Pokemon Court Chapter 758

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 758th chapter of the dead bird! ! Floating astronomy
    Seeing this scene, Terrance had to stay there, and with his IQ, he suddenly couldn't understand it.

    In the mood of looking at the good play below, Terrance did not act rashly.

    Forget it, with the ability of these three great immortals, you should be able to leave safely, and the external force will break the plot.

    Terrance shook his head slightly, and now represents the Indigo Alliance Conference, the authority of the Elf Alliance, which was broadcast live in each Region, and gathered elite trainers from all over the world. In this case, the three gangsters ignited the flame and then Controlled a giant robot suddenly popped up, the picture is too beautiful.

    Jumping into the robot quickly, the Rockets directly manipulated the robot to pick up the holy fire station with the sacred fire, laughing and laughing, and everyone who was concerned about the Indigo Plateau Conference was stunned.

    "If I am the Rockets boss, I must fire them three…"Terrance licked his head.

    At this point, the scene was chaotic, Ash and the Rockets staged a scene of a wizard war robot, but Pikachu was helpless with this large robot.

    “Why didn’t anyone intervene?”Terrance suddenly stunned and felt that something was wrong.

    Developed to this point, the Trainer did not shoot, and the security personnel did not see it.

    Quickly looking up the audience from the audience, Terrance frowned and saw that the President of the Alliance was showing a playful smile, and seemed to watch the game like watching a movie.

    "Conference's Holy Fire Station, was taken away!!"Host is about to blow up.

    Although Ash struggled to stop the Rockets, but the lack of strength, this time has been forced by the Rockets to retreat, fled to the corner.

    "Sir Gym Leader, that contestant is in danger, don't you know him, save him."Troie wanted to come up with Poké Ball but was stopped by Terrance.

    "Don't be impulsive, you can't save us if you want to save, and watch it honestly."

    Looking at the venue, Terrance had to look at what would happen. He just forgot about the story, but it would be interesting to let so many Alliance executives feel at ease.

    Under the field, after seeing Ash being forced into the corner, the Rockets smirked and slammed the Ash with the Holy Fire, firing a flame.

    The sacred fire of the Indigo Plateau Conference, which emerged as a slanting moment, turned into a pillar of fire that swallowed Ash and Pikachu and Bulbasaur.

    "Interesting, like Ponyta's flame, not hot."

    Looking at the unharmed Ash and Pikachu, Terrance's eyes lit up, and at the same time, Rotom Pokédex hiding on Terrance's chest began to shoot, take pictures, analyze, and even if it wasn't for Terrance, it wanted to go and touch the torch. It is.

    With Ash safe and sound, the Rockets had a big question mark on their heads.

    However, during the sudden changes of the Rockets' trio, the sacred fire broke out in the process of burning. From the body of Ash, it swept into the air, and it continued to rotate. It was a powerful force and attracted many people's attention.

    ComingDama’s expression was worried, but his heart smiled, and the interesting picture appeared.

    When the flames danced into the air and began to condense, the entire Stadium instantly disappeared!

    "Moltres ————" Ash is the closest, he looked at Soaring in the sky Moltres condensed by the flame, revealing an expression that he could not believe.

    "There is a life reaction, a life reaction…"

    Terrance pressed the excited Rotom Pokédex and took a deep look at the holy fire. The flame shape can be explained by external force. It can be so lifelike and it is judged by Rotom Pokédex that there is a life reaction. This is very bad.

    Unexpectedly, the legend, let him see it with his own eyes.

    The flames were raging, and Moltres seemed to have a smart Normal, and the entire flame body slammed into the Rockets' giant robot.

    The raging flames shuttled through the robot, and the robot exploded in a flash! ! At the same time, the Holy Fire station seems to have also received a clever force, so the bomb returned to its original position.

    "Is this slipped away?"Looking at the three Rockets who were flying together, Terrance touched his chin. Although he felt that someone would arrest the three great immortals, it is estimated that he would not be arrested.

    "If Joy Ling and Jenny Lan have James with half of their skills, I dare to let them go to the task."

    Invading the Indigo Plateau Conference Snatch can be a complete retreat, which is too chic.

    Next, the Moltres formed by the flame flew back to the Holy Fire, and Host began to appease the order. In order to ensure the Conference was normal, the Conference had to start again.

    At this time, Terrance patted Troie's shoulder and said, "You look here first, I will go back when I go."

    "Alright!"Troie nodded.

    Leaving the audience quickly, Terrance came outside the Stadium.

    "Bruno Master?"

    Once out of the Stadium, Terrance saw the Bruno master who was wandering around and couldn't help but wonder.

    "Oh, this is not Terrance, you really came."After seeing Terrance, Master Bruno laughed.

    "You are this…Looking for a few people who were planning a Snatch fire? ”

    "Those people, the Office Jennys have been chasing them in every way, and I stayed here to prevent special events from happening in the future."Bruno Road.

    "It turned out to be the case, right, Master Bruno, the holy fire…"Referring to the flame, Terrance looked serious.

    "It shouldn't be the usual Moltres flame."

    "Well, that kind of fire was preserved before the first Indigo Plateau Conference. It seems to contain a lot of life energy, so it can be preserved to this day."Solaceon explained two sentences, and Bruno began to wonder: "Why, you are not watching the opening ceremony inside, how come out."

    "What's good about the opening ceremony, let's talk about it after the game officially begins."Terrance smiled and scratched his head, not telling the truth.

    "Then Bruno Master, you can continue to work, I will go there first."

    "Okay, then be careful not to get caught by Office Jenny as a bad boy."Bruno laughed.

    How come?

    Far from the quartz Stadium, Terrance began to call out Rotom Pokédex.

    "Sure enough, it is the energy of life. Our guess is correct. The holy fire can also be said to be a kind of fire of life, but it is more advanced than Rotto."Rotom Pokédex is excited.

    "Well, later Altaria also sensed the energy of life."Terrance nodded and touched the Poké Ball hanging around his neck.

    Just in the quartz Stadium, Altoma also felt a special power when Rotom Pokédex detected a life reaction in the flame.

    "I don't know if Entei has this skill. Let the flames leave the body for a hundred years and have a sense of autonomy. This method of using life energy…Unheard of, it should go beyond the championship level. ”

    "The Moltres must be very good at using the life energy Rotto."Rotom Pokédex Road.

    "Of course, of course, no matter how good it is, it should not exceed Ho-Oh and Xerneas, but compared to the Entei resurrected by Ho-Oh, the degree of control over the fire of life is not necessarily weak. It is."Terrance judged.

    Seeing the recovery of the Moltres Flame at the Indigo Plateau Conference, Terrance once again believed in the fire of life theory.

    "Okay, hurry up the data you just analyzed!"

    Outside of Stadium, Terrance and Rotom Pokédex made a long story about the sacred fire of life. In the end, even Terrance got the idea of robbing the flame.

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