted to it. It yearns for the evolution of Terrance's mouth. There are only a handful of miracles that have been achieved by countless individuals in the Carbink race for many years.

    At this moment, the new future is in front of Carbink, and it has never been so fortunate that you can meet such a good Trainer.

    "Then you have to work hard, but you still have to work and rest."

    Terrance laughed and touched Carbink's head.



    After some busy things, Terrance left the lab and went for a walk in the city. The Laboratory has two courtyards. Terrance has been training the elves in the backyard. As for the front yard, the exit, and some plants. Strange fruit trees.

    These were planted by Schwarz researchers.

    All the fruit tree species Terrance didn't know. He guessed it should be a hybrid product. Although the tree fruit effect Terrance didn't know, but Schwarz researcher So Solaceon planted in the public laboratory, it should not be a rare treasure, just as Terrance passed the front yard to look at the fruit trees. The scream of the Schwarz researcher suddenly came.

    "Terrance Researcher, your Light Ball!! I have a new discovery here! ! ”

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