Pokemon Court Chapter 759

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 759th Rocket's special mission, floating astronomy
    During the Indigo Alliance Conference, the distant Saffron City, Mismagius, pretending to be the Rocket squad leader, walked in the base.

    Around Saffron City, there are a total of eight Rocket Division bases, and this division base where Mismagius is located can only be considered a relatively common one.

    In this branch base, although the aeronautical chart position is not high, it is also a small official.

    The current Misagius camouflage chart is part of the Rocket Executive, one of Ariana's executives, who is responsible for performing tasks in the Kanto Region.

    Some time ago, Archer, one of the Rockets Executives, was arrested by the police. The Rockets took a lot of effort to save the other side. Because of the Archer mission, the Executive lost many of its original powers, at least It should belong to Archer, and now I don't know how to become someone on Ariana.

    "There is nothing valuable in the recent past."

    Mimic's tone of Mismagius is quite confusing. Recently, the Rockets are too calm and not in line with each other's style.

    If the Rockets don't do things, they can't get more information with their current position.

    Do you want to use illusion? The risk is too great.

    I don't know if the complaints of Mismagius have worked. The rocket team's branch base suddenly sent an urgent order to call all the captains to meet.

    After receiving the order, the "aviation map" immediately put down the affairs of the hand and went to the conference room.

    The man responsible for managing these captains is the head of the branch base and the chief of the Rockets, second only to the Rockets ' headquarters, executive.

    Five minutes later, the Rockets division meeting room, in front of the huge round table sat nine elite members in the Rockets uniform, their faces are different, but the same is, there is some doubt to look at the head of the woman, want to know from each other the purpose of this emergency meeting.

    Sitting in the dominant position of the woman, a purple long hair, solaceon draped on the shoulder, oblique bangs moderate just across the eyelids, the whole person looks rather light.

    She is the leader of this Rockets division and the boss of the bottom eight captains.

    "There was a message from Headquarters to summon a team of elite members from Saffron City's eight division bases to carry out an important mission. ”

    “The task is to support the escorting of some researchers and the transfer of scientific research results.”

    “Is it difficult to find our experimental base?”A small captain raised doubts.

    "I didn't say this, but I guess it should be. It is said that the scientific research results are very important, not reproducible, very precious. I want to convene our past reasons to ensure the scientific research results and the safety of researchers. ”The female captain who dominated the crowd spoke.

    "From here, we can see that this mission is very dangerous, so people who want to participate are considered clearly. Of course, the rewards for the mission are also very rich. I will not say any points. Anyone who participates in this mission can participate. A promotion assessment and a 20% bonus."

    The words fall, the bottom eight captains are showing eager eyes, compared to the promotion, the danger is nothing, after all, they joined the Rockets, have already prepared for danger.

    In the Rockets, promotion is everything. At the highest level of Executive, it is almost the wish of every Rocket member. The level of treatment that can be enjoyed is also envied by everyone.

    "Aeronautical chart" is that Mismagius listens to it quietly. He feels that the task is very strange, but it is not clear where the doubts are. In short, each branch of Saffron City needs to send three members, a total of 24 people, while others The city's branch will also send elite members, and it is estimated that it will form a Mega elite team with hundreds of members.

    From the lineup point of view, I know how important this task is.

    The division where Mismagius is located has three places, the captain of the captain has one, and the remaining two, it is estimated that eight captains compete.

    "You can also give this opportunity to your team members, but only if they have the strength to take on this task. This time the task standard requires the level of Trainer. The assessment criteria are here, but in general, it should It is required to participate in the strongest three of each division."Hope to open.

    "When is the screening?"A small team leader asked questions.

    "We have to get to the designated place before tomorrow morning, so we must not only screen as soon as possible, but also have to leave as soon as possible."

    The eight team leaders looked dull and they were the same team leader. The strength is actually not much different. If you choose the number of strengths, no one is sure enough.

    "Someone don't want to participate?"I hoped.

    But no one snorted.

    "Who wants to participate?"

    After the eight people met each other, Qi Qi expressed his wish to participate.

    "If that's the case, just follow the rules."He hoped to wave his hand. "You have two seats in the duel. The other person is me. I think no one wants to challenge me?"

    Looking at the eight captains underneath, the captain hopes to open.

    "Of course not, you are the strongest in this division, no doubt."A middle-aged squad leader laughed and complimented the opening.

    Soon, in this division, they began to compete against each other to confirm their strength.

    Among them, the mime figure of Mismagius camouflage, with only one Beautifly, it is easy to get a place, no one can dare to fight.

    "What is the butterfly, why is it so strong?"A Rocket squad leader was shocked.

    "That was Beautifly in the Hoenn Region, similar to Kanto's Butterfree, but I didn't expect the organization to be so strong from the Hoenn Region."

    The captains talked a lot, unexpectedly the strength of Beautifly, but in fact, Beautifly only used one-tenth of the strength. Not only did it solve the problem easily, but it also did not see anything in the battle. It happened to be stuck on the level of the captain. It must be said that the cooperation between Mismagius and Beautifly is very clever.

    "I remember that you are calling a chart, right? Your strength is good. ”I hope that after watching Mimasagis commanding Beautifly, I will show a satisfactory expression.

    If the strength of the members on this side is good, then the right to speak will be higher when working with other branches. This newly-adjusted team leader has overwhelming the strength of other team leaders, which is hopeless.

    "Thank you for the captain's compliment."

    “Aeronautical chart” retracted Beautifly, thank you.

    The screening continued. As the chart strength was recognized, a 20-year-old black-haired youth successfully broke through and beat others.

    At this point, the three members of this division who participated in the mission were thoroughly determined.

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