Pokemon Court Chapter 760

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 760th chapter leaves early, floating astronomy
    On the same day, Saffron City was inside a huge underground base.

    About 20 members of the Rockets gathered here. They stood in a row and wore special combat uniforms. In a dark environment, they were really fascinating against their bad guys.

    The aeronautical chart disguised by Mismagius is naturally also within it.

    "It's nice to see you stand out from so many players, and then you will represent the Rockets division of Saffron City on an important escort mission, to be able to come here and show that you are all elite of each division, and that you do not have members of the chief and captain of the team, but I declare in advance, The mission will be carried out jointly by hundreds of elite members, and the only requirement after the location is to obey orders from superiors and not to act in private! ”A member of the middle-aged Rocket is speaking to the 20 characters.

    The middle-aged is the Executive who led the Saffron City Rockets' elite and is one of Ariana's confidants. Although these members are elites of each division, this mission is said to be complex and has many crises, so he also Not sloppy.

    It is a prison island that holds elites in various fields. Among them are technology madmen, elf researchers, and network masters. It is an important transit point for the Rockets to absorb all aspects of talent. This time the location of the prison island is exposed, the Rockets have to transfer as soon as possible. In case these research talents are saved.



    Quartz Stadium.

    Terrance and Troie are watching the contestants play against each other.

    At the moment, the Indigo Plateau Conference has been carried out for most of the time, and Ash's performance is as fast as Terrance expects.

    In the first game of water, Ash directly relied on a Breeder to get a very good Krabby. The Rival three elves successfully advanced, which is the prestige of the Pallet Town, which makes Troie look amazing.

    After the battle of the ice field, the grass field and other venues, although Ash encountered a little difficulty, but with that excellent response ability, Ash quickly found a solution and won.

    The battle of the grass field left a deep impression on Troie, and he suddenly got to know the career of Trainer.

    It was a Bellsprout of Jujitsu, and the combat power was amazing. Even Terrance showed an unexpected expression.

    Unfortunately, the other side Breeder is not in place, Jiu Ji has obvious weakness, and has not completely overcome, otherwise the player will be a very good dark horse.

    "Ash, he finally broke through the fourth round to the race."

    Seeing Ash advance to the top 16, Terrance showed a gratifying smile. Compared with Rival, Ash's Pokémon is even better because of the excellent Breeder and Professor Oak care.

    There are several battles against Ash that are purely Breeder's level of suppression, and his command level has no half-dollar relationship.

    But there are also a few games, Ash's ability to save him, it can be said that Ash can advance to the top 16, is caused by many factors.

    "The 16th round match should use the quartz stadium in the center of the venue to fight. I don't know if Master Bruno is not watching the game. If Ash wins another game, he can enter the quarterfinals."

    The game is here, one of Ash's current main players, Charizard, has not yet played, and his hopes of winning are very large.

    However, looking at the promotion screen, Terrance suddenly saw a glimpse of Gary's 32.

    In the fourth round, I lost.

    "Sir Gym Leader, you see Jason also advanced."Troie pointed to the screen.

    "Mm."Terrance nodded. Some doubts about Gary's performance. As the grandson of Professor Oak, even if he took the resources to the Pokémon heap, he would not stop the top 32.

    Although Gary's current character is still immature, it is still Rookie's year, but as the grandson of Professor Oak, the top 32 is really low.

    You know, Sinnoh's fire Elite Big Leaf is the Champion Conference Champion made at the age of 11. Gary is the grandson of Professor Oak. Even if he doesn't win the championship, he has to surpass Ash.

    "Don't be a career, Oak does not want Gary to concentrate on Trainer in the future?" But hope that he becomes a researcher like himself? ”

    “Is it because of this that Professor Oak didn’t care about Gary’s arrogant character, waiting for Gary to wake up…”

    Terrance maliciously guessed, he remembered that in the original, Gary didn't seem to be a Trainer.

    "Forget it, don't think about it."

    Just as everyone waited for the official list, the screen lit up and finally got the result.

    16 strong into the top 8, the last game is, Ash vsJason.

    "There was a good show."Terrance looks to the side of Troie. "You played against that Jason. You guess he and Ash will win?"

    "I only played against him twice, won once, lost once…"Troie said, "Strong strength…It must be above me, I don't know how to compare with Ash. Jason and Ash have performed very well in the game. ”

    "His Pokémon configuration is very close to Ash, but as a Trainer, he is a little more mature than Ash."Terrance has watched Jason's game and has been watching Ash's game.

    "But from the Breeder level, it is obvious that Ash's Pokémon has an advantage, so this will be a close match. If you win or lose, you have to look at the game and luck."

    After listening to Terrance's analysis, Troie swallowed, and the 3vs3 battle seemed to be very tense.

    In order to watch this match, Terrance and Troie calm down and start waiting patiently on the quartz Stadium.

    The match between Ash and Jason is the last game of the day.

    When it was their turn to fight, the sky was already dark.

    "It’s finally going to start."

    At the end of the current game, when the heads of Ash were lit up, Troie looked forward to opening. At the same time, Jason went from the ramp to the battlefield, but it was doubtful that Ash did not appear.

    It wasn’t until a long time, Ash still didn’t show up…

    "What the hell, Jason is already on the field, Ash people."Terrance brows up.

    If Ash loses the game late, then he and Bruno's gamble will be a big loss. If you don't believe in the character of Bruno Elite, he has to wonder if Bruno Elite kidnapped Ash.

    "The referee started counting down."Troie stood up without thinking, looking for Ash.

    But in the end, the time is still over, the referee has to go forward and announce the result of the match to Jason. Because Rival is absent, Jason advances directly.

    In the face of the referee's announcement, Jason was shocked.

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