Pokemon Court Chapter 751

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 751th chapter Terrance vsBruno, floating astronomy
    After the decision, the actions of Terrance and Bruno were very good.

    Soon, the two vacated a field and used it as a temporary battleground.

    "Troie, you come to be a referee and know how to do it."

    After the two went to both sides, Terrance looked at Troie and greeted him.


    Troie rushed to the middle of the field after a sentence.

    Seeing the venue and the referee, Terrance smiled and said: "Since Master Bruno is ready to test Onix's practice, the rules of the game are set to 1vs1."

    “No problem!”Bruno opening.

    After setting the rules of the game, Terrance nodded to Troie and Troie immediately announced the start of the game.

    Bruno and Terrance are almost the same time thrown Poké Ball, but Terrance is a light throw, while Bruno has a strange posture, it seems to be praying, then force Throw.

    "Special etiquette…"After Terrance sees the action of the other party, guess it.

    Some special genres will do some special etiquette before the battle. This is similar to the habit of kissing the Poké Ball before the individual Trainer sent the elf, but it is somewhat different.

    boom! ! ! ! !

    With the huge Onix that Bruno conquered, Troie was directly shocked. It was too big. When Onix landed, he even flew a lot of stones and almost caught a few people.


    The fierce gaze stared at Rival, and Onix yelled.

    "A big big head."Terrance was surprised to see that he could naturally see how powerful this body contained.

    However, if you want the large size of Onix like Breeder, I am afraid it is not a simple matter. It is really impossible to deal with the Normal Trainer.

    "Hahaha, but it’s rare for you to send Pokémon."Bruno laughed and looked at Carbink, whose size was not even at the Rock at Onix's tail.

    The Rocks of Kalos Region are Pokémon, Carbink and Bruno.

    “The size gap is huge and it seems to be a very interesting battle.”Terrance smiled slightly.

    The battle between the Rocks, the huge Onix and the compact Carbink, will definitely be very interesting.

    "Not even the Ninetales…"Troie, who served as the referee, stunned and knew that Ninetales had an advantage. He couldn't understand why Terrance had to send Carbink.

    Terrance certainly has his own plans.

    Bruno wants to test the results of Onix's practice, which is less than half a month old, and knows this in advance. Terrance is a bit bully to send another force.

    Even if the master of Bruno is powerful, but only trained for half a month, this Onix strength will not be strong.

    If Terrance sends Altaria to them, it is a win-win situation, but it is not the result he wants. It doesn't make sense.

    At present, Carbink and Pupitar are suitable for World War I, so that the level difference is not good, both sides are good.

    "Master Bruno, I am welcome."

    The elves of the two sides are all there, and Terrance is the first to order: "Carbink, Stealth Rock."

    "Then we raise Sandstorm."

    After the two orders one after the other, Bruno almost immediately shouted orders after the Terrance command was issued. Sandstorm swept the entire venue. After seeing this scene, Terrance understood the other's intentions, but Bruno spoke first.

    "And then use Slam!"

    Bruno exposed explosive muscles and his eyes glowed at the battlefield.

    Slam tricks, naturally not playing Carbink, but playing Stealth Rock.

    Terrance wanted to set up the venue first, leaving behind, but was brutally cracked by Bruno. According to Sandstorm's flow, the opponent and Onix directly noticed Stealth Rock, and also planned to use Carbink's Stealth Rock to counterattack.

    The huge Onix swayed the tail, covering half of the field, and Slam's strength, let Troie swallow.

    "…"The Stealth Rock was so easily cracked and became a weapon for Onix to fight back. ”

    Troie scalp numb, worried about Carbink.

    However, his fears were superfluous, and Terrance immediately thought about the countermeasures.

    As Onix's violent swaying tail hits Stealth Rock towards Carbink, Terrance looks and concentrates.

    From the previous round, he clearly saw the strength of this Onix. This Onix has a high innate foundation and is stronger than Terrance's estimate.

    The next moment, Terrance clenched his fist in the palm of his hand and smeared a ray of Fairy, marking Terrance's ability to use Fairy's imprint and reach a telepathy with Carbink.

    The Fairy mark greatly enhances Terrance's commanding ability, allowing him to quickly convey his ideas to Carbink.

    In the face of the fast-paced Stealth Rock, Carbink can definitely feel his own tricks, but after Stealth Rock has been given Onix's strong strength, it wants to re-Telekinesis Stealth Rock will pay a lot of effort, not worth the candle.

    So, Terrance and Carbink chose to avoid, but if you want to evade on Ground, you will definitely become a live target for Onix, and Terrance can't think about it. This is almost the same as Onic Slam's first Stealth Rock. Carbink controls the magnetic force and flies up using Magnet Rise.

    In the wide Soaring in the sky, Carbink can avoid attacks and it will be easier, and the attack will be more advantageous.


    Troie smiled, but he also saw that Onix responded quickly and immediately changed the attack trajectory, using Slam to pump Stealth Rock to Soaring in the sky and continue to attack Carbink.

    However, compared to Carbink in Ground, Carbink flying is more flexible, and it has a special perception of its own tricks, and Stealth Rock, which has been beaten, will not hit it so easily.

    When Onix took the fourth Stealth Rock, Bruno suddenly frowned and found that Onix's movements were slower. Looking at the expressionless Terrance, I immediately realized that this is the opponent's tactics.


    Onix's size is inherently large and its weight is amazing, but it took less than half a month to train, and it was impossible to move after being subjected to the Gravity effect. At the same time, the Gravity field enveloped Onix's Carbink and was also used by Gravity. Suddenly fell.

    During the fall of the body, the body swiftly rotated, using the steel Gyro Ball moves, hitting Onix's head.


    With a bang, Onix was painfully knocked down to the ground, and the whole body lay down, almost causing the small Earthquake.

    InterestingBruno speaks again: "Use Bind."

    No one expected that the hitting Onix suddenly started, and immediately rolled up his tail, and Carbink, who had fallen to his side, swept over and slammed it in his body.

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