Pokemon Court Chapter 743

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 743 Transform sneak into, astronomy
    "It is not the Rockets."

    Bruno scratched the slotted hair and hit a Yawn. Next to him, two men dressed in ranger costumes looked at Terrance with a look of gaze.

    "I am the trainer Trainer. The reminder letter you received was also written by me."

    To the two rangers, Terrance looked at one of the Indigo Alliance's Elite Four, Bruno, and his side, Lucario, and said, "Master Bruno, how come you are here, a small task for the Rockets doesn't have to be so big."

    "Haha, I am going to practice in Miacha Mountain. It is a coincidence that I have encountered this incident. Let me take a look."

    After Bruno laughed, his sharp eyes suddenly stared at Terrance. "Little guy, are you investigating the Rockets?"

    In the face of Bruno's question, Terrance Solaceon nodded, "Well."

    Terrance's simple answer made Bruno stunned and then shook his head helplessly. "Well, please be happy with your younger generation."

    "The Rockets will be operating at 10 o'clock in the evening, and there will be nearly five hours from then."After telling the Rockets action time that he knew ahead of time, Terrance continued to say: "And, Master Bruno, can you speak in one step."

    One of Elite Four's Bruno masters will appear here, making Terrance very surprised. It seems that the Rockets division has come back, but Terrance has a headache. He doesn't want this to happen. His plan has had a certain impact.

    After calling Master Bruno, Terrance made his request.

    "Call me to hand over this matter to you?"Bruno looks around and sinks.

    "It's not impossible, but can you guarantee the arrest of the Rockets?"

    "I will try my best, of course, I can guarantee that the Rockets will not succeed in capturing any elf in the forest."Terrance opening.

    After looking at Terrance, Bruno made a Yawn. "Forget it, then give it to you, but if you can't cope with the rangers, I will still do it."




    At 10 o'clock in the evening.

    A total of 18 Rocket members from the three squads sneaked into the Changchun Forest and headed directly toward the well-defined Heracross community.

    During the day, the trail of Heracross has been re-determined by them, so now even if it is black, the route is clearly under the guidance of Pokémon.

    The 18 Rockets members are divided into three teams, each of which is surrounded by a different direction.

    10 minutes later.

    "No.A team member frowned and suddenly screamed badly.

    The next moment, the surrounding light was shining, the rangers commanded several Pikachus to release Spark to shine on the forest, and the flashlight hit the Rockets.

    "Dirty poachers, even dare to fight the idea of the forest elves."Looking at the guns in the hands of the Rockets, the guards were cold.

    I was found

    In the face of this situation, the Rockets members did not say anything, dropped Poké Ball and tried to escape, but before they responded, everyone was controlled by a powerful Psychic.

    "Vulpix, well done."

    In the shadow, Terrance makes a sound.

    The frightened Rockets members looked at the shadows. I wanted to find out who controlled them, but they didn't get anything because Terrance didn't take the lead.

    "1…2…3…12 people, a total of 12 people."After the rangers counted the number of Rockets, they quickly took out the ropes and tied them up.

    "There are still six people?"

    Bruno didn't know when it was in front of Terrance and looked at Terrance with a question.

    "I deliberately let go, Master Bruno, you should not chase, or I will be embarrassed."

    "No problem, but you have to give me a reason."Bruno blinked boringly. "It’s so sleepy, it’s time to go to Rest."

    Looking at the rangers who were bundling the Rockets, Terrance blinked and looked at the moon in Soaring in the sky and quickly left the place.



    At the same time, in another direction, six people rushed to escape, and everyone was afraid of the color.

    "There should be a traitor among us."Six Rockets members stopped and the captain’s voyage looked at the five men.

    Immediately, he threw a Poké Ball, a Beautifly appeared in the air, releasing a few Air Cutter separated by a few people.

    "Captain, what are you doing?!"

    One member was shocked: "The rangers are about to catch up. Even if they don't leave, even the police will come."

    "Of course I know, but if we don't deal with traitors, it will be more difficult for us to leave."The chart looks at the only female member, "Yoko, no, it should be said to be the running dog of Alliance."

    "What have you lost in the escape process?"After all, the chart took out an earring-type communicator. When I saw the communicator, Jenny Lan Kong shrank and quickly calmed down and explained: "Captain, what do you mean?"

    "If you don't admit it, then I will command you to hand over Poké Ball as the captain."The chart command road.

    "Captain, this is too strong for people, and there are pursuers behind."Jenny Lan was in a panic. She didn't think that the Rockets who had been transferred from Hoenn had found out their problems. Just now she discarded the communicator and said that she had done it secretly, but she did not expect it to be discovered.

    "Do you want to resist the order?"In the eyes of the chart, the cold mang flashes: "She is a traitor. We are all ambushed this time for her sake. Hurry up, solve this woman first."

    Upon hearing the captain's analysis, the remaining four Rockets members couldn't believe it and watched Jenny Lan.

    "Yoko, come over Poké Ball and prove your innocence, don't disobey the captain's order."One person did not believe that Jenny Lan was a traitor and urged the opening.

    However, in the face of the urging of the other side, Jenny Lan is indifferent, she naturally can not hand over Poké Ball, after surrender, she really has no room for resistance.

    In the heart, I sighed, and after the captain, who called the chart, ordered Beautifly to launch an attack, Jenny Lan took a moment and made a decision immediately.

    "Sandslash, Sandstorm, Ditto, Transform is Charizard."

    The next moment, her Poké Ball popped a ray of light, and at the same time she dropped a layer of powdery objects, which quickly flashed into a Charizard.

    The Ditto mask was taken down and Jenny Lan took a deep look at the Rockets member from Hoenn and quickly rode Charizard back to Sandslash to escape.

    Jenny Lan’s move confirmed the fact that she was a traitor. The rest of the team members did not think that the enemy was always by their side.

    "There is no time to take care of her, the mission fails, we have to hurry to retreat."The chart command road.

    After catching the traitors, the chart became a master of several people, and several people quickly fled to the depths of Changchun Forest.

    On the other side, following the footsteps of Vulpix, Terrance came to a jungle, opened the leaves from under a tree and pulled out a body.

    Vulpix Dazzling Gleam shines, the appearance of the body owner appears in front of Terrance, this is a young man wearing a rocket uniform, the position should be the captain.

    That is the head of the six-person squad that Terrance let go.

    “It seems that Mismagius has succeeded.”

    Terrance smiles lightly, this person can not handle it casually, the other person's personal freedom, the next time you have to limit the line, in order to ensure that no information is leaked.

    According to the information provided by Joy Ling, this person is from Hoenn, and the elves have Kirlia and Beautifly. After seeing this information, Terrance immediately made a decision to let Mismagius replace this person and sneak in with his own Kirlia and Beautifly. Inside the Rockets.

    Mismagius's illusion camouflage level is absolutely above Jenny Lan's Ditto camouflage level. If it is not the Elite level's proficient Pokémon, the probability of Mismagius being discovered is almost zero.

    At the same time, Mismagius also acquired the memory of the chart through the way of consciousness invasion. It can be said that the current Mismagius is the chart.

    "Let Mismagius sneak into the Rockets as an aeronautical chart. As for Jenny Lan and Joy Ling, it is barely a test, and then their actions are completed by assisting the Mismagius action."

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