Pokemon Court Chapter 763

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 763th lineup, two Elite! Floating astronomy
    Prison Island.

    As the elite members mobilized from various divisions spread across the island, planning for a transfer plan began here.

    Sixty-four transport helicopters were in place, and the Rockets went back to the blood and decided to evacuate from the air.

    It is enough to see the Rockets attach importance to the equipment and personnel of the prison island by letting hundreds of elite members who have been mobilized from various branches to escort.

    "Giovanni boss."

    When Giovanni, wearing a black suit and looking cold, appeared on the prison island, all Executives breathed a sigh of relief as if they had found the main heart Normal.

    "Bring the people on this list alone."

    Upon arrival at the prison island, Giovanni spoke directly. Among the prisoners imprisoned on the prison island, there was a group of more important people, Giovanni intends to personally escorted the transfer.

    The rescue of these people is absolutely unacceptable to the Rockets.

    While the Alliance fleet is in reconnaissance, the reconnaissance equipment on the prison island is also monitoring the waters near the island.

    Some time ago, the prison island was still calm, and there was no wind and grass. However, when the helicopters mobilized by the headquarters landed shortly, the waters around the prison island suddenly rose into waves! !

    The island's in all directions seemed to have been set off by the tsunami normal, as if to devour the whole prison island, followed by an even more incredible scene, which appeared to be frozen by a frost force, the waves up to nearly 10 meters, in a breath between the kung fu, turned into a wall of ice, the entire prison island surrounded.

    "This is –" The Rocket Scout, who was responsible for scouting around the island, was stunned and half-hearted, not knowing what had happened.

    Although the prison island is small in size, it can also be an island where people once lived. It is unbelievable that such an island is directly rolled up by the waves and then forms a wall of impenetrable ice.

    On the wall of the ice, a standing mature woman looked at her masterpiece and then smiled.


    How did this happen?

    “Does Alliance want to attack directly? Are they not afraid of us taking the hostage? ”

    "This wall…It’s too horrible. Is this Pokémon capable? ! ! ”

    Rockets members, Qi Qi was shocked, the Rockets members who were mobilized from various branches, did not know what happened, one by one pale.

    Even if the psychological quality is good, it is scared by the scenes at hand.

    "Elite Four, Lorelei."

    In the prison island meeting room, Giovanni looked at the figure appearing on the wall of the ice through the reconnaissance system. I didn't expect Alliance to play with him.

    In this case, there is no other way to leave the prison island except for Soaring in the sky.

    It seems that Alliance seems to have to wipe them out, and the appetite is not Normal.

    "Bring the people I said to you!"At this time, I realized that something wrong with Giovanni was pointing to the command.

    "No, take me over now."


    However, feeling the pressure from all directions, Giovanni suddenly jumped in the heart, and sure enough, the others had not left the conference room, and there was a chaotic noise in the entire prison island. This huge change made Giovanni's face sink and speed up.

    At this time, in the blockade area of the prison island, some members of the Rockets began to attack their companions with their eyes open. They were all members of the Rockets who guarded the elites in various fields. At this time, there was a strange turmoil, which made them feel confused. stand up.

    Just a good companion, suddenly turned into this look, just let them feel like a ghost, chilly, body like an ice cave.

    At the same time as these people were in turmoil, more than a dozen people wearing Alliance uniforms and wearing special masks seemed to be out of the space, giving them a critical blow from the secret.

    Almost no effort was spent, and the Rockets elite who guarded the talents in various fields were wiped out.

    The hands-on person is the ghost army of Agatha Elite.

    These Rockets members who guarded the talents of all fields were possessed by Gengar of Agatha Elite's Ghost Corps, lost their minds and launched civil strife, and took advantage of this opportunity to hide in the different spaces of the Gengars. The timing was taken and the members of the Rockets were completely defeated.

    This set of sneak tactics relies on Agatha Elite's special Breeder method for the Ghost Legion, which allows the living to stay in Gengar's body for a long time.

    Even, you can overlap into the alien space, a Gengar, and form a legion.

    The movement here is naturally not hidden for too long.

    After a while, members of the Rockets in various regions received orders and quickly rushed here. Faced with a large number of Rockets members, the dozens of search officers were directly trapped here.


    Giovanni clapped his hands and smiled out of the Rockets. He appreciatively looked at the searchers: "It turned out to be the ghost army of Agatha's old woman. It is no wonder that you can sneak in and sneak in for a small base. With two Elites, Alliance is really big."

    In the face of Giovanni's ridicule, these search officers and Gengar ignored it. The Gengar Legion continued to absorb the hostages that were stunned by the Rockets, and the search officers looked at Giovanni with caution.

    Intuition tells them that this person is very dangerous.

    "Giovanni, I advise you to let go of your hand. Your Rockets have kidnapped elites from all walks of life to inhumanely destroy them. It is difficult to be able to escape. Even if you have the opportunity to flee, and the things are going out, your Rockets will have a long life."

    A search officer came out and shouted.

    "Now, countless warships outside the ice wall have blocked the island, and Lorelei Elite and Agatha Elite are also coming, you can't fly!"

    When the words fell, countless members of the Rocket Corps looked at Giovanni. Although the situation was in crisis, as long as Giovanni was there, they had no reason to give up.

    At this time, Giovanni, his eyes flashing, he was thinking about the way to break the game, two Elite came in person, and one of them was a tough Agatha, the situation is really bad for them, and at the same time deal with two Elite, even if he does not That grasp.

    But for now, it is most important to stop the Gengars from saving the hostages. Giovanni immediately made a judgment and at the same time smeared a trace of Liman.

    "The Rockets are all listening -"

    "Initiate an attack!"

    When the words fell, a yellow light suddenly passed by behind Giovanni, using a bad trick, and instantly killed two Gengars. At the same time, the hostages were stripped off on the two Gengar bodies and fell back to Ground.

    Kavin, deleted half of the chapter, today two more, thinking about how the protagonist should debut.

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