Pokemon Court Chapter 750

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 750th Indigo Plateau Conference is just around the corner, floating astronomy

    As the light of evolution fades, the shape of Ninetales, which Vulpix evolved, is completely stable.

    At the same time, Terrance was relieved.

    Compared to the white hair of the Vulpix period, the nail color of the Ninetales turned light blue, while the part of the tail and the body connected slightly darker, from light blue to blue.

    Compared to the other Region's Ninetales form, Alola's Ninetales' head hair becomes longer and more fluid, and the tail is more fluffy and elegant, bathed under Moonlight, and Ninetales seems to blend in with Moonlight. Together with Normal.

    It's just like,

    Moonlight Fox!

    Ninetales' deep blue pupils seem to contain a moon that makes it mysterious and elegant.

    As the evolution was completed, Ninetales swayed the body, and instantly, the residual Fairy energy collapsed and turned into a little Moonlight, and the flying dance disappeared into nothingness.

    Under the Moonlight embellishment, Ninetales slowly walked out of Fairy Aura, came to Terrance, and smashed him with his head.

    "Congratulations!Terrance is happy inside.

    Ninetales' temperament is beyond his imagination. From the temperament, Ninetales's evolution is very successful. The accumulated accumulation has completely broken out through this evolution.

    Its strength at this time has reached a very strong level.

    "Try harder and you can catch up with your predecessors."Terrance touched the head of Ninetales and smiled.

    Ninetales, who grew up with a golden key, followed by Fairy Aura, the top quality Ice Stone, and Moonlight, now enjoy extraordinary potential and strength. Its strength will also enter the top field.

    This is not a difficult thing for the Ninetales, which has a snowfall and is very early.


    On the side of Troie and Beedrill, I was already immersed in the Contest of Ninetales, and the beauty of Ninetales made them almost sink into it.

    "They are temperament…"Troie is so excited.

    Bathed in Moonlight, not only Ninetales, but also Mega Altaria, which releases Fairy Aura. The temperament of the two elves is of noble elegance. In Troie's view, the two elves are the most beautiful in the world.

    No more elves can surpass.

    Troie, who has never seen any big scenes, was completely shocked.

    "Beedrill, we have to work harder."

    After going through the process of Terrance Breeder Ninetales, and seeing this scene of a hundred years of hardship, Troie is hot inside, he sees a wider world.



    after three days

    The two appeared near the Miyacha Mountain.

    Along the way, Troie continues to search for the plants needed to practice Toxic.

    According to Rotom Pokédex, Miacha Mountain may have a variety of materials needed to blend Toxic.

    This is why the two came here.

    This way, Terrance is still satisfied with Troie.

    With a few others, Troie is the most talented Trainer he has ever seen.

    His talent is a combination of sweat and intelligence, which is one of the most appreciated types of Terrance.

    The most important thing is that although the other person is born in poverty, the quality is not bad. It is very real and simple. It belongs to the same kind of people as Ash and is a natural Trainer.

    "Although there is no Ash talent, but after a little training, maybe it will be a good Trainer in the future. After deploying Toxic, throw the other person into Fallabor Gym. By playing against all kinds of Trainer, Troie should I can grow up right away."

    Terrance looked at the Troie who was exploring the road ahead and sighed slightly.

    Speaking of Ash…Terrance is in a complicated mood.

    The other side is the kind of chance Max's trainer, potential people can not touch the mind, and according to Terrance Guess, Ash's feelings for Pokémon, should no one comparable, this may be ash harvest many opportunities of important factors, the other side dare to save strange elves let themselves stay in the danger again, this quality alone, Terrance on the feel inferior, the other side by the elves love, can and their Pokémon to establish a very deep fetters, it is also appropriate.

    Fortune favors fools.

    "Why don't you go?"

    See Troie stop and Terrance speaks.


    After slamming down, Troie stuttered to the muscle man in the Rock pile, who was punching.

“……”Terrance takes a forehead.

    I even forgot that Bruno Elite was practicing in Miacha Mountain. It has been more than a month, and the other party has not gone yet?

    “That is one of the Indigo Alliance's Elite Four, Mega Superstar Bruno!!”Troie is excited.

    "Not so excited, but it is a real person."Terrance took Troie back and calmed.

    At this time, Bruno seemed to see Terrance, and he only jumped nearly 10 meters high and almost let Troie spit out his tongue.

    boom! !

    The feet steadily landed, and Bruno looked at the Terrance twitching at the corner of his mouth.

    MonsterTerrance was mad at the heart, and there were humans who jumped so high. Although I heard it early, I still couldn’t understand it after seeing it. It was not as close to Psychic.

    "Ha ha ha, Terrance, right, you really are coming."

    "Oh, this is…"Bruno showed a strange look.

    "Master Bruno, let me introduce you, this is my apprentice Troie of Fallabor Gym."Terrance pulled over the recovered Troie Road.

    "Hello Bruno!!! I have seen your videotape! ”Troie was a little excited, Elite Four, the most powerful of the Trainer, he actually saw it.

    Oh, what's wrong, Sir Gym Leader seems to know Master Bruno?

    Troie looked at Terrance at a glance.

    "All right."Terrance licked his temples and some underestimated the influence of the Elite Four in the Trainer.

    "Master Bruno, it’s been a month, I thought you were gone."

    "If you come a few days later, I will leave. The purpose of coming to Miacha Mountain to conquer the huge Onix has been reached. With the opening of the Indigo Plateau Conference, I have to go to Indigo Plateau."Bruno is casual.

    "Great Onix?"Troie glimpsed, looking at the chaotic broken stones around him, and a bad thought in his heart rose.

    The huge Onix won't have been beaten by the Bruno master…

    "It seems that Master Bruno has conquered the talented Pokémon. How do you have any interest in a match? My apprentice seems to admire you. It is better to show him his hands."Terrance suggested.

    Bruno showed an unexpected look: "It's really a good idea to train the new receiver Onix for a while, just missing a match to test the results."

    Well? Want to fight?

    Troie suddenly realized that something was wrong with the plot.

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