Pokemon Court Chapter 761

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 761th prison island, floating astronomy
    wait please Please wait a moment, please. I have already agreed with Ash before, and he said that he will go all out to fight against me, so please wait a second, I believe he will come. ”Jason begged.

    The words are not only the audience, but even the Host is very surprised to say: "The Jason player actually asked to wait for the Ash player, what would the referee do?"

    "He is really a good person."Terrance saw Jason's move, smiled and shook his head, gave up such a good promotion opportunity, and waited for Rival…

    It's really a great Trainer.

    "Yeah, Jason is good."Troie nodded.

    Because of Jason's request, the referee took into account the emotions of the audience and then gave a decision that could only wait up to 10 minutes.

    10 Minutes

    As time went by, people who were concerned about Ash began to get nervous.

    When the 10-minute time limit is about to arrive, Ash has not yet appeared.

    "Beedrill, trouble you to fly out of Stadium and look for Ash." Just as the referee came forward again to announce the result, Troie took out Poké Ball and just wanted to release Beedrill, but was stopped by the next Terrance: "No. It is."

    "Ash is here."

    Sure enough, just a second before the referee intended to announce the result, a shout came from Soaring in the sky.

    "Wait a minute, I am coming, I am very sorry to be late…"

    Looking at the huge Meowth Hot Air Baloon that Ash was riding, Terrance's mouth was pumping, and that's it.

    Even during such an important game, Ash had to tear up with the Rockets before they could start playing.

    "But the way this hot Air Baloon enters is really cool…"Troie's eyes are shining.

    "Okay, this time I can finally play normally."Terrance slowly opened, but at this point his communicator suddenly sounded.

    After seeing the contents of the communicator, Terrance changed his face and immediately said to Troie: "I have something to leave for a while, you will watch the game here, I will leave Rotom Pokédex here to accompany you."

    "I understand."

    Troie was the first to see Terrance's expression so serious. After a glimpse of his body, Troie nodded again and again, but he was very puzzled. The game between Ash and Jason had to start. What was the important thing that Sir Gym Leader had to leave at this time?

    After telling Troie, Terrance immediately left the quartz Stadium and got in touch with Joy Ling.

    “Can you track their position on the chart?”

    "I can't track it. After we received the message, the signal seemed to be blocked."Joy Ling shook her head.

    "What mission will actually be so mysterious." Just escorting the transfer of researchers, do you need to use such a big battle? It seems that the situation of the Rockets there is very bad. ”

    Now, during the Indigo Plateau Conference, most of Kanto's top battles have gathered in the Indigo Plateau. Even so, the Rockets still pay attention to it. It seems that this mission is very important for the Rockets. Thinking about it, Terrance feels it is necessary. Going for a trip, maybe there will be big discoveries and maybe.

    "Lock On is not in position, what should I do."Joy Ling is in a hurry, banging on the keyboard, constantly trying to lock On Mismagius their signals, but at this moment, even her 3d dragon can't break through the network. It can be said that the Rockets' shielding is completely Limit her ability.

    "It doesn't matter, give it to me."Terrance Road.

    The Rockets’ anti-reconnaissance method is so powerful that it is beyond the expectation of Terrance. They know that they have a ghost inside, but even so, Lock On is not in the position of the other party and loses contact with Mismagius. Terrance's curiosity suddenly rose and there was a reason to have to go.

    Losing Joy Ling's Lock On means, Terrance didn't worry, he still had a way to determine the position of Mismagius.

    That's through Kirlia, the Terrance with the Fairy mark, and the ability to build a telepathic sensibility with the Fairy genie, and now even if it's far apart, Terrance can still vaguely perceive Kirlia's position.

    Although the perception is now blurred, as the distance gets closer, the perception becomes clearer.

    As long as it is reduced to a certain extent, he can establish a telepathy with Kirlia, and then more clearly determine the other's whereabouts.



    Pomeran Island, once a habitat of a special custom of the nation.

    However, in a natural disaster, the human beings were extinct on this island, and the elves were extinct and began to become unsuitable for living.

    After a long time, the island became an uninhabited island, and no one would come to the island because there was no resource production.

    However, no one knows that in the middle of the island, a very hidden prison was established.

    Prison Island, the current name of the island, is named after Kanto, the largest criminal group in the Johto Region Region, and the Rockets.

    The island, which holds a number of scientific and technical personnel who betrayed the Rockets, also detained a group of elites who were kidnapped from various fields.

    Every year, the Rockets will absorb scientific research talents into the Rockets through brainwashing, coercion, and other means. Most of the Rockets' researchers are from prison islands.

    But even with the Psychic Pokémon, brainwashing is still not easy, so over time, it became the place where the Rockets tortured the expertise of these elites.

    There are a lot of high-end technologies in the Rockets, which they collected from the elites through the Psychic Hypnosis.

    Because of this, the prison island is very important for the Rockets. As the prison island may be discovered, in the Rockets' headquarters, Banmu is looking blue and listening to the secretary's real bird report.

    "The elites of each division have been successfully mobilized. However, according to the information from our spies, the Alliance also sent an Elite to take charge of the raid. It is only by a few people, I am afraid…"

    “Why is the location of the prison island exposed and is it clear?”

    "I don't know."

    Banmu grips the chair and his eyes are cold. In his opinion, the existence of the prison island is more important than the Mewtwo. A Mewtwo can be rebuilt, but the prison island is gone, the technology is gone, the Rockets The loss is not a star or a half.

    And if the group of people go back, the impact will be even greater. The prison islands are all elites in various fields. If they join forces to denounce the Rockets, the Rockets will be very limited in their future operations.

    "I will go see it myself."Standing up and screaming, even for the knowledge in the heads of the prison islands, he couldn't make this Alliance a success.

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