Pokemon Court Chapter 757

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 757th dead rocket, floating astronomy
    When Ash and Terrance greeted, Xiao Gang and Misty also discovered Terrance.

    However, at this time in the process of the torch relay, Office Jenny, who was responsible for escorting the torch, was dissatisfied when he saw Ash stop, and his mood was unhappy.

    All made an exception to let Ash lead, the other party is still so unreliable, just stop, really…

    "Hey, isn't this the great hero of Lampur?"Just as Terrance planned to get Ash to finish the lead task first, the old man with a long white beard was drilled in the back of the car, and he was laughing at Terrance with an unexpected expression.

    When I saw this person, Terrance was serious and said, "Hello, Charles Goodshow, I am sorry, disturbing the torch."

    Charles Goodshow?

    Troie was behind Davidus and was a bit stunned.

    "Troie, this is the supreme chairman of the Elf Alliance, and the president of the Alliance Committee is Ma Maqi."Thanks to Troie, Terrance reminded.

    "Ahhhh…"Recognizing this person's identity, Troie is a bit worried and physically awkward, which is higher than the Elite Four champion status.

    No interest…

    Seeing Troie's performance, and then seeing Ash's indifferent performance, Terrance's helplessness, this may be the gap in mentality, to be placed in the One Piece, Ash people will have a tyrannical color.

    "It doesn't matter, it's really unbearable. I don't care about my identity. Now I am an old man who looks after the holy fire, haha."Dama smiled and laughed.

    "Oh, right, Terrance, are you interested in being a holy fire runner? As a great hero who saved Lampur, I think it is very suitable for the holy fire runner. ”

    Looking to Terrance, Dama licks its Captivate Road.

    "Your kindness is my heart, but I am fine, I am not used to this scene."Terrance smiled and said, Rotom Pokédex had already analyzed the flames and there was no need to lead.

    "That's a pity."

    During the conversation between the two, accompanied by the torch escorted by Officer Jenny, the surprised look, the person who can make Charles Goodshow familiar, or the rescue of Lampor’s hero, is…

    Was it the ice that sealed the entire Lanpur's waters and chilled the Mega Trainer Terrance with a huge variant of Tentecruel?

    Realizing the identity of the person in front of him, Office Jenny flashed in a moment and watched Terrance carefully.

    Ash, Misty, and Xiaogang did not think that Terrance would be remembered by Charles Goodshow, who has such a high identity.

    The goodwill of Charles Goodshow was declined, and in order not to disturb the torch relay, Terrance quickly took Troie out of the road.

    "Sir Gym Leader, what is Lampor?"Troie still stayed at Dama's name for Terrance, wondering.

    "I don't know, go check it online."Terrance Road.

    "Oh."Troie nodded and looked at the flames that were far away. "Is that a holy fire, it looks nothing special."

    "Don't know…"Terrance shook his head. At this point, Rotom Pokédex flew to him and whispered a few words to Terrance about its analysis of the holy fire. According to the analysis of Rotom Pokédex, this holy fire is nothing special, but Terrance always feels wrong.

    "So?"After listening to the analysis, Terrance nodded. "If that's the case, then wait until the opening scene."

    Looking at the mysterious Rotom Pokédex and Terrance, Troie sighed and carried me…

    "That, Sir Gym Leader, just the holy fire runner seems to know you?"

    what to do

    After seeing the flame, the two began waiting for the opening of the Indigo Plateau Conference.

    The next day, Terrance handed the ticket to Troie for safekeeping.

    "So the front row, great!!"

    When I saw the seat number, Troie was very surprised. I didn't think Terrance could get such a front number.

    "Look at the battle, Absorb experience, the official battle has more details on the TV."

    After reminding Troie, Terrance looked at the time, although there was still a little while from the opening ceremony, they had to hurry up early.

    "Well, let's go."

    After finishing the work of Terrance and Troie, they began to go to the quartz Stadium as an audience. At this time, the roads were crowded with the quartz Stadium. If there was traffic police management traffic, it would have become a mess.

    "It’s so lively."Troie was very happy in the heart, and the atmosphere was so refreshing.

    "If you can stand on the Stadium, you can play against thousands of people."At this time, Troie began to envy those entrants.

    Perceived the thoughts of Troie next to him, Terrance smiled. With the crowd, the two quickly arrived at the quartz Stadium and found their seat according to the instructions of the staff.

    After they sat down for half an hour, the opening ceremony finally officially began.

    "Well, the opening ceremony of the Indigo Alliance Conference is about to begin!! The excellent Elf Trainer, and their elves, together with the big game of power and duel, will start soon! ! Winning the title of this competition, not only can get the reputation of Trainer, but this game, before they become masters Trainer, must pass the test! ! Everyone, please see, the players have started to enter the field, they…"

    As the voice of the Host was broadcast through the big speakers, Terrance and Troie looked at the many contestants who came out of the field.

    Ash and Gary…Terrance discovered the two men at once.

    "I saw Jason."Troie also said.

    At the same time, the sacred runners ran over. She ran around the contestants and ran from the passage between them to the holy fire station that was holding the flame, ready to ignite.

    "Before the start of the game, the Conference Flame, which has passed through hundreds of people, is now moving towards the Holy Fire!!"Host shouted passion.

    "Oh~~ Wait a minute, what an amazing performance, it seems that a woman is responsible for lighting the flame."

    Many viewers heard the sound of the pilgrimage to the Holy Fire. I saw that there were three people wearing monk costumes. The girl who served as the torch runner looked at them with sorrow. Why can't she remember this link?

    At this time, under the flame table, Ash's pupils in the group of competitors shrank and suddenly felt that they were not right. They began to madly run to the Holy Fire, and shouted: "No, you can't give them the holy fire!!"


    Terrance slammed up, his eyes bounced and almost scared Troie next to him.

    "What happened?"Troie is puzzled.

    "Someone wants to grab the holy fire."Looking at Ash's reaction, and then looking at the gnome in the trio of the monks, Terrance would never know that the three guys were the Rockets, and they looked at James Jessie Meowth, and Terrance took a forehead in his heart. There are only two words left:


    He can guarantee that at least a number of top Trainers are responsible for the security of the Indigo Plateau Conference, including the Bruno Master, at least one Elite Four! Such an important game, even if you want to know the lineup of security forces with your toes, but…

    James Jessie Meowth The three men were still doing it. In front of thousands of people, they took the torch from the torch and lost their camouflage, revealing the uniform of the Rockets.

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