Pokemon Court Chapter 756

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 756th chapter of the Holy Fire, floating astronomy
    The next morning.

    After the Terrance wash, Troie was found excited to get out of the room.

    Obviously, Beedrill succeeded in mastering Toxic, and he was very happy as a Trainer.

    “Sir Gym Leader, success…”

    Troie shivered and seemed to want to express his joy, but was immediately shouted by Terrance.

    "Success is good."

    "Right, today's holy fire should arrive, do you want to see it."

    Perfect.Troie is on the way.

    The Holy Fire refers to the Indigo Plateau Conference, which symbolizes the friendship between humans and elves. In various Alliance Conferences, the torch relay and the ignition of the flame are an indispensable part.

    Terrance remembers that the Holy Fire at the Indigo Plateau Conference should have been removed from Moltres, and the Holy Fire at the Silver Conference was the flame of Ho-Oh.

    These two flames are the main flames used by the Kanto Johto Region Region Alliance Conference.

    "Let's go."

    Terrance greeted him, "Go to breakfast first."

    Looking at the holy fire, the outsiders are running around, and Terrance wants to observe the holy fire at close range.

    He had heard of a rumor, not knowing the truth, that is, the Moltres of the Indigo Plateau Conference is self-conscious.

    This level is beyond the scope of Terrance's understanding. From the flame level, it may be above the fire of Entei's life. Of course, this is also Terrance's guess.

    There is more than one Moltres, and there may be a large ethnic group. The fire that the Indigo Plateau Conference preserves should be taken from which ancient existence.

    So no matter what the intention is, Terrance has to see the flame with his own eyes.

    After a simple breakfast, Terrance and Troie started walking towards the quartz Stadium.

    Tonight, the Holy Fire will arrive at the quartz Stadium, and tomorrow, the Indigo Plateau Conference will officially begin.

    So if you want to see the torch relay, the two need to wait in advance on the holy fire route.

    After a long walk, Terrance stopped and said, "Let's be here."

    "Wait here?"

    Troie asked.

    "It's not far from the quartz Stadium, but the flame is estimated to arrive in the afternoon, then you will train here."

    "Just train the Toxic moves that I mastered yesterday, you have to let Beedrill use it early, then I will send Pupitar to practice with you."

    Terrance said that he took out Pupitar's Poké Ball. Pupitar's recent use of Sandstorm is getting better and better. Just yesterday, Pupitar and Terrance said they wanted to see it. After considering it, Terrance agreed and decided to take Troie's Beedrill. .

    "Pupitar?"Troie reacted after a glimpse. This is the pre-evolutionary form of Banjara.

    Dragonite, Bangui, he is no stranger, is the powerful elf he once dreamed of, and now against Pupitar, Troie began to nervous.

    "I will fight with all my strength."After that, Troie threw out Beedrill's Poké Ball, and Beedrill's Twineedle was sharper and brighter than yesterday.

    "The momentum is good."Terrance pointed to the open space in the distance, saying: "Go there."

    The open space was not small, the match was just right, and Terrance came out and released Pupitar, a Pokémon shaped like a silver bullet.

    “Pupitar is Rock and Ground, Poison Type moves very badly…”Thinking of Pupitar's Attribute, Troie is silent.

    In this case, the Toxic mastered yesterday is hard to cause too much damage. This will be a tough battle. Indeed, such a match is more suitable for Beedrill training Toxic.

    After feeding Bearsrill to Lansat Berry in advance, Troie concentrated on the Contest Condition and started to let Beedrill carry Focus Energy. But before the Terrance command, Pupitar's Sandstorm instantly spread throughout the site, and the gravel directly interrupted Beedrill Focus Energy.

    "It's too slow, no one in the game will give you time to strengthen."Terrance is not merciless.

    "Next, Pupitar, I will not conduct any action, you will cheer."After Terrance finished, he leaned on the tree and watched the game with interest.

    Not conducting a command?

    Troie glimpsed and then looked at Beedrill. "In this case, Beedrill uses Agility."

    Troie's operational intent is very obvious. He wants to break through the Sandstorm line with speed. The Beedrill under Agility instantly turns into a shadow, and Twineedle rushes toward Pupitar.

    However, Pupitar's movements are faster. These Sandstorms are like their shields Normal. They are gathered around it in the blink of an eye. They are wrapped one after another, and the venom-filled Twineedle is tied to the sand shield. Beedrill Full of strength, but still can not go further.

    Instead, the sand slowly flows to Twineedle, which seems to wrap Beedrill.

    boom! !

    Just as the Beedrill and the sand shield were deadlocked, the airflow suddenly exploded, and the numerous sands of the sand-covered shield were blown up by Pupitar into bullets, pushing Beedrill out far.

    "It seems that even if you don't have to use the light and heavy mode to keep Pupitar in place, it only uses Sandstorm and it's enough for Troie."On the side of the Terrance smiled and shook his head, called Rotom Pokédex, talked about other things, left the battlefield to Troie and Pupitar, no longer pay attention.

    Pupitar's unique body structure allows it to master the ability to compress gas. In conjunction with Sandstorm's trick, it can use Sandstorm moves from another angle, making Sandstorm powerful and forcing Beedrill to retreat.

    Whether it's a toxin or a storm, Beedrill has a hard time threatening Pupitar, which makes Troie sweaty.

    After a while, Beedrill was exhausted for the first time. Troie had to let Beedrill rest, but after eating the fruits and fruits, after the rest, the battle was repeated again and again.

    This unilateral embarrassment lasted for a few hours, and Pupitar was still alive and well, but Beedrill had already rested for a few times, and the physical disadvantages were completely revealed. This also caused Troie to take a chance to see a lot of Beedrill's short. board.

    No problemWatching the whole person into the Troie in the game, Terrance clap his hands and said: "The Holy Fire is coming. You can go back and sort out the lack of the battle. Don't forget to set up a training plan for Beedrill that can make up for the short board. ”

    "Oh, what, holy fire is coming?!"Beedrill and Troie got a good meal, stopped the attack, and quickly ran to the side of the road to see the distance, and there were a few black spots.

    "That is the escort of the torch and the torch."Terrance said, "Let's go, let's go and wait for the holy fire."

    After Troie nodded, Terrance took back the Pupitar, which was very exciting, and walked to the side of the road.

    As the sacred fire was running, the other party soon reached Terrance on their side, and when Terrance saw the torch, he suddenly remembered something and knocked his head helplessly.

    "Sir Gym Leader, look, the flame is coming."Troie surprised.

    "Mm."Terrance nodded and looked at his eyes and smiled.

    Sure enough, Ash holding the torch stopped directly on the side of the road, quite surprised: "Terrance Big Brother? How come you are here?

    "This sentence is what I want to ask, how did you become a holy fire runner?"

    Not only is Ash, even Xiao Gang and Misty are sitting on the escort of the sacred fire, so that Terrance has to sigh their power, this treatment, the ordinary Trainer can not enjoy.

    "Ha ha ha, this is a long story."Ash squinted his head.

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