Pokemon Court Chapter 747

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the first apprentice of the body 747, floating astronomy
    “It seems that you have thought a lot about this tactic based on your Beedrill situation. Lansat Berry is not a common tree.”

    Looking at Troie, Terrance showed an expression of appreciation, but at this time, Troie had already turned up the waves.

    Lansat Berry, Bug Bite, Focus Energy, Pin Missile, sniper, his tactics to check through countless data based on his own Beedrill, was only a round of insights by Terrance, even the first type of tree that was fed Beedrill was Knowing that this made Troie somewhat frustrated.

    Even the effects of Lansat Berry are known to each other?

    Troie Heart shocked, Lansat Berry effect or he only learned by chance, this knowledge with his current level of no contact at all, can be said to be his "small opportunity", without this "small opportunity", he could not conceive this breeder method, but, This kind of skill that he can not ask for, Terrance even just a glance out …

    "Terrance seniors…"Troie lowered his head.

    "Without losing, your talents don't stop there, just being born limits your development."Terrance walked over and touched the other's head and smiled. "Now, I invite you to join Fallabor Gym as the owner of the Fallabor Gym. You, are you willing?"

    "Don't rush to answer, think clearly."

    “Fallabor Gym is a pavilion specializing in Bug Type elves. It is built for a short time and is in the Hoenn Region. But if you are willing to become a Fallaboro Gym apprentice, you will be able to get the Trainer status through the channel after the practice. How do you mean? ?"

    “Bug Type Dojo?”Troie's eyes sparkled with an unknown light. After thinking deeply, he looked at Beedrill and slammed the railroad: "I am willing."

    "Great."Terrance nodded. The other didn't answer immediately, and he didn't hesitate for a long time. The style of action was still satisfied by Terrance, and the opponent was also a battle concept built with Breeder knowledge. It was similar to Terrance's Breeder style. From these points of view, The other person is indeed suitable to become an apprentice at Fallabor Gym.

    With Troie joining the Fallabor Gym, the Fallabor Gym was also opened and had the first apprenticeship in the pavilion.

    "That Terrance senior, when will I go to Fallabor Gym? I haven't dealt with the work on my side…"Troie asked at this time.

    Work. Quit it. ”Terrance casually said, "There is no need to go to the pavilion. There is another owner in the pavilion. You will be with me for the next time. When the time comes, I will arrange for you to go to the pavilion."

    "And, don't call Terrance's predecessors."

    "I understand, Sir Gym Leader."Troie Road.

    "The owner? Whether it is worth it. ”



    A day later, Troie handled the matter and found Terrance again, and then they walked outside the city of Toki.

    At noon, the two stopped at a rock and took a break.

    "Give me the job of finding firewood."

    Seeing the afternoon, Troie wanted to take the initiative to take the lunch, but was stopped by Terrance.

    "Not so troublesome."

    Terrance saw Troie's kitchen utensils come complete, and smiled and said: "Just use the curry in your backpack to make a meal, as for water and fire…"

    Throw out the Poké Ball and call out the floating bubble. In the air, a group of water is stripped out of the air. Then, the temperature in that area rises instantly, and a large group of water immediately boils.

    Seeing the small body of the floating bubble manipulating the water and the fire, Troie envied for such a convenient ability, and it was a must-have for traveling.

    "I am going to prepare lunch!"Troie is on the way.

    The lunch time passed quickly and Troie asked, “Sir Gym Leader, where are we going next?”

    Hill TopTerrance pointed to the distance and said: "It is predicted that there will be a full moon tomorrow night. It is the time when Moonlight is the strongest. We are looking for a mountaintop to wait for the full moon."

    "Wait for the full moon?"Troie was puzzled, but didn't continue to ask, but she was honestly following Terrance.

    When Terrance stopped, Troie trained Beedrill, and when Terrance left, he and Terrance were on the road.

    In this way, the Contest Condition was maintained for another day. The next morning, Terrance was still in Calm Mind, and Troie got up early and trained with Beedrill.

    "I really work hard…"Terrance perceives the outside world in Calm Mind and discovers that Troie's efforts are a little bit sloppy.

    Also, if Troie doesn't work hard, it's not so easy to train Beedrill to the Region Conference threshold within two months.

    “Beedrill, use Pin Missile !!”

    Troie stood outside and directed Beedrill to attack the Rock, and Beedrill's various tricks were exercised again and again.

    This kind of training method can only make the elves familiar with the use of moves, but it is difficult to master the use, unless it is training on a yearly basis.

    In Terrance's view, this training method is somewhat inefficient, but considering that Troie's content is not enough, Terrance can understand.

    "Giant pitcher plant, ramie, water poisonous celery, white snake root grass, boat-shaped aconite, raccoon, venus, white horn, oleander…"

    During the training, Troie heard the sound coming into the ear, his body slammed and turned his head.

    "Sir Gym Leader, you wake up."

    "Well, have you written down?"After Terrance spoke of 13 plants, he looked at Troie.

    "Ahhhh…"Troie was clearly stunned, showing a distressed look and said, "No."

    "Then I will say it again."Terrance smiled and continued to name the 13 plant names. At the same time, the speed of speech slowed down a lot. It turned out that Troie's head was really easy to use. After quick memory, he quickly recorded the name of the plant with a pen.

    “These are the most basic 'Toxic' blending materials. You need to collect the materials yourself. After you collect the materials, please ask me about the blending method.”

    “Collecting materials, in this mountain?”A glimpse of Troie.

    "If you can find one or two materials in this mountain, even if you are lucky, it is impossible to collect it on your own. I don't care how you collect it. I just have to look at one result."Terrance waved his hand. "Go, go to the top of the mountain. I should be there all day. You can allocate it for the rest of the time. It's training or looking for materials. It's all about your idea." ”

    Silently behind Terrance, Troie recalls the names of those plants.

    After spending two hours on the top of the mountain, Terrance said: "Are you ready?"

    "Well, I am going to look for it."Troie Road.

    "In this case, it is Rotom Pokédex, and you can first understand the characteristics of these plants through it."The Terrance opening then Rotom Pokédex flew out of his backpack and looked at Troie in his predecessor's gesture.

    "You can call me Rotom Teacher Rotto !!"Rotom Pokédex is pretentious.

    Troie saw Rotom Pokédex fly out and then opened his mouth, his eyes widened, and he was scared to step back and point to the other side.

    "It does have the ability to act as your Teacher. If you don't understand anything, you can ask it."Terrance smiles, Rotom Pokédex, which is equivalent to another Terrance.

    YesYesTroie nodded and respected him: "Rotom Teacher, hello!"

    Sending Troie to Rotom, Terrance began to plan Vulpix's evolution plan at the full moon!

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