Pokemon Court Chapter 753

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 753 is betting on Ash can not be the top eight, floating astronomy
    Being a Region Elite marks the middle and upper class of Alliance, and the power is much stronger than that of a small pavilion.

    The resources that you can enjoy will be even bigger! The secret that you can know will be more!

    "Master Bruno, when are you going to leave."

    At the moment, it is not suitable for more thoughts, and Terrance simply asks.

    “Maybe I will leave today, I have to arrive at Indigo Plateau before the Indigo Plateau Conference begins.”Bruno replied.

    "Indigo Plateau Conference…"Terrance hesitated.

    Do you want to go to the site to see it?

    "Why, do you want to visit the Indigo Plateau Conference? You should have been tired of watching that level of battle. ”Bruno smiled and saw the thoughts of Terrance.

    "Just there is a more optimistic junior."Terrance shook his head.

    "Oh ?" Promising younger generation? Also a contestant, what is the name. ”

    ASHTerrance was with me, but Bruno suddenly licked his head and felt familiar.

    ASH The boy with a Pikachu? ”He asked.

    "it's him."Terrance nodded, and there was no surprise that Bruno knew Ash.

    "Ha ha ha, the boy only came to me to discuss the big secrets of strengthening some time ago. I told him that he is one with Pokémon and he doesn't know how he will understand."Bruno laughed.

    "He is Rookie? What do you think he can achieve? ”

    "What do you think of Master Bruno?"Terrance laughed.

    "Hmph!"Thirty-two strong. ”Bruno thought about it and said that Ash looks stupid. He didn't feel anything special about the other side. The silly Trainer, which can reach 32 in Rookie, is already very high.

    "My prediction for him is the quarterfinals."Terrance is serious.

    "Eight strong?"Bruno's glimpse, some don't understand, the Trainer who is stable at the Regional Conference can already be said to be the elite of Trainer. The silly Rookie Trainer can reach the quarterfinals?

    "Master Bruno, how can we make a bet?"Terrance looked at Bruno, who was covered in muscles and was unbelievable. He smiled and said: "Just be able to get Ash to reach the quarterfinals."

    "How to gamble?"Bruno suddenly came to the mood.

    "If he can get to the quarter-finals, you will teach me how to fight both hands, such as how to jump so high, there should be special practice methods."Terrance is shameless.

    "It turns out that you are playing this idea."Bruno laughed. "Unfortunately, this needs to be practiced from a young age, but it can teach you both hands and it is no problem to improve your physical fitness on the basis of the present, but if he does not enter the quarterfinals."

    Terrance had a plan, and he asked about the opening: "Master Bruno, you as a master of Fighting, it should not be too deep for Sandstorm."

    “It’s true compared to Fighting moves.”Bruno nodded.

    “I saw that Onix had just performed Sandstorm, but shouldn't have been trained, what about the special practice of Sandstorm?”Terrance smiled and called out the floating bubble.

    Seeing this gray Pokémon, Bruno showed a curious look and wanted to see what Terrance was going to do.

    "Floating bubbles, Sandstorm."Terrance opens directly.

    The next moment, the sand fluttered, the earth trembled, and a layer of sand condensed, quickly forming a huge hand, holding Terrance and Bruno together and sending them to heaven.

    Overlooking the Ground, after reaching a height of nearly 10 meters, Terrance smiled and said: "How about this hand?"

    "It's really good. If you let Onix master it, you can definitely enhance its strength."Master Bruno speaks.

    "So that's it?"Terrance asked.

    "Okay, let's see what this Ash will do, haha."Bruno smiled.

    Anyway, whether it is Fighting skill or Sandstorm practice skills, neither of them will come up with the core part. This time, it is more like Joaceon's joke. At the level of two people, this is a small gamble. .

    On the whole, Bruno's complete Fighting and Terrance's complete Sandstorm secrets are still a bit more valuable, so Terrance is actually a small bargain.

    "Will you go to Indigo Plateau?"

    "It is possible to go."

    "Then you can contact me, I will take you to enjoy the big meal, and the Elite Four treatment is very good."Bruno laughed.

    “Does it not hinder work?”Terrance is weird.

    "An, it’s work, it’s actually watching the game, it’s no big deal."Bruno Solaceon.

    "Well, if I go to Indigo Plateau, I will definitely go to eat and drink."Terrance also laughed.

    The two talked about each other, but they were all short-lived at home. After a little bit of time, Bruno planned to leave Miacha Mountain.

    "Then I will leave first, you will continue to wait for your elementary school."Bruno waved his hand.

    "That guy, it should be still in the mountains now, it is estimated that some have waited."Terrance also waved his hand and said goodbye.

    After watching Bruno leave, Terrance released the previously recovered Carbink and summed up the match.

    "A big part of the victory just now is that our strength here is dominant."Terrance said, "I have a mistake in the command, but it also makes me think about it."

    "Jie Mi?"Carbink is puzzled.

    "New tricks."Terrance smiled mysteriously and conveyed his thoughts to Carbink with the Fairy mark.



    A few hours later.

    The sky is getting darker.

    Troie and Rotom Pokédex came back here, and they looked at Terrance and Carbink who stopped training and began to report the gains.

    "You come back first, it's hard."Terrance took out two Poké Balls, took back Altaria and Carbink, and turned to Troie:

    "That is, the last piece of material is still worse."

    "Well, it's just a stinking smell of the Gloom's honey juice and saliva."

    "In this case, how do you collect it?"

    “We’ve met Gloom before, but we can’t tell what the Ability is, and they’re not very cooperative, so I’ve not collected this material…”Troie replied: "I don't want to accept Gloom, so I want to try to buy this material."

    Buy I remember that the price is not cheap. ”Terrance reminded.

    “No problem, I collected other materials and I thought that there would be hard to collect materials, so I also collected a lot of useless medicines that I could sell.”Troie Road.

    "I think it's quite far. Since you have plans, let's go."Terrance Road.

    Where?”A glimpse of Troie.

    It’s getting dark today.

    "It’s cold at night, go to the mountain for the night."Terrance said, "By the way tomorrow morning, follow me to Indigo Plateau, there will be materials you want to buy."

    “At the same time, you have to watch the entire Indigo Plateau Conference with your own eyes, then I will send you to the Hoenn Naplu Hall!”

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