Pokemon Court Chapter 744

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 744th next step, floating astronomy
    After confirming that Mismagius had completed an identity exchange with the Rocket Squad leader chart, Terrance went to meet with Joy Ling and Jenny Lan.

    "Captain, I am very sorry, my identity is exposed."

    Jenny apologized and said that being identified by the Rockets members meant that the next investigation could not continue, that is, she failed to complete the test of Terrance.

    Terrance shook his head. "When Joy Ling sent the information, you have proved your ability, but…"

    Recognized by Terrance, Jenny Lan and Joy Ling are clearly surprised and delighted.

    "But what?"

    "However, you are not discovered by the Rockets."Terrance signaled them to look at the cloth bag at the door, boring their ears, "Go and see."

    Suspicion of opening the bag, found that inside is a person who fainted in the past, the two men shriveled together.

    Rocket? !

    Joy Ling was shocked when she saw this man's uniform. As for Jenny Lan, she was even more shocked.

    This person is the rocket captain who discovered her espionage status.

    ButWhy on earth.

    "The Rockets' actions failed. Nearly all the members were arrested. The team members who successfully escaped should be subject to strict scrutiny. If you follow them back, it will not be of much significance. Maybe it will be in a more dangerous situation."

    Terrance pointed to the chart: "I called another person to replace his identity. Even if it is found that evacuation is not a problem, it is safer than if you sneak into the Rockets. I will release a formal task for you, the first one. Just handle this person."

    "And the second one is waiting for the news of the 'nautical chart'. If the other party succeeds in standing firm in the Rockets, you will be responsible for his actions. If he is found, he will wait for another plan."

    Terrance's words, Jenny's blue face is awkward, and the mood is complicated. The Rocket captain who reported his spy identity is also undercover. !

    "Choose him, does he think his ability is stronger than me?"Asked by doubt, Jenny Lan quickly dismissed the idea and decided to take the task seriously.

    Joy Ling and Jenny Lan looked at each other and looked at Terrance: "Received! Captain



    The next day.

    Terrance returned to the Changchun Forest and wanted to see Bruno Elite.

    The other party asked him to give an explanation for letting the Rockets go. Terrance naturally didn't explain what he thought of his purpose, and it was good to prove his ability in a battle.

    For this purpose too, he returned to the Changchun forest to find Bruno.

    "What about Bruno Master?"

    When they came to the place where the rangers lived, one of the older rangers shook their heads: "He said to go to Miacha Mountain early in the morning and left a message saying that if you want to find him, go to Miacha Mountain."

    "Goed away…"Terrance frowned.

    Miacha Mountain is on the side of Pallet Town. Even if you ride Altaria in the past, you have to catch up with it for a while.

    If you leave without saying anything, you can let yourself chase each other. It seems that you don't have to explain anything. Anyway, the Rockets let go of it, let Bruno Elite practice it.

    It is estimated that the character of the other party’s nerves will be forgotten in a few days.

    "Thank you."Terrance said to the ranger.

    "No, no, no, thank you, it should be me, thank you for your help to arrest the Rockets yesterday."The forester thanked.

    Bruno Elite walked away, and Terrance didn't bother to chase. He currently has two things to add. One is the special action team composed of elves such as him, Joy Ling, Jenny Lan, Mismagius, etc., sneak into the Rockets internal investigation of Wicktor Masters. .

    The second is to continue to train Vulpix and Carbink. Vulpix is almost the same as the icemoon technique. However, due to insufficient strength, the icemoon effect cannot be perfected. This problem will be solved after evolution. The essence of its evolution has been accumulated enough, and the distance from the force formation is only an opportunity for Ice Stone to evolve at any time.

    But Terrance intends to work harder for a while, allowing Little Vulpix to integrate the existing tricks, sublimate its coordination, and then use the top quality Ice Stone, Fairy Aura double Gravity to make it evolve.

    As for the mutation of Carbink, it became the main research task of Terrance. Because of the possibility of mutation, Terrance even modified the training tasks for Carbink.

    Accumulate Fairy energy and stop the consumption of Fairy energy.

    Compared with the short-term, the potential and strength will be greatly enhanced after the mutation into Diancie, and the time wasted is worthwhile.

    “After the evolution of Vulpix, Carbink, and Kirlia, my Fairy team is finally formed.”

    Terrance is surging, Vulpix, Carbink, Kirlia. Their growth trajectories are different from Altaria. The old saying goes, the richer the Trainer's experience, the stronger the strength of Pokémon. It is the situation of Terrance.

    Kirlia took only a few months of growth and caught up with Beautifly's years of hard work, which is inseparable from Terrance's current Trainer and Breeder experience.



    "This is your special training mission."

    In Nibi, Terrance developed a special training mission for Joy Ling's Gengar, 3D Dragon, and Jenny Lan's Sandslash and Ditto.

    "Although you may have received combat training at the Interpol School, but the strength you are playing is not enough. During the unexecuted mission, you should upgrade your strength as soon as possible. Only in this way can you accomplish the task better."

    Terrance is facing two people.

    Joy Ling's Gengar is the main training object, and her 3D dragon is usually assisted by his computer intrusion technology and does not participate in combat.

    Jenny Lan's Sandslash and Ditto are all fighting, but Ditto is more often a partner in assisting Jenny Lan to disguise.


    Using Mismagius's illusion skills and floating Bubble Sandstorm tips as a template, Terrance has developed a special training program that will be effective in the short term. If they can complete the special training, they will greatly benefit their subsequent strength improvement.

    Terrance believes that even if Joy Ling and Jenny Lan have experienced systemic combat teaching at Interpol, their Teacher is absolutely impossible to have such a foundation.

    Even the Interpol school, there is no exaggeration to let a strong person who is superior in the top Trainer to be a Teacher.

    "Kuga ~~"


    As Sandslash and Gengar fought, Terrance turned to the two men and their elves who quickly entered the special training and began to turn and leave.

    At the same time, Mismagius also entered the Rockets with Beautifly and Kirlia. They haven't received any news yet, so they are safe and sound. Anyway, Terrance is not worried about them. Let's not say that the power of Misagisu and Beautifly is there. The ability of Kirlia to summon Mewtwo is enough to make them unmanned. Can block.

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