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Pokemon Court Chapter 752

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 752, whether to challenge the Elite Four position, floating astronomy
    "Can you move?!"Troie was shocked, couldn't it be moved by Gravity, how could it be so quickly adapted?

    Terrance glimpsed a little, looking at Onix's shiny body, suddenly shaking his head, it turned out to be Rock Polish.

    With the inability to move the gap, Bruno and Onix didn't know how to communicate. Onix increased the speed with Rock Polish and reduced the impact of Gravity.



    At the same time, Carbink of Onix Bind showed a painful look. At the same time, the Terrance command was issued. Carbink swelled in an instant, slightly broke the other's Bind, and quickly broke through the Gyro Ball, and also gave Onix some damage.

    This unfolded and made Troie worry.

    "Sharpen."Bruno’s heart is dark.

    Sharpen: Increases the angle of the body and becomes an angular angle, which increases your own attack and indirectly increases the size of Carbink.

    With this move, Terrance and Carbink succeeded in getting out of danger, and this collaboration made Bruno admire.

    "It seems that I have looked down on you. I didn't think your Carbink willpower is so strong. My Onix's Bind is very powerful."

    "It is a small look at Carbink's defense."Terrance smiled a little, "It's our turn."

    Carbink, Reflect!

    In the face of Onix's ferocious Iron Tail, a wall condensed and stood in front of Carbink.

    After the Bruno command, the Iron Tail, which was fully attacked, was like a direct hit on the thick Ground, which could not be broken.

    "A strong defense wall."Bruno was surprised.

    Compared to Carbink's own defensive power, it uses the defensive class Movel to surprise Bruno.

    Normal, at the same level, Reflect can only be broken by half of the force, but now the Reflect doesn't move, indicating that Carbink's accomplishment of Reflect is at least twice as high as Onix's Iron Tail!

    Then use Iron Defense.

    Terrance communicated with Carbink's mind. At the moment of resisting the Iron Tail, Carbink was strengthened and the body became as hard as Oreburgh, even with a higher intensity.

    "Master Bruno, do you recognize this truth? When the defensive ability is that the physical strength reaches the limit, then the attack power will be even more terrifying."Terrance opening.

    "Some truths."Bruno smiled.

    "Onix, full of Iron Tail!!"

    "Carbink, Gyro Ball!"

    At this point, the Gravity field was dissipated as early as when Carbink was Onix Bind. It was subjected to Rock Polish's Onix. Because the air resistance was reduced, the speed was even more terrifying. The Iron Tail was like a Lucas sweep.

    On the Carbink side, it slammed through the rotating force and flew it out. The Oreburgh ball, which was rotated, hit the Iron Tail.

    The iron tail and the iron ball cross each other, and Bruno and Terrance looked intently at the two elves. As the friction became louder and louder, suddenly the Iron Tail bounced off the Gyro Ball and Terrance showed a happy color.

    "Continue to attack."

    Because Gyro Ball's strength bounced off the tail, Onix didn't stabilize his body for a while, and once again suffered the attack of Gyro Ball.

    boom! ! ! !

    This time, Onix's entire body was knocked out again, and the huge body directly took Ground out of a pit.

    AhBruno scratched his head and suddenly felt uncomfortable.

    At this time, Troie ran quickly, and some couldn't believe the Onix that fainted past.

    Elite Four master, Bruno, was defeated?

    "You, announce the results."Bruno shrugged helplessly.

    "Ah yes."

    Troie quickly announced: "Onix loses combat power, so the winner is Carbink…"

    Troie is still a bit embarrassed until now, can't believe that the Sir Gym Leader has won the Elite Four, and that is the battle that has a variety of changes every time, what is going on?

    "Troie, go with Rotom Pokédex first."Terrance looked at Troie, who was still immersed in the battle, and called Rotom Pokédex.

    The next conversation is not suitable for Troie to hear.

    Got itSir Gym Leader. ”As Rotom Teacher tapped his head and led the way, Troie hurriedly followed.

    When Troie walked away, Bruno came over and said: "No, your Carbink defense ability is so well trained by you."

    "The main training direction is defensive moves."Terrance explained.

    Through Fairy Aura training, how can Carbink's main defensive moves be weak.

    Attack is the best defense. Similarly, defense can be the best attack. This truth is very clear in this battle.

    "Unfortunately, with this potential, you don't want to challenge the position of the Elite Four?"Bruno Road.

    “The Elite position looks too much trouble. Although this honor is very attractive to Trainer, I am also very excited, but I still can't make a decision at the thought of a lot of business.”Terrance shrugged his shoulders.

    “It’s not good to enjoy Slack Off at a young age.”Bruno laughed.

    "Right, I said you…"Suddenly, Bruno turned his head.

    "Investigating the Rockets is no problem. It’s such a big effort. It’s what you want to do."

    Bruno pointed out that it was before Terrance let go of one of the Rockets squads.

    "This is not difficult to see."Terrance calmly replies.

    "I said kid, you are playing with fire, even if you have personal self-protection strength, the Rockets' power is far beyond what you know."Bruno looked at Terrance and seemed to want Terrance to retreat.

    "Thank you for your advice, I understand, so I will act in combination with my own ability."Terrance replied without hesitation.

    "Cough, the same as in the early days."Bruno was taken a sip, and when he was just a search officer, it was the same that the newborn calf was not afraid of the tiger. If it was not the extraordinary potential of the crossing, it would be extremely fast to step into the ranks of the strongest Trainer. It is estimated that the steel has been folded.

    After all, it has been a matter of involving these illegal groups, but it is very complicated.

    This drowning is too turbid, and even the Elites are mostly performing work within the division.

    Terrance was a little silent and understood the reminder of Bruno.

    Black and white collusion?

    Of course, he has thought that it is really a headache to deal with a large organization like the Rockets. The strength of an organization is only one of the forces, and the power is the most important.

    The Rockets will certainly not be able to deal with it, and the behind-the-scenes forces are expected to be very large. Terrance is already prepared.

    "If I have Cynthia, Steven, they are just as good."Terrance suddenly frowned. "Maybe trying to challenge the Elite Four position, my strength can be improved quickly?"

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