Pokemon Court Chapter 762

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 762 chapter Agatha Elite's Ghost Army, floating astronomy
    Kanto Region, located in the western waters of Seafoam Islands, dozens of helicopters are secretly heading to Pomeranian Island.

    Along with the sound of "嗡", "嗡" and "嗡", a helicopter flew forward.

    These helicopters, the fuselage are wrapped with a special coating, so that the color of the helicopter is perfectly integrated with the color of Soaring in the sky.

    Fly When the Flying Pokémon in Soaring in the sky passes, most of them are taken by the helicopter's movement Astonish, because these helicopters are so hidden.

    On the island of Pomera.

    The Rockets' Executive look at here is extremely heavy. As of now, they have tried to take the lead in transferring a small amount of equipment, but these early transported equipments have been spinning around in the sea until now, there is no way to leave this area.

    It was confirmed that there were dozens of Alliance warships patrolling around the entire ocean area where Pomegrana is located.

    The Indigo Alliance's 85th Maritime Fleet Circuit Tour was happening at this time. This action of Alliance made every Rocket's Rocket Executive aware of the seriousness of the matter.

    They even suspected that if there were no scientific researchers on the prison island as "hostages", then the Alliance fleet had already entered.

    Half an hour later, the vessel that had transferred some of the equipment in advance lost the news. After losing contact with the other side, the highest leader in charge of the prison island quickly called the Executives to discuss the matter.

    "The route of the sea area seems to have been completely blocked by the Alliance. I want to break through the past and only pass through the deep sea. However, we have not yet mastered the deep-sea stealth technology, and even if it is the deep sea, I am afraid that Alliance has a countermeasure."

    "It's not difficult to break through. You can do it with the water system, but it's hard to transfer the people and equipment on the prison island."

    Around this topic, everyone has talked about it.

    This is obviously a patrol exercise for their maritime security fleet. It is said that it will last for a week. It is a coincidence that they say nothing.

    “Although the headquarters has transferred the Airborne No. 4 transport helicopter, I don’t believe that the Alliance party is not alert to Soaring in the sky.”An Executive Road.

    "What about the front?"Someone suggested.

    However, he soon suffered a rebuttal. "The headquarters sent instructions. If there is no irreversible situation, try to avoid fighting."

    "We must avoid fighting. Alliance's fleet is also concentrated in this sea area. With our existing water system Elf Corps, if we come hard, there is basically no way to live here."

    "But alliance can not ignore the safety of these researchers, certainly do not dare to mess around, but we do not have no way to deal with each other's warships, these technology products have a fatal flaw, that is, the need for artificial control, as long as we can carry out beheading tactics, from which half of the warships, we have the hope of a positive breakout." ”

    Dagger tactics, capture the battleship?

    "Who is going?"The highest leader of the prison island is faint. "Whether the dagger is successful, who will manipulate the warship?"

    "Elves, Hypnosis."Someone replied.

    After confirming the location of the prison island of the Rocket's post-scientific warehouse, the Indigo Alliance quickly seized the opportunity and sent the fleet to encircle it without giving the Rockets any time to evacuate.

    At the same time, the Rockets also learned about the exposure of the prison island through secret espionage, and they quickly acted. Both sides have reasons for not failing. This has led to an inevitable battle that will happen here. At this moment, The entire Kanto South Sea is filled with a very tense atmosphere.

    Unlike the idea that Alliance wants to uproot the prison island, the Rockets have the mind to escape and escape.

    Even the Rockets, there is no courage to confront the Alliance. Although the Rockets, as Kanto's biggest criminal group, are too weak compared to the Elite Alliance, which controls the countries of the world.

    Confrontation with Alliance is inevitably an unwise choice. The power gap between the two sides is too wide. Therefore, without losing the equipment and researchers of the prison island, the Rockets’ strategy is to avoid fighting and strive for important personnel and technology. Escape safely.

    However, the Alliance side is clearly not prepared to give the Rockets a safe transfer of equipment and personnel to leave the prison island. The entire prison island is currently in a blocked environment.

    It’s almost a day before, and both sides are jealous of each other, and there is no next step.

    At this moment, both the Alliance side and the Rockets, there are individual elite members trying to penetrate from the inside of the enemy to find opportunities to break the game, but the Rockets understand that the longer the time drags, the worse they are.

    Shua! Shua! Shua!

    Just as the atmosphere of the Prison Island Rocket Division was dignified, the Rockets recruited reinforcements from various branches, and elite members from various branches came, giving the Rockets stationed on the prison island a loose gap. .

    At least, they are not alone.


    At the same time, countless warships were on the waters. The warship reconnaissance system blocked the sea and claimed to be so tight that even a Magikarp could not escape the blockade.

    On a huge silver battleship, an old woman wearing a purple dress gazed at the three-dimensional light curtain in front of her, making a sly laugh.

    "The commander, the enemy support troops have arrived, what should I do next?"

    "The fish is hooked up, and after 10 minutes, all the players attack, and strive to smash the other side."

    Agatha licked his cane and ordered it.

    In order to safely rescue the detained elites in the prison island Rocket Hideout, this Alliance exaggerated the dispatch of two Elites, with Agatha Elite as the chief commander, preparing for her strange ghost army to the prison island. Invasion.

    As the oldest Elite of Kanto, Agatha has more than a part of the champion. Her heritage is reflected in the long Trainer career, Breeder's only powerful Ghost.

    The Ghost system is known for its long life span. The speed of decline is the slowest of all Attribute wizards. Therefore, even if Agatha is very old and her commanding ability is reduced, her ghost army still maintains Very powerful fighting power!

    In addition to his own main Gengar, Agatha Elite also had Breeder's remaining 18 Gengars in his life, forming his own Ghost Army.

    Each of these Gengars, taken out alone, is strong enough to make the challenger who wants to challenge Agatha Elite's position fall.

    This time, her ghost army was all dispatched, and 18 top-ranking Gengars were enough to make the entire prison island tossed up! !

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