Pokemon Court Chapter 754

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 754 arrived at Indigo Plateau, floating astronomy
    After planning to travel to Indigo Plateau, Terrance and Troie didn't delay time and set off early the next morning.

    The purpose of this trip is to make Troie open his eyes. Second, Terrance plans to look at Ash's game and decide whether to invite him and Pikachu to participate in the Bead Fusion Study.

    Terrance still hopes that Ash's Pikachu has the ability to fuse electric beads, which not only enhances the strength of Ash, but also allows Altaria to participate in the fusion of life fires with this fusion process.

    “Sir Gym Leader, when can I attend the Alliance Conference?”

    On the way, Troie asked suddenly.

    "Want to attend the Alliance Conference? You are still far away, Rotto. ”Terrance hasn't answered yet, and Rotom Pokédex is ahead of the game.

    After Terrance smiled, said.

    “Resolve Beedrill's physical strength and train Beedrill's Focus Energy speed to the speed level after using the fruit. Then Breeder has five Pokémons that are comparable to Beedrill, and you are barely qualified to challenge the Indigo Plateau Conference. game."

    Terrance walked along and said.

    "It takes at least half a year…"Troie has counted the time, and some helplessness, this is still the case when he has enough resources.

    He has now conceived a Pokémon from Beedrill, five fewer than the six Pokémons in the standard Trainer configuration.

    "That said, I set the standard based on the premise that I can achieve good results at the Alliance Conference. I can reach my standard. I should be no problem if I enter the Conference 32. If I am lucky, I can even enter the 16th. After all, in the It doesn't make sense to be eliminated in the qualifiers."

    "What is the standard for the qualifier?"Troie asked.

    "Oh, then you are not qualified yet."Terrance thought about it, said.

    "Don't be too high-spirited, first peace of mind Breeder more Pokémon, the service is the basis of Trainer, since you have decided to familiarize yourself with the Bug Type knowledge, it is better to start from the Breeder Bug Type elf, the Bug Type sprite grows fast, Very suitable for your current situation."

    “At Fallabor Gym, there are plenty of resources for the Bug Type Wizard. As long as you complete my assigned tasks, you can redeem food and even Bug Type Pokémon.”

    Looking at Troie, Terrance said the benefits of going to Fallabor Gym, and Troie nodded.

    At this time, less than a week before the opening of the Indigo Plateau Conference.

    Terrance and Troie arrived in Indigo Plateau in three days, and on the Indigo Plateau, Terrance they booked two rooms at the hotel.

    If they are all Indigo Plateau Conference entrants, not only can the accommodation fee be waived, but even the food expenses can be waived. Unfortunately, the two are not, can't go to the contest village to enjoy the excellent treatment provided by Alliance during the conference.

    "The Trainer has arrived at Indigo Plateau."Troie looked at the streets where people came and went, and was a little excited.

    For the first time, he saw so many Trainers coming together.

    “Most of the contestants should come here to register for accommodation.”Terrance took out the room card and handed it to Troie. "Okay, this is your room card. Before the Indigo Plateau Conference, take the time to collect the last material."

    ‘Yes!’Troie said immediately.

    Troick is only the last material to be successful, and Troie is also looking forward to it. If its Beedrill can master Toxic, its strength should change dramatically.

    At the thought of this, Troie quickly ran out.

    In the Indigo Plateau public area, many merchants rented temporary booths in the lively scene of the Indigo Plateau Conference, and wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to make a fortune. So at Indigo Plateau, you can also see precious props and treasures from all over the world. .

    After half an hour, after daily exchanges with Joy Ling, Terrance stood up and stretched.

    "Okay, let me go and see."

    Mismagius They are all in good condition. They use Hypnosis. They even got a lot of information about the inside of the Rockets. They are now smoothly stepping into the Rockets.

    Whether it is Kirlia or Beautifly, the strength is very strong, assisting the Rocket captain of the Mile Playus Role Play to complete the mission. Now they have a bright future and can be promoted.

    After confirming that nothing happened there, Terrance also left the room.

    "If you can meet the Trainer with the Sun Elf, it will be fine."After leaving the door, Terrance suddenly remembered the research of the previous period.

    In order to match the genetic agents of the awakening Morning Sun, based on the principle of genetics, Terrance collected relevant cherished materials, but stuck in the last material, which was more troublesome than before Troie.

    "I can't use Arcautine to awaken Morning Sun with the genes of Beautifly, Cherubi, and Cherrim. At present, there is only the gene of the Sun Elf, which is not tried. Hey, if you have a hair, you can check the adaptability. Go find it."

    After walking out of the door, Terrance wandered around, and at this time, there are very few Trainers with Sun Elf.

    However, here is the Indigo Plateau, the Trainer is gathering, maybe it is possible to meet one.

    And even if it didn't work, Terrance didn't care. It's just that Solaceon is looking for it.

    Even if he can't find it, it's not difficult for him to be in Breeder himself or through someone else Breeder.

    “There are two days before the opening of the Indigo Plateau Conference. I don’t know if they arrived in the village now.”Terrance walked down the street and touched his chin.

    The contest village is the place to provide accommodation and meals for Indigo Plateau Conference participants. At the same time, there are countless medical staff, Nurse Joy checks the physical condition of the players Pokémon, and the location of the player village is next to the quartz Stadium. The nearest place is, except for the players, it is not easy to live there.

    As for now, Terrance's destination is clear and public to the battlefield.

    The Trainer is here, and there is no shortage of battles. Although the roadside will have the Trainer calling the closest Pokémon for sightseeing, there are certainly not many Pokémons on the battlefield.

    The public battlefield of Indigo Plateau.

    At this moment, there are at least dozens of Trainers who are fighting. As for the audience, there are more viewers. The scene is very lively. People who don’t know that the Indigo Plateau Conference has already opened.

    “Beedrill, Pin Missile !!”

    "Put this, with Flamethrower!"

    Just entering the battlefield, Terrance's powerful perception heard a familiar voice.

    With his ears up, Terrance snorted, how could it be Troie, he even ran to the battlefield and fought against others…

    Slowly walking around Troie's field, Terrance saw his Rival, a peer who looked like he was a year or two older, and the Trainer was playing against a Charmander and Beedrill.

    In this battle, Troie clearly followed the routines against Terrance. After the teaching of Rotom Pokédex, Troie and Beedrill increased their strength. Pin Missile directly broke up the Flamethrower, and the flying needles were like a broken bamboo. They directly bombarded each other. Charmander.

    After winning, Troie jumped up excitedly, won, and won the Trainer with eight Badge on the opposite side. It felt great.

    "Troie."However, Troie was not excited for too long and was called out by Terrance.

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