Pokemon Court Chapter 746

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the chapter 746 crit genre, floating astronomy
    "Terrance seniors!"

    After seeing Terrance, the teenager in green short-sleeved, brown shorts and a straw hat immediately rejoiced.

    He took out a box and carefully took out the Boulder Badge, a sign approved by the Nibi Road Hall, and looked forward to looking at Terrance.

    "The challenge you gave me is complete."

    Troie is in a tight mood. For the past two months, he has been training with Weedle day and night, conceiving the winning method and consuming their very big heart.

    All of this effort is to get Terrance's approval and get a chance to become stronger in Terrance's mouth.

    Troie, who is poor, naturally knows how rare this opportunity is, so in the past two months, even if he can't sleep well, he has to give his Pokémon a very good environment for growth.

    Think about it, since Terrance can get to know the owner of the pavilion, it should be a very powerful Trainer.

    Troie is looking forward to the opportunity to become stronger in Terrance's mouth. Only when he is stronger can he make the people in the village proud of himself.


    Terrance's calm expression smeared a smile and said to the other side: "It seems that you have worked very hard in the past two months to beat Graveler with Beedrill, which is beyond my expectations."

    Terrance asked Mr. Flint to let the other person test Troie with the criteria of the Region Conference threshold. That is to say, although only the Boulder Badge was obtained, Troie and Beedrill have grown to the level of the Region Conference for two months. It is the downstream level of the Trainer that collects 8 Badge.

    This is how hard it is for Terrank, a Rookie who has no resources to hold Weedle.


    Terrance has no extra nonsense, and although Troie has met his requirements, he still has to understand the other's abilities. Let's take a look at what Nie is recognized by Troie.

    The Poké Ball popped out, and Terranc's Carbink appeared on the field, watching Troie silently.

    Looking at this Pokémon, a stone-like blue gem, Troie glimpsed.

    "It's Carbink, Rock and Fairy Type, the constant body of the Ability, good at defense."Terrance spoke and told the other person enough information.

    "Thank you, I remember!"Troie nodded and released the Weedle, which he had evolved into Beedrill.

    In the information registered in the Alliance network system, Terrance is the owner of the Bug Type pavilion, and he naturally has Breeder who has been the Beedrill.

    His method of Breeder Beedrill is based on the coordination of Sword Dance, Twineedle, Fury Attack and so on.

    The final training results are similar to the anti-fist shield techniques used by Ash.

    It is a coordination technique that is based on attacking and defending, and is called the absolute defense. In conjunction with Sword Dance, Beedrill will constantly strengthen itself to the limit Contest Condition that it can withstand in the airtight defensive circle.

    First face the challenger with defensive ability. If the opponent can't crack this defensive skill, waiting for the opponent is the fierce attack that is strengthened to the ultimate Beedrill.

    Each Pokémon derives different Breeder methods because of personality, Ability, and mastery. Trainer's job is to summarize the Breeder route that best suits this Pokémon. Troie Breeder Beedrill's method Terrance can't guess, so the battle is The best way to check the ability of the other person's Breeder.

    The legs are slender, with large, thick white needles on the hands, two pairs of wings on the back, and the Beedrill scorpion with complex lines on the wings, and the momentum is condensed, and Lock On lives in Carbink.

    The expression is good.

    Seeing Beedrill's look, Terrance observed that Beedrill had been invincible by Breeder, and it seems that Troie's Breeder method is very different from his Breeder Beedrill.

    "Beedrill, then!!"

    Before the battle didn't start, Troie threw a small piece of pulp, and after Beedrill caught it, he immediately used Bug Bite Absorb to extract the essence of the flesh.

    That's…Terrance looked at it and immediately put the doubt in his heart.

    "Are you ready?" Then I started to attack. ”

    With the cautious Troie nodding his head, Terrance initiated the order.

    "Carbink, Stealth Rock."

    “Beedrill, Focus Energy!”

    After a simple command, there was no change in the venue. Terrance issued a command to place Stealth Rock. Troie did not waste this space and quickly let Beedrill use Focus Energy.

    Stealth Rock …What is this move?

    Although Troie is good at using knowledge to enrich himself, his knowledge is still too little. He sees Carbink making a move without any change, and he looks dignified.

    “However, Beedrill has completed Focus Energy, and it’s our turn to fight back.”

    “Beedrill, Pin Missile !!”

    Stepping forward, Troie shouted, and Beedrill instantly waved Twineedle, condensing a green light group, and then violently flew out the five green-colored flying needles.

    In the face of each other's attacks, Terrance is not anxious: "Harden."

    When Harden's radiance flashed on Carbink, the five Pin Missile descended at the same time, closely arranged in order, one after the other, and the sniper hit Carbink.

    boom! boom! boom! boom! boom!

    With five sounds, Troie showed excitement, but before he was too happy, he saw Carbink standing in the ground and only scratching his body.

    ‘How?’Troie looked awkward and couldn't believe it. With this trick, he defeated Mr. Flint's Graveler.

    "Gravity."Terrance continued to give orders, and a strong pressure was overshadowed by Beedrill in the next moment. Beedrill, who was flying in the air, suddenly slammed and slammed.

    "And then use Rock Throw."During Beedrill's landing, Terrance issued the final command, and countless Stealth Rocks fell at the fastest speed. No one could observe the fall trajectory. Stealth Rock cooperated with Rock Throw to complete the thorough crushing of Beedrill and let Beedrill in the Gravity environment. There is nowhere to escape, but only a breathing effort loses the ability to fight.

    It was so easy to lose and let Troie stand there.

    "As a Rookie, your performance has been excellent."Terrance ignored each other's daze, and then easily explained the other side of the breeder method: "Bug Bite moves can absorb the special power contained in the tree fruit, first assist Lansat Berry's power to quickly complete the focus Energy, let Beedrill Lock on the enemy's ability to reach a peak, and then with sniper ability, multiple attack mode pin missile to give the greatest damage, this is your strategy, even if the defense known as the Rock system Pokémon, It will not be too good to withstand the ability damage caused by snipers and the strengthening of focus Energy five times … "

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