Pokemon Court Chapter 740

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 740th Toxic concept, floating astronomy

    It was said that Terrance was so happy that he didn't think Schwarz researchers were so powerful.

    It was only a day before he handed the Light Ball to the other party.

    "Terrance researcher, you gave me this gadget is a bad thing."

    With Light Ball, Schwarz's researcher is mysterious: "Don't look at it's not much electrical storage, it's amazing. If I didn't study it wrong, it's an item that can increase the strength of Pokémon."

    "This is indeed possible."Terrance nodded.

    “Has the specific growth mechanism been studied?”

    "Haha, have you forgotten my identity? I am a researcher specializing in the electric system Pokémon. In my research, there are 10 different characteristics of the Elven Electric. The electric inside the Light Ball, although different from any one, is found by comparison. .."

    DosTerrance asked.

    "It has a fusion nature, which is an incomplete electrical that needs to be combined with another force of lightning to work."Schwarz researchers are curious: "If my research direction is correct, the two lightning forces combined with each other, will be able to form a violent stimulation of the body's vitality of the lightning force, that is, if a master of the power of lightning can fuse the beads words, Then its physical fitness will be elevated to a very frightening level. ”

    "Thunder and lightning stimulate the vitality of the body?"Terrance showed an unexpected look.

    "Yes, this can be said to be another kind of evolution, and it is also a process of reincarnation."The Schwarz researchers showed the sigh of color: "How did the magical Light Ball form? It's a pity that there is too little internal electricity. It is estimated that the large electric system Pokémon has no chance to fuse it."

    “Schwarz researcher, can Pokémon, who has the power of lightning but the power of lightning, be able to fuse the electrical inside?”Terrance raised his doubts.

    “There is a very big risk, but there is no denying the possibility.”The Schwarz researcher thought for a moment.

    Terrance thought of floating bubbles for the first time. If floating bubbles can fuse this mysterious Light Ball, it should be able to increase its strength.

    After presenting this point of view, Schwarz researchers expressed their willingness to assist in the study.

    "Helping such a big job, I really don't know how to thank you…"Schwarz researchers put a lot of effort into Light Ball's research and made Terrance a little embarrassed.

    "Small things, there are research projects that have made me feel very satisfied, right…"Schwarz researcher said: "Of course, if you don't mind, if you can study the efficacy of Light Ball, I don't know if I can publish it. Of course, we can be a joint researcher and will not lose your credit."

    "What can I do?"Terrance laughed, and he didn't have much power in addition to the Light Ball. He wouldn't be cheeky for this honor.

    And compared to the reputation of any research results, Terrance pays more attention to the actual value of Light Ball can bring benefits to himself. After all, the reputation of this thing, Terrance is almost full, and really not a small reputation .



    During the collaborative study of Light Ball, Terrance was ready to take time to buy some materials.

    Mix the materials of Toxic.

    About 400 years ago, a Ninja invented the Toxic toxin that almost all Pokémon can master. With the special toxicity of Toxic, he became the most terrible assassin of that era, and nowadays, that Ninja is no one can Out of the poison masters.

    Unfortunately, the Ninja finally did not have the sanction to escape the fate. After a mission failure, the Ninja was killed and the Toxic secret was also obtained by outsiders. In later generations, for unknown reasons, the secret of Toxic was spread, many forces and individuals The formula was obtained.

    It was also at that time that because of the humanity's amnesty, Toxic was mastered by some elves and incorporated into their genes, becoming a racial talent, so that the elves born by the elves could grow to master this horrible Toxic. .

    However, with the development of the times, the toxicity of Toxic has long been cracked, and Antidote, which is available anywhere in the market, can alleviate toxicity. Toxic has long been devoid of the prestige of hundreds of years ago.

    "The Ninja invented the great toxin of Toxic, but the research on Toxic is forced by the times and time, and there is still no thorough research."Terrance secretly regrets it.

    The Ninja is one of the few geniuses in history who have given humans Pokémon moves.

    The talents of the other side have an indelible impact on the development of the post-virus system. Such people die too early. It is almost the regret of every modern poisoner. If the other person is alive, Toxic will not be able to make new changes. .

    Although this stunning Ninja is dead, Toxic has been studied by future generations.

    Extremely adaptable, it is the power of Toxic, which can be mastered by almost all Pokémons. It is almost perfect for all toxicity. This is the best feature of Toxic. Later generations are also studying this feature.

    “Gallade wants to master Poison Jab, you have to have your own toxins, so it is the best choice to master Poison Jab by mastering Toxic first.”

    Terrance is doing this, and Terrance has a better idea for this Toxic deployment.

    If you let Gallade master Toxic, naturally it will not be the most basic Toxic toxin. Toxic's adaptability gives this unique space for change. For Gallade, how to maximize the benefit of this trick is a problem that Terrance should consider.

    Terrance was quickly identified.

    Paralytic toxins.

    The toxin that reduces the speed of the enemy's reaction, in conjunction with Gallade's Teleport attack, can maximize the battle style of the Gallade and keep the enemy invincible.

    Speaking of paralysis, Terrance thought of Stun Spore, Thunder Wave, Glare, Freeze Shock and so on. After considering it, Terrance once again determined the Toxic development route to focus on frozen paralysis.

    It is the paralytic toxin that contains the power of frost.

    In this way, the attack surface of the poison system can be further complemented.

    “In the existing recipe, no one even uses this as the direction of Breeder?”Terrance looked at the information and found that no one in this direction used the Breeder route to deploy a new species of Toxic, which made Terrance feel a little bit stunned.

    It seems that I have to start all over again and do it myself, which undoubtedly aggravated Terrance's mission.

    "Forget it, let this task be put behind, let Gallade master the most common Toxic."

    Exiting the data interface of Rotom Pokédex, Terrance put on his clothes and planned to go out.

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