Pokemon Court Chapter 741

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 741th chapter fusion of electric beads failed, floating astronomy
    Toxic's formula has not yet spread to a well-known level, although the Normal Trainer is not easily accessible, but it is not difficult to find in the Terrance database.

    In addition to a special plant, the materials are very common and can be bought at a pharmacy.

    As for the special plant, if you want to buy it, there are many channels for Terrance.

    For example, online shopping.

    Strolling in the city of Nibi for a while, Terrance soon came to a place called the Niubi Pharmacy.

    This is a branch of the 500-year-old Cianwood City pharmacy, which is very strong and it is very easy to buy some Toxic materials.


    An uncle Hu, standing behind the wooden cabinet, immediately greeted Terras as he came in.

    "The treasurer, I want these herbs."Terrance stepped forward and handed the paper with the name of the material.

    "Hey, is the little brother Trainer?"

    I scanned the name of the material on the note, and Hu Dashu smiled. "Toxic's formula, very few people have bought it."

    "The treasurer is good."Terrance gave a slight glimpse and laughed.

    "Hey, the treasurer, I haven't heard this title for a long time. Now, apart from a few old customers, the other people who buy medicine do not use the name of the shopkeeper. It seems that this old custom from the ancient times is outdated."The eight-character Hu Dashu shook his head.

    "I really think this is quite gracious."Terrance Road.

    "Little brother is good, I will give you a 10% discount."

    Uncle laughed and felt that Terrance was very pleasing to the eye and opened his mouth.

    "Then I will be welcome, thank you to the treasurer."Terrance is also welcome.

    "Well, the first 17 herbs can be taken now, the last one, not in stock, you have to wait two days, I can call you from the pool."

    The eight-character Hu Dashu picked up the note and pointed to the last special plant medicinal material.

    "Hey, two days."Terrance accidentally, if the pharmacy can bring him the special botanical herbs, it will save him a lot of things.

    "Two days is enough."The other party nodded.

    Thanks again, Terrance paid the deposit, took some of the medicine, and left the Nibi Pharmacy.

    Carrying a cloth full of herbs, Terrance walked slowly toward the Laboratory, but when it passed the corner of a street, Terrance suddenly felt a cool shower.

    "Mismagius, how come you?"

    Terrance stopped, and although Mismagius had not yet shown his body, Terrance had already perceived his Pokémon.

    “Whe~~” Mismagius emerges in a shape and slowly opens.

    ‘En?’So troublesome, go back and talk to me first. ”Terrance has a big head.

    Mismagius came back early and represented Joy Ling. What happened to Jenny Lanner beyond the plan, and Terranc was helpless.



    In the Laboratory.

    After listening to Mismagius's report, Terrance was lost in thought.

    “Ewww.”This way. ”

    "The two guys are really bold."

    Mismagius told Terrance about the recent movement of Joy Jenny.

    Jenny Lan has successfully sneaked into a branch of the Rockets, pretending to be a hybrid of the Rockets, completing the replacement of his identity, and is currently doing intelligence investigations at the Rockets branch base.

    Joy Ling is responsible for controlling the overall situation, contacting Jenny Lan and providing external intelligence to the other party.

    "Joy Ling is good at computer intrusion. Jenny Lan has a strong camouflage ability. The adaptability and acting are first-class. Is this the same time? It seems that the two are indeed plastic, but with Performance going to the task, it still depends on the specific results. ”

    From the simple report from Mismagius, Terrance tapped the table with his fingers and fell into meditation. Currently Joy Ling and Jenny Lan are in Nibi, but Mismagius is looking for Terrance, not because Jenny Lan sneaked into the Rockets, but The Rockets will have little moves lately.

    Jenny Lan should have received this information too, but it is still not reported to Terrance due to the situation, and it is estimated that after getting out of contact with Joy Ling, the information will be transmitted to Terrance.

    "Small action…"Terrance murmured.

    This Rocket Division recently has an action in the Changchun Forest, targeting a Heracross community.

    “Heracross is not degenerate. There is no evolution except Mega Evolution. Breeder is simple and powerful. It is a very good Pokémon. It can survive by sap, juice and leaf juice. Simple, with strong strength, can indeed sell a good value, hehe."

    Terrance snorted, this Rockets division is a good abacus, if you capture a lot of Heracross, but a big business, but at the same time the impact is very bad.

    “It is necessary to inform the forest rangers in the Changyu Forest to let the other party prepare in advance.”

    Not waiting for Jenny Joy to report to their intelligence, Terrance first wrote the letter he got from Mismagius and handed it to Mismagius.

    "Go to the forest rangers in Changchun Forest."

    Because I don't know the strength of this Rockets division, Terrance's letter was not very clear, just give the other a general reminder to alert the other party.

    And because Jenny Lan is currently sneaked into the Rockets division, their special operations team may not be able to get out. For the capture of the Rockets' division, Terrance and others are not going to get in.



    The next day.

    Terrance and Schwarz, who are helping to blend floating bubbles with Light Ball, stare at the power of lightning to celebrate the floating bubbles of Light Ball.

    The floating bubble moves cautiously, and with its top control, it is natural to control the energy, but this is the case. The process of merging Light Ball also makes the floating bubble flow down a few drops of sweat.

    The Terrance and Schwarz researchers didn't even breathe when they breathed, carefully documenting the process.

    And then

    boom! !

    The power of thunder and lightning broke out instantly, and the floating bubbles were swallowed in. Even if the defense measures were not taken, I am afraid that the researchers of Terrance and Schwarz could not be spared.


    The floating bubble rolled black like a coal-like body flew out of Haze, spit out black smoke, looked at the Light Ball with a sullen look, and smashed his head.

    This is already the third fusion failure.

    Foam Foam

    The floating bubble shook his head and flew over to the Terrance opening, indicating that it was not suitable for this Light Ball.

    "It seems to be no good."Terrance is quite disappointed.

    The power of thunder and lightning stimulates the changing process of the body's vitality, and Terrance is very much looking forward to it. This not only enhances the strength of the floating bubble, but Terrance also feels that it may be inspired from this side to let Altaria master the power and life of the flame. The fusion of energy completes the practice of the fire of life.

    But now it seems that the plan has to be suspended.

    "Although the energy control of this floating bubble is very good, it is a pity that it is not an electric elf, and the fusion is much worse."The Schwarz researcher turned the pen and sighed.

    "According to the electrical energy in the Light Ball, I converted it. The light body like the floating bubble is the best, but for the electric system, Pikachu, Ray Electro Ball, Magnemite, etc., you can accept a test. If you don't mind, I have a few electric systems, Pokémon, which can be sent to you for further study."

    NoTerrance shook his head and smiled: "Since it is not suitable for my elf, then I am not forced, and I have a new plan, I am going to give this Light Ball to a younger generation."

    "He happens to have a Pikachu, maybe you can try to integrate it."

    "Pikachu? That's great. Pikachu is the best fit for the Light Ball's Pokémon. But the power of lightning that broke out when the Light Ball is combined is very huge. The Pikachu body of Normal may not be able to withstand such powerful power.. ."

    "If you don't mind, you can call me to assist in the fusion."

    "I will give him this advice."Terrance just replied, the communicator suddenly rang, and after reading the content, Terrance looked awkward.

    It was Joy Ling, but after a day, I reported the news of the news of Mimasagius yesterday.

    "Captain, do you want to destroy the Rockets' plan this time as our first action."

    The other party’s message made Terrance stunned his head. It’s really welcome, and it seems that they have already set the Rockets’ division.

    "Be honest with your assessment, don't take care of other things, right, call Jenny Lan safe."

    Turning off the communicator, Terrance reconnected with Schwarz researchers. The power of thunderbolt stimulated the body's vitality to explode more powerfully. Although the fusion of flame power and life energy is not exactly the same, Terrance feels something in common.

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