Pokemon Court Chapter 749

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 749 evolution, Moonlight Fox! Floating astronomy
    Knowing what Terrance was waiting for, Troie calmed down and waited with Beedrill.

    Before Troie returned, Terrance had taken back all the Pokémon and let them go back to Poké Ball to rest.

    But in fact, the most need to adjust the spirit of the Contest Condition, is Vulpix and Altaria, because the next is the home of both of them.

    "Rotom, how long will it take?"

    "4 minutes and 33 seconds."


    After confirming Terrance, I took out Vulpix's Poké Ball.

    After the white light flashed, the white Vulpix appeared on the Rock, and the amber-like pupil began to look at Soaring in the sky.

    It has already felt that the power of Moonlight is getting stronger.

    "It's the white Vulpix!"After seeing Vulpix, Troie's heart was this Vulpix, who defeated her Weedle with one eye, just don't know if she and Beedrill are qualified to play against this Vulpix.

    After releasing Vulpix, Terrance also released Altaria, who returned to Poké Ball.

    Both Pokémons are accumulating strength for the full moon, but this time Altius is assisting compared to Vulpix, which needs evolution.

    "It's Altaria, Pokémon in Hoenn. You, besides Kanto's Pokémon, should you be unfamiliar with other Region's Pokémon?"Terrance looks at Troie.

    "Well, I only learned about Kanto's Pokémon."Troie nodded.

    "Is wondering what I am going to do next?"Looking at Troie's confused eyes, Terrance smiled.

    "Mm."Troie Road.

    "It's evolution. Vulpix has accumulated enough of evolution. It just happens to meet the full moon tonight. It can finally take advantage of this opportunity to complete evolution."

    Terrance looks at Soaring in the sky. According to Rotom Pokédex, this mountain is still the strongest place for Moonlight tonight, and it is very suitable for mobilizing Fairy energy.

    EvolutionTroie glimpsed, "Is Vulpix evolution not requiring Fire Stone? Why wait for the full moon? ”

    “Ewww.”After that, Troie stunned again. The Vulpix of Terrance is completely different from his impression of Vulpix. It is estimated to be Pokémon that other Regions are not familiar with.

    "Vulpix evolution does require stones."Terrance replied, "Although my Vulpix is a Vulpix of the Alola Region, it belongs to Ice Type, but evolution has to rely on evolutionary rock, and Kanto's Vulpix relies on Fire Stone, but you know, the evolutionary path is not unique. There are also many influencing factors."

    Troie shook his head in vain.

    "Eevee you know, as evolutionary Pokémon, their genes are so unstable that they may suddenly evolve into different kinds of Pokémon because of the differences in the surrounding environment, and academia has long found that when energy fluctuations in some special environments condense to a level, they can be comparable to the effects of fossils, Eevee, on the other, was the first creature to let this conclusion be confirmed. ”

    "There are still many examples, such as staying hippo, hippo king…"

    "The Sir Gym Leader, Moonlight and Ice Stone…"Troie still doesn't understand.

    Terrance laughed, and Troie's question was exactly what he wanted to hear. The other person could ask for a point, indicating that the other person's understanding is not bad.

    "I ask you, Alola Ninetales' Attribute, do you know what it is?"

    "The first Attribute is Ice and the second Attribute is Fairy."Terrance didn't wait for the other person to answer the question.

    "Ice Stone, can only guide and enhance the ability of Vulpix Ice Type, and the ability to awaken Fairy Type is just a vassal with the increase of the first Attribute, compared to the manipulation of ice and snow, Alola Ninetales's energy for Fairy The level of manipulation is a lot worse."Terrance Road.

    “So, do you want Assist Moonlight to increase the ability of Vulpix's Fairy Type to reach an Attribute balance…”Troie judged.

    Terrance nodded, "in Hoenn Region, there is a magical Pokémon called Lunatone, Lunatone's strength and physical health are associated with the moon phase, in the full moon, Lunatone reached the peak of ability, while in soaring in the Sky is the crescent moon, Lunatone even unable to act as he pleases, it is clear that Lunatone and Moonlight's power is closely related, and in addition to it, in fact, many moves and energy are also related to the power of moonlight, and a lot of moves and the power of the Sun is a truth. ”

    "Synthesis, Sunshine Flame, Grass Elf's Growth…"

    “And Fairy Energy is an Attribute of energy associated with the power of Moonlight.”

    At this point, Altaria has already flown to Soaring in the sky, above Vulpix.

    It is 35 seconds from the full moon.

    "With the power of Moonlight and the dual energy baptism of ice and snow, it can maximize the potential of Vulpix's evolution, and it can also reach its peak through the power of evolution. This is my intention to wait for the full moon here."

    When Terrance thoroughly discussed the evolutionary theory, Troie nodded dizzyly.

    Terrance didn't want to let the other person understand it in a single breath. Troie can combine the tree fruit, Pokémon's Ability and moves to think tactically. It is a good talent and appropriate guidance to help the other party grow.

    Of course, even if Troie understands the evolutionary theory of Terrance's Vulpix, this evolution cannot be replicated, and it can be said that no one can copy it.

    In addition to the Moonblast move, Vulpix does not directly mobilize Moonlight's other abilities, but even if Moonblast mobilizes Moonlight, Vulpix can't absorb the Fairy energy in Moonlight to improve its strength. But now, Terrance can rely on Altaria's Fairy Aura to mobilize the power of Moonlight to give Vulpix reinforcement, while Fairy Aura is the exclusive of Terrance's Altaria and Xerneas, so this evolutionary theory is doomed to be unable to Mimic.

    Of course, if Troie can understand it, he can still apply it to other elves.

    After all, there are too many magical treasures and feng shui treasures in the world.

    The power to transform Moonlight is a special application that Altaria discovered when delving into Fairy Aura, which is very similar to Lunatone's ability to communicate with the moon.


    Just as there was a silence on the mountain, Terrance screamed.

    The next moment, the full moon in Soaring in the sky was completely formed, and the power of Moonlight reached a peak.

    Altaria screams, the moment is full of white light, autonomous Mega Evolution! !

    This scene completely shocked Troie and Beedrill.

    The Mega Evolution process was extremely shocking, and at the same time, Altaria began to release Fairy Aura, which shrouded Vulpix.

    Above Soaring in the sky, with the formation of Fairy Aura, there are countless Moonlights in the Fairy Aura that fits into the pillars like Vulpix.

    "Vulpix, Altaria, use Moonblast."Terrance promptly ordered.

    At the time of the full moon, the strength of the two Pokémon's Moonblast tricks has been greatly enhanced. The liberation of the Assist Moon's power is now madly absorbing the energy of the moon.

    The powerful Moonblast exacerbated the speed at which Fairy Aura absorbed Moonlight, almost in an instant, and the Fairy Aura that enveloped Vulpix seemed to condense several times.

    "Vulpix, pick it up."

    When the time came, Terrance threw the best Ice Stone and threw it in the direction of Vulpix.

    The small Vulpix under the cover of Fairy Aura quickly connected Ice Stone with six tails and then tried to plunder the power inside Ice Stone.

    With the power of ice and snow, the power of Moonlight, and the double energy blessing, Vulpix's body seems to be the most luxurious baptism in the world.


    With Vulpix's Growl, huge energy rushed into its body, inspiring its heritage.

    Evolution, the most incredible growth in Pokémon, is now being experienced by Vulpix.

    The white light is lingering, and the light of evolution is pervasive. At this moment, the shape of Vulpix has gradually changed.

    Looking at Vulpix's changes, Troie held his breath, Rotom Pokédex took photos, and Terrance, looking quietly at Vulpix, was looking forward to it.

    The process of evolution is very fast, just two or three seconds, but in these two or three seconds, Vulpix has experienced a lot, and it feels that Miriam has passed away and is very long.

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