Pokemon Court Chapter 765

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 765th chapter of the island, floating astronomy
    As the earth trembles, the bodies of all the people standing on the island are shaking, and people are shocked.

    What happened

    The nearest Lorelei from Giovanni was the first to discover Giovanni's intentions. She looked at her eyes and did not expect Giovanni to plan to sink the island and create a whirlpool.

    If the other party succeeds, the warships around the island will be swallowed up and the situation will become dangerous.

    But sinking an island, does the other party really have this power?

    Lorelei was suspicious, even with their Elite Four, it was very difficult to do this, but as Ground began to crack, Lorelei finally made sure that Giovanni was serious.

    The other party is a madman!

    In the heart, Lorelei looked calm and seemed to turn away from Giovanni, trying to leave the other side but not knowing how to start.

    If the other party wants to go, it will definitely not be able to stay. At their level, the battle can no longer be judged by the outcome.

    The main task of this time was not to arrest Giovanni, but to recapture elites in all fields. With this in mind, Lorelei had no choice but to let his elves start to stop the other side from destroying the island.

    Above Soaring in the sky, a Garchomp, a Gliscor, and a Nonchkrow stopped several Gengars, all of which were Giovanni's Pokémon, working with the Ground's elves.

    Although he regained half of the personnel, Giovanni was obviously dissatisfied. The loss of the Rockets can be said to be terrible. It is still a difficult problem to succeed in carrying these players and prison island personnel.

    As Giovanni turned and left, the surface cracks were getting bigger and bigger, and the whole island seemed to have a sorrowful Normal. The entire area of the island, the Ground Corps of Banmu was ruthlessly destroyed. After a total of 4 seconds, the whole island crashed! !

    However, there is Lorelei here, as the force of the frost solidifies, the seawater freezes, and the sinking speed of the island slows down a lot.

    However, when Earth Power and the force of the frost began to collide, the life of the island was again questioned.

    "Lorelei Elite, what to do?!"

    "I ordered the warships to stay away from this place, let the members of the water system and the Flying Department Elf give up the island, and immediately escorted the rescued personnel."

    "Give it to me here, and at the same time you send a signal to pass the message that the other party has intended to leave the air."


    The Rockets will be evacuated from the air, which is within their expectation, but the sinking of the island is absolutely unanticipated by the Alliance.

    Giovanni's approach renewed Lorelei's perception of the head of the illegal group, and with the message from his elf, Lorelei finally changed his face.

    It didn't take long for the other party's strength to fully prevail, and the island continued to sink, indicating that her strength is much weaker than Giovanni.

    "No, in such a short period of time, the warship has not had time to evacuate."Lorelei acted again, did not think of the battleships, but they became a drag on them and became the way for the other to contain themselves.

    With the size of the island and the damage caused by the Giovanni elves, it is enough to create an amazing whirlpool. At that time, her ice army will be even more powerless, and the loss will be more than a battleship, but a battleship. With life, the power caused by the sinking of the island, even the water system elves can not move freely.

    Just as Lorelei faced this unsolved hand, there were two changes in the prison island.

    Because Giovanni's Earth Power, all Rockets members and helicopters were lifted up by the stone pillars, the Rockets evacuated and ready to work.

    Second, when Gengar's encirclement campaign was in progress, Agatha Elite finally came from the battleship and looked at Giovanni on the towering stone in the air with the elf-specific Confusion Flying.



    On a helicopter.

    A team of Rockets members horrified to escort two hostages to board the plane.

    "The action is faster."

    Saffron City Rockets division base captain, hopes to face the panic of the command assigned to their own men, she did not expect that this time the task was so exciting, there are two Elite.

    "Report, the hostages are awake, the other party is very excited!"

    At this time, a Rocket member shouted.

    "Woke up? Then I will stun it again, and now I have no time to deal with them. ”Hope to open the Rockets members, shouted.

    "Forget it, these people are baby, aeronautical charts, let your Kiria hypnotize them."But soon, she had to change her strategy.


    Mismagius disguised as a chart said helplessly: "Captain, my Kirlia's Poké Ball seems to have been lost in the recent turmoil."

    "lost?"He hoped that the blue veins would rise and the gas would not hit one place. She even thought that the chart would be a good helper. She did not expect the other party to be so unreliable.

    "No matter what method you use, first stabilize them, the helicopter will take off immediately, if you have the consequences, you should be clear!!"

    ‘Yes!’The chart is seriously answered.

    Going to the back of the warehouse, two Smelling Salts came over and didn't know which field of elites were around. Mismagius looked at them curiously.

    These two people, one is a young man of some years old, do not know which domain is the authority, there is one, even a Stephanie who is less than fifteen years old, I really don’t know what the other party is because of the kidnapping of the Rockets. It is.

    At this point, the two men have been Smelling Salts, watching the surrounding environment in a panic.

    Their impression was still in the concentrated hypnosis of all of them before the Rockets. At the moment, the situation at the moment was really beyond their acceptance. The outside world constantly heard the explosion, it was really scary, and where they are, Constantly bumping, like always falling into the abyss Normal, people can not calm down.

    The old man is a scholar who studies the human soul and has been imprisoned on the prison island for several months.

    The young girl, who was not old, was not sent to the prison island for a long time. She was a 6-year-old girl who had solved the elf character and obtained the Professor title, and had a huge storm in the academic world. As for her current emotions, It is very unstable.

    "I advise you to be quieter, too noisy, but not good."When the chart came to the side of the two people, he said directly and bluntly.

    "What happened outside?"Old scholars are worthy of being old people and will soon stabilize their emotions.

    "You said that, congratulations, Alliance came to the rescue, but unfortunately, it seems that half of the people have been saved. You are not there."The map of Mismagius turned into a smile, and as it fell, the joy of the two men just rose into a trough.

    At this time, the helicopter heard a sound and seemed to be taking off.

    "Well, now the helicopter is about to take off, the chances of being rescued…"The chart shook his head.

    Both of them also heard the sound of the helicopter taking off, and the face was gray, and they did not expect that even if the Alliance sent someone to rescue them, they could not be rescued.

    "Is it still difficult to be imprisoned??!"Old scholar Rage earned the rope tied to his body, but he was unable to break free.

    As for the girl, she is about to cry out. Seeing the appearance of the two, the chart is helpless. "In fact, you still have the chance to see if he can accurately smack down the dozen or so hostage helicopters." ”

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