Pokemon Court Chapter 755

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the chapter 755 tuning Troie, floating astronomy
    "Sir Gym Leader ……"After discovering that Terrance also came here, Troie was clearly stunned and scratched his head and was puzzled.


    "A very exciting match, I lost."

    Just as Terrance called Troie, the Trainer who had just played against Troie came over and rushed, and Troie quickly introduced the person to Terrance.

    "Sir Gym Leader, this is the Trainer who just invited me to play. He is the entrant of the Indigo Plateau Conference, called Jason."

    "Hello there."Terrance is facing each other.

    "Hello, just what Troie called you…Are you the trainer Trainer? ”Jason was surprised.

    “Well, I am the Trainer of the Ballabor Gym,” Terrance replied, looking back at Troie: “Nothing, telling you not to forget the time for too long, you have to collect the materials before the opening of the Indigo Plateau Conference. ."

    "Oh, I will not forget."

    Terrance plans to have Troie deploy Toxic before the opening of the Indigo Plateau Conference, and as the Indigo Plateau Conference is over, he is ready to send Troie away.

    After that, it was the time of the grown-up, and he could not run around with Troie.

    At the same time, Terrance also let Troie Help pay attention to the Sun Elf. Everything was told. After Terrance smiled at Jason and patted Troie's shoulder, he left the battlefield.

    "Troie, that person was…"

    "I am an apprentice at Fallabor Gym, and Mr. Terrance should be my boss."Troie Road.

    No!Jason rubbed his head and said, "I always feel where I saw Mr. Terrance, but I can't remember it. Oh, it's a headache."

    "Forget it, but Troie, your Beedrill is really training. Pin Missile has broken the flame of Charmander. You know that Fire Type is a Bug Type."

    “It’s okay, after all, Beedrill is my strongest partner.”Troie laughed.

    At this time, Terrance has already seen other battlefields.

    Sure enough, he did not expect the sun elves, and even Eevee water and fire three kinds of evolution are rare.

    But it didn't come to me. Looking at these immature Trainers yelling at the game, it also had a lot of meaning, just like seeing yourself at the beginning.

    After a round trip, Terrance didn't stay here for too long. I planned to go to see if there was any stone selling place, not an evolution stone, but a stone suitable for Pupitar as food.

    Although I had prepared a lot before, after a period of consumption, I have to use it now. During the Indigo Plateau Conference, online shopping was also mailed to Indigo Plateau, so Terrance had to think about other methods.

    When I strolled through the booth at Indigo Plateau, Terrance was close to the hotel and it was close to the evening.

    As for the harvest, it cannot be said that it is not, but it is not very satisfactory.

    Troie had already returned early, and put a dozen plants neatly in order, and I was watching it.

    He couldn't think of it, how to use this material to deploy Toxic, and then how to let Beedrill master Toxic.

    Oh…Terrance looks at Troie.

    “Sir Gym Leader ?”

    "Forgot one thing, we didn't have equipment, but there are other methods. Go find Brine and take two wooden utensils."

    Troie nodded and ran out of the room to communicate with Waiter.

    Troie was looking for props during this time, and Terrance picked up a copy of the material and observed the year.

    "Rotom, you can help me calculate it, just follow the previous formula, I tell you the year."

    "No, I can see the year Rotto."Rotom Pokédex shook his head and flew over, smashing Terrance.

    "That's it…"Terrance shrugged and put the material back in, waiting for Rotom Pokédex to analyze the vintage and efficacy through camera processing.

    When Rotom Pokédex was busy, Troie returned and brought the items that Terrance had just needed.

    Toxic's deployment method is very complicated, but Terrance intends to call out Ninetales and floating bubble help, there is Pokémon Help, basically no big problem.

    Sandstorm, flame, Psychic, auxiliary deployment, that is basically foolproof, more reliable than using their own tools, after all, they are not the simple Pokémon, the control of energy has been perfect.

    "This is the formula for the amount of consumption, and then you will be optimistic about the next process. This is a million-dollar move. In the future, there will be Help for other Breeder of your Breeder. When you don't help, you will be able to deploy it. You have to rely on yourself. I only teach you once."

    Terrance, who knows how easy Troie's head is, didn't ask for him.

    "I will remember it seriously."Troie nodded.

    Looking back on the material, Terrance began to communicate with the Ninetales and the floating bubbles!

    When directing the floating bubbles and Ninetales hands-on, Terrance suddenly missed the primary Breeder home assessment. At that time, he had the ability to personally dispense the pharmacy. Although it was just a simple Burn Heal, he also got the full score at that time. The results have shocked many people.

    "The action is smooth."

    At the same time, looking at the floating bubbles, the plants were cut with a Sandstorm condensate knife, while controlling Brine, the flame assisted Terrance blending behavior, and Troie's eyes widened.

    Including the role of the Psychic of the Ninetales, the floating bubble and the Terrance's cooperation is like a cloud, without any mistakes.

    Naturally and very fast, watching Terrance deploy Toxic, Troie slowly changed from death to appreciation, which did not hinder his memory, but let him better understand the Toxic deployment process.

    Finally, Confusion wraps the extract into two vessels, marking the completion of the Toxic blend.

    and was completedTroie wonders, this step doesn't seem to be much.

    "Remember?"Terrance asked.

    "remember."Troie nodded.

    "Well, then you should assist Beedrill to master Toxic. With the strength of your Beedrill, it should take a few hours to completely digest Toxic toxicity. It will be very painful during this time, you have to be with you personally. ”Terrance looked at the sky and said.

    "The sky is getting dark, so let's get started now."

    ‘Yes!’Troie immediately replied and called Beedrill, and it explained the situation.

    Looking at the one-on-one e-communication, Terrance smiles, don't look at his easy deployment, but the hardest part is the change in control volume. When Troie deploys himself, he will definitely encounter many problems, even if there is a formula. It is also a test of artificial operations.

    "The process is…"When Troie and Beedrill communicated, Terrance began talking about the process of practicing Toxic.

    Altogether three steps, first, absorption of toxic, second, phagocytosis toxicity, third, the use of auxiliary drugs to stabilize toxic toxicity, complete three steps, you can master the toxic, of which the first two steps are the most difficult, will accompany the pain, to the third step to slow down pain, although the original Gallade Practice is not much difficult, but Gallade is, after all, elite level, a lot higher than the beedrill level.

    After understanding the process, Troie gradually became serious and planned to start.

    "Rotom Pokédex, let's stay."When Troie was about to start, Terrance nodded to Rotom Pokédex, then turned and left the room.

    Next, it's time for Troie and Beedrill.

    After a while, in the room, Beedrill began to look purple, eyes full of bloodshot eyes, watching the painful Beedrill, Troie sweating, constant comfort, worry in the heart but nothing to do.

    "Let's go over Rotto."Rotom Pokédex sighs slightly, this process will make two guys grow.

    No time, let's go first.

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