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Pokemon Court Chapter 766

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the current situation of the 766th chapter of the text, the appearance of the change, floating astronomy
    At this time, above each stone pillar, it is still in a calm and calm stage.

    Although it has been in full swing, it has not affected the members of the Rockets who are responsible for escorting hostages on the stone pillars.

    All this is due to the fact that some of the combatants have pinned down most of the Alliance's firepower and hindered the searcher's footsteps.

    In this battle, the decisive role is the strength of the Rockets bossGiovanni.

    With Agatha's strong attack and the battle with Giovanni, the Alliance's face gradually sank.

    This is Giovanni's first time to show his Trainer strength in front of Alliance, but for the first time, it gave the Alliance a strong deterrent!

    "If you are on the right track with your strength, there is one of the champions in this position."

    Agatha's husky voice was indifferent. Although it was an enemy, Giovanni's strength was the strongest she had ever seen, and she had to admire it.

    "No, I prefer this feeling now."

    Right now, members of the Rockets are still fighting the Alliance search officers who are entering the island, but these are not factors that affect the situation.

    As the helicopter slowly started, Giovanni's mouth was smeared with a slight arc. If these helicopters were successfully evacuated, the farce would end.

    "Agatha Elite, it seems that you and Lorelei Elite can't take me in a short time. If so, how about we end up peacefully?"

    In the battle for the prison island, Giovanni mobilized the 48 elves of his own Breeder, completely reversing the situation with personal strength, one person to contain two Elite.

    Among them, some Ground Corps is responsible for destroying the island's roots. Although Lorelei knows that Giovanni is restraining himself, Lorelei has to obstruct the other party's crazy behavior, because this is a gamble that she can't afford.

    Destruction is far easier than protection. It just uses some of Arnold's strength, and Giovanni shows his terrorist strength as a Ground Master.

    As the islands gradually collapsed, the crisis of the situation also caused the Alliance fleet to dare not approach the island. At the same time, the Alliance search officers who did not adapt to air and naval battles were also placed outside the danger zone.

    On the Rockets side, the division of labor is clear, the combatants are responsible for obstruction, and the escorts are responsible for maneuvering the helicopter. Soon, the turning point of the entire prison island battlefield is Lock On in the helicopter's movement.

    Although some important technicians have been rescued, but it is already helpless, Giovanni is not a caressman. He has seen the overall situation, decisively abandoned the prison island personnel rescued by Alliance, and talked to Alliance. condition.

    "The battle is over, and it will be meaningless casualties to continue. This time the Alliance action is not without gains. I advise you not to get enough."

    Giovanni spoke.

    Giovanni's reminder, all true, can be seen in any one person, Agatha Elite can also see the direction of the battle.

    But where she is responsible, she can't just give up the rest of the elites in the field. In the end, this is supposed to be a crushing unfair game, but because of Giovanni's personal strength, the game balance has been re-maintained.

    On Giovanni's side, in addition to the Ground Corps and the Sandstorm Corps, he has two Mega Evolution elves standing behind him, and his eyes are locked on Agatha's Mega Gengar.

    Two Mega Evolution elves, Mega Bagon, Mega Gyarados.

    In addition, a Marowak, a Dugtrio hidden in Ground, formed Giovanni against Agatha's lineup.

    With these four elves alone, he showed the strength of the inferior champion, and there is a tendency to stabilize the Agatha Elite.

    These four elves are the main force of Giovanni. In addition, his other main forces, such as Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Super Iron Tyrannosaurus, Golem, and Onix, are in other locations, pinching the spirits of Agatha, Lorelei, and search officers. Legion.

    In this battle, Giovanni's Elf Legion showed more than enough to fight against the two Elites, and was able to distract the other searchers' forces, which shocked many people.

    "Small your strength, it is indeed our negligence."Agatha is silent.

    Before Giovanni did not show his full strength, no one knows his true strength. Although Giovanni controls a large criminal group such as the Rockets, this does not indicate his personal strength. Giovanni's strength will not be weak. This concept has anyone, but Strong to one person Assist terrain against two Elite, Agatha they did not expect.

    You know, in the traditional sense of the Alliance champion, is in the Champion alliance with 6VS6 full battle to win the honor of rival, can be in the prison island World War I, two elite have shown a strong background, the battle is not by the team, but the Legion, just Giovanni Elf Legion, the number of half, and each of the strength, is not ordinary trainer can be compared, a number of elves with the cooperation, and even can play more than Elite's combat power!

    “Agatha Elite, what do you mean?”Giovanni speaks.

    In this situation, he does not think that the Alliance side will continue to fight. It is more important than the victory or defeat. Whether it is for the Rockets or Alliance, if the battle cannot be guaranteed, the ownership of elites in all areas of the prison island can be changed. Then everything will be meaningless.

    And for the Alliance side, although the Rockets belong to a criminal group, but it is attached to the Kanto business Totem Silver Foundation, and has a constant interest in business, politics and other circles, let alone Alliance left Can't live Giovanni, even if there is that ability to leave him, but also consider the huge turmoil caused by the Rockets' loss of the leader to the situation of the Indigo Alliance.

    Moreover, the existence of the Rockets has also indirectly curbed the development of other illegal groups in Kanto, and has now reached a stable balance with Alliance.

    And, although each Region Alliance has a close relationship, organizations like the Rockets have not yet reached a very high level, and some of the Indigo Alliance executives don't want to lose money and let other Alliances watch the show.

    Giovanni looked at Agatha, who was musing, showing a smile, the interest involved, and he believed that Agatha could figure it out.

    Looking at the Alliance search officer below, he was desperately trying to break through the rocket regiment to stop the helicopter troops taking off. Giovanni shook his head with a smile, but when Giovanni confirmed that the overall situation had been fixed,


    "Boom! Bang! Booming and banging! ”

    The ruthless sound of shattering came from Soaring in the sky, and then spread to the entire island as quickly as a Perish Song bombarded the eardrum of every Rocket member.

    The sound was not big, even in this war-torn situation, it was very small, but after watching more than a dozen of the dozens of flying helicopters, Giovanni’s expression immediately picked up.

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