Pokemon Court Chapter 745

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 745th chapter is ready to evolve Vulpix, floating astronomy
    The next day.

    The miscellaneous charts of Mismagius came to good news, and although they received the corresponding Punishment, they were successfully incorporated into other divisions.

    It seems that because of the good potential of the original chart, he is still the captain.

    With this news, Terrance let go of his heart and handed over the task of communicating with Mismagius to Joy Ling. Terrance returned to the Laboratory and planned to leave.

    "Would you like to go?"

    The Schwarz researcher's eyes were red, and he was purely because of the day and night of research that caused the eyes to be sour, rather than the sad Terrance.

    "Yeah, hey, what's going on with your hair."Terrance looked at the other messy head and slammed his mouth.

    "Not in the experiment."The Schwarz researcher scratched his hair and quickly shouted: "I won't say anything else. If you want to give someone else the Light Ball, remember not to let the other party merge."

    "What happened?"A glimpse of Terrance.

    “I have already had half of the successful cases after I put the two Light Balls exchanged into the research.”

    We did itTerrance was surprised.

    “Well, among the five different electric elves, only Pikachu has succeeded.”Schwarz researchers in the eye, "Pikachu this kind of elf should be the most compatible with the light ball of the elves, but there is a point, although the light ball inside the electrical energy is not much, can normal Pikachu simply can not withstand the strong stimulation of electrical fusion, It is difficult not to use it to affect the vitality of the body to enhance the strength, even to ensure that the electrical fusion is not harmed. ”

    "Your Pikachu…"

    "Now that it has been sent to Nurse Joy, the Light Ball has also separated, and the fusion failed."The other party shook his head and seemed to be sorry.

    "I want to give the Light Ball the object I remember is also Pikachu, right? This is a very dangerous thing, so you should think about it again, or, after my research is successful, I will contact you, you come to me to assist in the integration. ”Schwarz researcher said.

    "Is it so dangerous…"Terrance frowned, then suddenly stunned and thought of something.

    The same is true when Altaria merges with the fire of life!

    At the flame of the life of Mimic Entei, Altaria has been stuck in the fusion of flame and life energy.

    For the fusion of flame energy and life energy, Terrance and Altaria have tried many methods.

    For example, the power of the flame envelops the life energy, for example, the energy of life covers the power of the flame, but as a result, none of them end in failure, and the stronger energy will instantly devour another energy.

    After trying to get the two energies to the same point, the situation is even worse. The two energies that interact with each other directly erupted a violent amount of violence, causing damage to Altaria. If Altaria is physically strong, it is estimated that It will be sent to the same treatment as the Pwarchu of the Schwarz researcher.

    Altaria's fusion of the fire of life is very similar to the failure of the Light Ball and Pikachu fusion described by Schwarz researchers, which gives Terrance a firm testimony to the belief that a successful fusion of Light Ball.

    Considering the stakes, Terrance intends to shelve the idea of giving Ash Light Ball. Anyway, he promised that Ash would break into the top eight of the Indigo Plateau Conference before sending him the Present. It was still early, and he had many choices.

    However, Terrance thinks that Ash's Pikachu is different from other Pikachus. During the teaching of Ash in the future, the other party's Pikachu has shown considerable potential. The body's lightning energy is almost several times that of the same kind. Maybe Light Ball and Ash's Pikachu are true. It's a perfect fit.

    If you can successfully integrate, there is also a help for Terrance to study the fire of life.

    "Let's please."Terrance told Schwarz researchers that electrical integration stimulates the vitality of the body to increase the power of Altaria's life. This is a big deal!

    "Do your best."The Schwarz researcher nodded.

    Thanks to this, Terrance left the city of Nibi and started all the way east, challenging the Contest Contest in Kanto Region.

    Contest Contest Rainbow Conference, Contest Contest Saffron Conference, Contest Contest Cinnabar Conference…

    And to the final Contest contest often talks about Conference.



    A month later, Terrance challenged the Contest Contest in four cities and achieved all the winnings with the small Vulpix.

    Moreover, they are all absolutely superior. In order to perform and compete in the Contest competition, Terrance pursues the ultimate coordination. This month, the Vulpix has undergone a very strict and meticulous special training.

    "This is your ribbon medal."

    At the closing ceremony of the Conference, Lilian handed the ribbon to the winner, and then approached the ear of the Terrance ear:

    "Mr. Terrance, you have already gathered five ribbon medals, and then you should plan to participate in the Grand Festival, right?"

    "This, to be determined."Terrance smiled.

    “What?” Lilian replied and regained the look of Host, picked up the microphone and continued to preside over the closing ceremony.

    Terrance participated in the Contest competition very frequently. He swept the Kanto Region in a month, and his skills in the five conferences were all mimic by the Coordinators.

    Vulpix was born for coordination. As it grows, it gradually demonstrates its ability to coordinate with Beautifly and becomes another coordinator of Terrance.

    At the same time, because of Terrance, countless people began to travel to the Alola Region, only to accept an Alola form Vulpix.

    "It's going to evolve."

    While enjoying the voices of many people, Terrance is calm and ready to evolve Vulpix.

    Vulpix can be said to be the first Pekémon to be accepted by his main elves. The accumulated accumulation is also the richest. After the evolution, its strength will be explosively improved!

    Terrance's team battle system is about to take shape.

    But before that, after the conclusion of the Contest Contest, the Conference Closing Ceremony, Terrance had to do something in advance.

    Just now, a teenager named Troie contacted Terrance…

    "Is it already approved by the Nibi Road Hall for just two months?"

    Terrance almost forgot the child. I didn't think of a catching squad who had been picking up at the beginning. I could really get the approval of Xiaogang's father, Flint, the owner of Nebi Road Hall, within two months with an elf like Weedle.

    "It is a miracle."

    At the end of the Conference Closing Ceremony, Terrance escaped everyone with a wealth of experience, leaving the venue alone and heading towards the Changchun Forest.

    When I came to the outskirts of Changchun Forest, Terrance saw the Troie who was waiting for her own or was wearing a trap. It was a bit of a smile. It was interesting to see what the other party was doing with Beedrill to get the approval of the Rock Pavilion owner.

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