Pokemon Court Chapter 764

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the strength of the body of Chapter 764 Giovanni, Astronomy
    Seeing a yellow figure passing by, these search officers are enemies, cold sweats, each of them is a powerful Trainer, but they have not even seen the enemy's shots.

    What if the target is himself?

    Thinking of this possibility, these people quickly accelerated their heartbeat and quickly captured the yellow figure.

    "It's Sandslash."

    With two Knock Off tricks, the two Gengars flew out, and the searchers finally saw the entire face of the elf.

    Light yellow skin, white abdomen, most of the body is covered with tough brown bristles, with two large claws as the main offensive weapon, no doubt, this is a very common elf in the Kanto Region, Sandslash!

    But let them not think of it, an ordinary Sandslash, the speed can reach such an incredible degree.

    The tyrannical attack power, even a blow, made Agatha Elite's Ghost Legion members unconscious, and Giovanni's strength directly showed them that this person was not able to compete.

    The cold-eyed Sandslash waved white paws and wrapped it in Sandstorm. Using the local Sandstorm technique, it inspired the development of the ultimate sanding Ability. Under the stimulus, Sandslash became a yellow flash and became a killing machine. Keep moving through these Gengar Legion.

    These Gengars, because of the work of saving people, and the protection of the hostages in the body can not be a good counterattack, so in just a short while, Sandslash identified several gaps, using Knock Off to bombard hostages from different spaces.

    "Alakazam, using petrochemicals!"

    "Starmie, Psychic!"

    "Arcanine, with the location of the Odor Sleuth Lock On Sandslash!"

    With Sandslash's assault, the search officers ordered Pokémon to attack the Sandslash.

    An Alakazam stood in the same place, holding a cross-split with two hands on the Lock On target, but Sandslash was too fast, allowing Alakazam brain to calculate at high speed and still unable to capture Lock On to Sandslash.

    Starmie's Psychic, a messy bombardment to Ground, although it destroyed several holes, did not have any effect on Sandslash.

    As for the Arcanine, which sniffs the nose and behind the Sandslash, it is a fake action by Sandslash, and it is awkward in the ground.

    As the search officers began to act, Giovanni was clearly not prepared to give them a chance to fight back. The next moment, the giant Sandstorm rushed like a wave from all directions toward the search officer and the Gengar Legion.

    Among these Sandstorms, there is a terrible power that directly turns into a black hole that can swallow everything, and madness sweeps across.

    When these search officers saw such a terrible killing, they saw Sandstorm swept through and immediately made a full effort to resist.

    I don't know that the Sandstorm torrent released by a combination of several elves has a terrible lethality. With a core trick, Gugar and the searchers are forced to retreat, but Giovanni seems to be not afraid of this terrible Sandstorm injury. To the hostages, continue to launch the most violent offensive!

    Prior to this, the Rockets members also acted. After realizing the complexity of the situation, they quickly evacuated from the area and went to the helicopter according to their own division of labor to prepare for the work.

    Looking at the search officer and the Ghost Army, which was blocked only by Sandstorm, Giovanni faintly opened.

    "Unfortunately, without the command of Agatha, but also to save people, this Ghost Army can not play half the strength, it is really boring."

    At this time, Sandstorm has swept up dozens of hostages, and these hostages were taken back from the other side by Giovanni alone.

    With the cooperation of the surrounding Sandstorm Corps and Sandslash, both the Ghost Legion and the Search Team were immediately defeated.

    "A terrible Sandstorm!"In the face of this fierce offensive, the search officers were trapped in Sandstorm and were shocked.

    They have had the experience of playing against the Rockets, but they did not expect that the leader of this organization has such a strong strength that they cannot understand.

    While resisting Sandstorm, these search officers are also anxious. If this continues, the hostages will be robbed.

    No help!

    All the search officers faced this horrible Sandstorm, and even the joint efforts were helpless, which made them desperate.

    But at the time of this crisis, a chill suddenly came, and the torrent of snow and ice that swept across the sandstorm swept together, immediately turned into a giant tornado, and then broke out! !

    As the outbreak broke out, it trembled. Out of infinite smog, Lorelei's figure slowly came out of it and said: "There are 12 elves around, and the Rockets' bosses really bully."

    When the Elite Four Lorelei arrived, the Sandslash that was shuttled through the Sandstorm was also restricted from action. A Coloyster quickly appeared in front of it, using the body to resist Sandslash's attack, while being unharmed.


    The combined shells opened, and Cloyster's mouth seemed to be ridiculing Sandslash, followed by an arc of ice that swept out and forced Sandslash to take a step back.

    The emergence of Lorelei allowed these search officers to increase their confidence and re-energize their fighting spirit.

    "Lorelei Elite Please be careful, the hostage is still nearby!"The search officers reminded.

    "Reassured, they are very measured."Lorelei helped the glasses and didn't dare to leave Giovanni.

    She did not expect that Giovanni actually came in person, which is undoubtedly the most difficult situation to deal with.

    At this time, the prison island personnel, although the Rockets have regained half of the side, but some of the Gengar rescuers who have escaped from the battlefield have gone.

    The 18 Gengars were so different that even Giovanni couldn't handle them at the same time, leaving a lot of fish missing.

    “There are 54 prisoners registered in the prison island, of which Gengar successfully rescued 25 people and was taken back by the Rockets 29, the report is over!”

    After hearing the report, Lorelei looked at Giovanni: "There will be no miracles, so please let me know."

    "Miracle?"Giovanni smiled as he heard Lorelei.

    "I don't know if Lorelei Elite hasn't heard it. If you have enough power, you can make a miracle. The Attribute 馆 Attribute Attribute is determined to be Ground, do you know why this is? ”In the face of one of Trainer's strongest group Elite Four, Giovanni has no fear.

    "Only by you, and the Agatha old woman who doesn't know when it will come, can't leave everyone."

    Giovanni's words, Lorelei's face changed suddenly, because she felt the earth is shaking fiercely


    Terrance is a singer's work, and special comics are also works of the same person, so there is no special article in Beedrill in this book. The original character team configuration of this book is mainly based on animation and game team.

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